Sunday, December 3, 2017

'Tis the Season. . . (November 28)

'Tis the season for a lot of things. . . 

- Christmas decorations
- Christmas music
- Snow
- Cocoa
- . . . And giant spiders to fall from the ceiling and land in the middle of our lesson planning, causing my companion to think I'd caught fire (since we were warming up by the heater after 2+ hours of knocking in the bitter cold) as I scrambled up from the floor as fast as I could, trying to decide whether to save my cocoa or my scriptures first (the scriptures won). After a few minutes of panic (our downstairs neighbour probably thought one of us was dying), sister Davenport started smashing the poor thing with her shoe, just as our district leader called. When I picked up and he could still hear sister Davenport screaming in the background as the spider tried to get away from her. How awkward for us. . . 

  Anyways. That was how I almost suffered a heart attack this week. Who knew Canada was home to such monsters?

  We had Zone Conference this week which was pretty fantastic. Oh, and I got my package last week! I forgot to tell you! Those small plastic hands have made weekly planning sessions far more entertaining, so thank you, Noah :)

  We handed out treat bags and #LightTheWorld cards at the annual Annapolis tree-lighting ceremony, and then the next night drove all the way down to Yarmouth to walk in a Christmas parade with the elders there! It was so much fun! I love Christmas.

  Our favourite investigator came to church on Sunday! It was awesome! During our lesson with her last week, she was telling us about how happy she's been since she's started meeting with us. She told us about how her self confidence has sky-rocketed and she understands more fully who she is and who she can become. Her fellowshipper, in the ward (who's so much better at inspired questions than I am, haha!) asked her, "Well, who are you?" and she looked up at her and said, "I am a child of God!" And basically everyone burst into tears. IT WAS AMAZING. She's soaking up the gospel like a sponge and it's so awesome to watch it happen. She loved church - every minute of it! Sister Davenport played I Am A Child of God as the opening hymn (Our investigator didn't even know about the song before Sunday!) and she was so touched! During sacrament meeting, I hurriedly put together a Gospel Principles class (since this branch hasn't had missionaries here for a long time and so hasn't needed one) and asked a few members to come so that it wouldn't be our investigator all by herself. They were very cooperative and the lesson went super well. Oh and the sacrament meeting talks were PERFECT and very "investigator friendly". One was about Joseph Smith's first vision and the other was about the Godhead! I LOVE THIS BRANCH. 
  For our lesson last night, we wrapped up a bible and brought it to her. Never have I seen someone so excited and so touched to receive a bible for Christmas. I can't even express to you all how grateful I am to Heavenly Father for sending me to this area and for trusting me to teach His daughter about the Gospel. The way that she studies the Book of Mormon and every single pamphlet we give is the perfect example of how someone can truly feast upon the words of Christ! 
  I love her so much, and even though I know I probably won't be around when she gets baptised, it comforts me to know that she's going to be well taken care of in the humble little Annapolis Royal branch. 

  ANYWAYS. One last thing and I'll have to go. I was studying Russell M. Nelson's talk from this last conference and decided to try a different of studying the Book of Mormon. We've all been told that the Book of Mormon can answer any question right? Right. So I thought of a question, ("How can we find more investigators?") said a prayer, and then just started reading where I was. I happened to be in 2 Nephi 8, and even though the chapter had nothing to do with finding new investigators, because I was purposely looking for answers to my question, I found lots, just in a few verses! Some of those answers were;

- Look to Christ, trust in Him!
- The Lord will comfort His missionaries. He will make this area prosperous, as long as we are obedient!
- Be grateful and sing loud!
- Don't worry about what others think of you, only what God thinks of you!

  So here's my little testimony. I know that through diligently studying the Book of Mormon, we can find answers to all of our questions, problems, and concerns, no matter what they are! When we are truly seeking for those answers and our hearts are open to the Spirit we will find them! Just like Moroni promises (Moroni 10:3-5)!

  I love you all lots! I challenge you all to go to God with questions before you start studying the Book of Mormon! If you have that sincere desire, real intent, and faith in Christ than "by the power of the Holy Ghost" you'll find those answers no matter where you are reading!

  Love you!

- Sister Enright

(Here's a picture of our cute little Christmas tree - and our random little tree topper that we found while we were out knocking)

"Well, it's definitely chill here. . . Chill as in cold." (November 21)

You know you're living in Canada when 6 degrees (Celsius) means it's warm enough to go outside without a coat. 

ANYWAYS. We had stake conference this week and we had permission to attend the adult session on Saturday night! So Sister Davenport and I and 6 other members gathered in our little chapel to watch the broadcast. There were 7 or 8 speakers and every talk was about the Book of Mormon! The Stake President challenged every member to give out a Book of Mormon before Christmas and then told everyone to contact their missionaries to get copies of the Book of Mormon! Sister Davenport and I were fresh out of copies but luckily the church library had a whole stack of 'em. So we have been visiting members throughout the week to bring them copies and to explain to them President's challenge! It's been a lot of fun and the members are really excited for the opportunity! 

It takes us about about 30 minutes to drive from one town in our area to another, which means we get to listen to lots of conference talks! My favourite from this week was one from Elder Bednar called Pray Always (I don't remember if I'm supposed to italicise titles or not but whatever). He spoke about the importance of regular prayers and how we can make our prayers more meaningful. One thing that struck me was when he told about being ordained an apostle and the first time he heard prayers that were given by other apostles and members of the presidency. He told about how he had been struck by the simplicity of their words. He said that "The prayers of prophets are childlike in their simplicity and powerful because of their sincerity." That made me really think about how I pray and the words I use. One of my favourite quotes from Albert Einstein is (and this might be paraphrasing a bit), "If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it enough." So if I can't pray simply, than maybe my testimony of prayer and my understanding of how my prayers are answered could use some refining. Elder Bednar also talked about the power of gratitude prayers so that night I gave a prayer of gratitude and didn't ask for a single thing. I've done that before but I don't think I really appreciated it as much as I did this time. Even after I closed my prayer and got back in bed, I kept listing off the many, many things I was grateful for and realising just how much more there was to thank God for!

 Anyways. One thing I'm grateful for today is Christmas. As we were out knocking the other night someone told us "Merry Christmas!" and I grabbed Sister Davenport's arm and said, "DUDE. We can say Merry Christmas now!". I can't believe November is already practically over with! I love Christmas and what I've always loved most was the atmosphere of the season. Generally, everyone is much happier and kinder to one another! I'm going to miss my family this year but I know I'm where I need to be. I love my Savior and I love the opportunity we have to remember Him and all He's done for us :) Plus, Christmas music is THE BEST.

Merry Christmas!!!

Love, Sister Enright
Proof for all of my art teachers that I'm still drawing

 A member gave us quail eggs!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Member November

Today is my nine month mark! Which is crazy. . . I can't believe I've been out that long already!

  But anyways. Don't want to focus too much on that piece of information sooo. . . 

  This week was super great! We found out transfers yesterday. Sister Davenport and I will be staying in Annapolis Royal for another transfer! So that's comforting. This last transfer started off slow (as it does when you whitewash or open any area I guess) and at the beginning, I was praying hard to find out why I had been sent here. Not because I didn't want to be here but because I know that the Lord sends His missionaries everywhere for specific reasons and I don't ever want to leave an area feeling as if I never found that reason. During my interview with President, he told me that he had handpicked me and sister Davenport to be in Annapolis Royal. He didn't know why, but he felt very strongly that we should be here. Since then, things really began to pick up because now it almost seemed like a game. The harder we worked, the more blessings we received and the more we began to see the big picture of why we had been sent here. We had a phone call with President just a few days ago and updated him on everything that we were doing in the area and he told us that we were doing more than he had even imagined was possible! It feels good to know that you're doing what the Lord wants you to do and I'm eager to work even harder this coming transfer to accomplish what He needs me to do! WOW, I love the Gospel!

  So. Anyways. This week was grand. The highlight would be the lessons we have with our investigator. During our first lesson with her this week, we found out that she's actually really good friends with a sister in the branch,("Coincidence!? I think not!") So of course for our next lesson, we invited her friend to come with us. She was overjoyed to be able to assist her friend in her search for the Gospel and it really was a beautiful lesson. Our investigator is IN LOVE with the Book of Mormon and it makes me so happy to hear her recount the stories to us and inform us of everything that she's learned from it! What's amazing is to see her growth from lesson to lesson. We've only met with her a few times but  she's become so much happier and lighter since the night we knocked on her door. And the best part is she recognizes it herself! She told us about how ever since she's started reading the Book of Mormon she's felt full and complete, as if a huge burden had been taken from her shoulders. She said before that she had felt empty and lost and confused. It's always been interesting to me how so many converts describe how they felt before receiving the Gospel in the same way! Her description of her feelings was almost word for word what Dad wrote to me in his letter about his conversion. This Gospel is so amazing and I'm so incredibly grateful that I've had the opportunity to meet and teach her. I know that she is one of the main reasons that Sister Davenport and I are here. And what's just as amazing is watching how happy and excited our ward member is for a friend to finally be learning about something she's always loved! #MemberMissionaryWork

  Speaking about member missionary work, sister Davenport and I did a missionary-focused third hour on Sunday! This month, we're focusing a lot on member missionary work (because obviously, it's when members and missionaries work together that we can make the biggest difference) and so we named our presentation "New Member November" to get the branch thinking about who of their friends could be a new member this month!!!

  I don't have a lot of time left BUT I will say that I'm seriously enjoying working with the members here. We've had a lot of success in the time that we have been here and I would definitely attribute it to our relationship with the members. When the members trust the missionaries, they trust them to teach their friends, and that's when the magic happens!

  I love all of you!!! Give a referral to the missionaries this week, or go teach with them. God has blessed us all with the Gospel in our lives and it's now our responsibility to share it! 

  Anyways. Keep praying and reading the Book of Mormon!!!

- Sister Enright

 "Be Gollum!" - Sister Davenport

(Self explanatory)

 Pretty typical missionary Halloween costumes

 A cool skeleton flamingo

 Our Family History booth

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

This week has been so good and so busy! This morning we actually went and met with the mayor to see how we could get some more stuff going in town. I'm so excited!!! We're going to do more Family History booths and #LIGHTtheWORLD booths (when it gets closer to Christmas), we're going to participate in the Christmas town parade, Nativity, and crafts fair, AND (my favourite part) we're going to show Meet the Mormons at the little cinema in town!!! It was an idea we had a couple weeks ago and I've been praying and wishing on every star that it would work out! I'M SERIOUSLY SO EXCITED. 

  ANYWAYS. Now that that excitement is over with, I'll tell you about the rest of my week.

  On Wednesday we had District Meeting and the elders surprised me with balloons and a cake. We all had breakfast, they all signed a card for me and then sang happy birthday to me, then they we all split up and did a blitz in our area. It was pretty awesome. 
  We had supper with a couple of members, Sister Devine and Sister Appt. They made me chicken cordon bleu for dinner! And then gave me a gift bag full of sticky notes because, well. . . I'm kind of obsessed with sticky notes. . . 
  Altogether it was a pretty great birthday and I was touched by the kindness of the members and my district. Throughout the rest of the week, basically every time we've had a dinner appointment the members had a birthday cake for me and then insisted we take home the leftover. Sooo. . . To say I've eaten a lot of cake this week would be an understatement. 

  One of my favourite dinner appointments we had was with this cute little family (their four kids make up the entire primary). The kids are so smart and so generally our dinner table discussions (led by the 8 and 10 year old) tend to revolve around European history, cryptozoology, and books usually with some comments about Batman or Lego thrown in there. This particular night we were discussing Henry VIII and every five minutes or so, the 8 year old would say very loudly, "I just don't understand. How could Henry be so CRUEL!?!?"  Haha! I love that family. 

  We did a couple Family History booths with the Greenwood elders this week. I love booths so much and I'm excited at the prospect of doing more!!! It's so awesome to see how many people have been touched by the Spirit of Elijah, especially in the Maritimes. Everyone LOVES Family History here. 

  Anyways. . . I think that's about all. This week has been a blast and I'm so excited for the things we have planned for the Christmas. I'm really hoping I don't get transferred! I love this town and this branch so much! If I do get transferred, I'll be grateful for the time I go to spend in this little town and serve the people here. One of the biggest challenges of being sent to a new area is finding God's purpose for sending me there. It's fun and sometimes frustrating when I feel as if I'm not accomplishing what I need to do, but President Pratt reminded me that as long as I continue to be an obedient missionary, then I will accomplish the things that God requires of me and I will have the successes that He intends for me to have because, after all, when we do what He says, He's bound to His promise of sending us blessings!!! We listened to a talk by Thomas S. Monson last week called, "Believe, Obey, Endure." and ever since, those three words have been running through my head. If we live by those three principles, we can be promised a happy and blessed life!

OK, that's all. I love you all lots!!! Thank you for your emails and your prayers!!! :)

- Sister Enright

PICTURES: Pday with Sister Street at Peggy's Cove!
(I'll send more, hold on)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

"You shall become as Nephi of old."

Hello, mein family! (and all you other people who are pretty much family)

  This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. I've had some of the best days of my mission this week but I also had the first experience of crying on someone's doorstep, so yeah. But I'll focus on the happy days, of course :)

  So first off, my birthday is tomorrow and I'm turning 20 and I'm not emotionally prepared for that. Birthdays have always stressed me out, since I was little even. BUT tomorrow is also district meeting AND this week we're doing a District Blitz week. So since it's my birthday and blitz week, we're going to have a pancake breakfast before district meeting and afterwards, the elders are gonna stay in Annapolis and blitz our area to help us find some new investigators. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER. Plus, one of the blitz challenges that Elder Smith made for tomorrow is, "20 points if you sing Sister Enright Happy Birthday!". So basically I have the best district ever and I'm pretty excited for tomorrow. 

  This week was fun! Here are some of the highlights.

  On Thursday we did a Family History booth with the Greenwood elders. I. LOVE. BOOTHS. Seriously, they're basically my favourite thing ever. It's nice to have the people come to us for change, rather than us going to them. Every time I do a Family History booth though I feel guilty about how little I know about my own genealogy. I can't believe I didn't do more family history work before my mission! I always wanted to but then. . . Never did it. Sorry, Elijah. So when I get home, I definitely want to focus on it a lot more. Seriously, it's such an amazing blessing to be able to do temple work for those who weren't able to when they were here on earth. God is so merciful in so many ways!

  On Saturday we headed to Kentville for our interviews with President. I feel like every time I go into interviews I have a list in my head of things I need to tell/ask him but when we get to the point where he asks, "Do you have any questions for me?", my whole mind just goes blank, which is either the Holy Ghost telling me that all those little worries don't actually matter that much or a sign that I have short-term memory loss. Hmm. Oh well.
  After our interviews we went to help the elders at a booth in Wolfville. The University was having a football game that day so we handed out free hot dogs and chips, cards and pamphlets. It was so much fun! The elders got permission from Pres to go watch the game so we just held down the fort until we ran out of hot dogs. My favorite part was when this guy walked by and said no, he didn't want a free hot dog but he was sure there were plenty of hungry college students who would be extremely grateful for one. When he said that, this kid that was walking past heard him, stopped, turned around and said, "WAIT, I'm a hungry college student." and came to grab a hot dog. Hahaha! He kind of reminded me of Noah to be honest. And yes, he was super grateful for that hot dog.
  That night we had permission to stay for a baptism the elders were having. The last baptism I had been to was Danny's in St. Stephen, so I was super happy we had the opportunity to stay. The elder's investigator was Daylen and he's so awesome! When he came up out of the water, he just looked so happy! That's what I want for my investigators; that joy and those blessings that come after they make that first step to follow their Savior!

  Yesterday was hard but good. We had service in the morning which was such a breather for me. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from getting doors slammed in your face and just serve someone. We also went knocking for five hours that day and set up some lessons and found a new investigator! Whoo hoo! 

  On Sunday I gave a talk about gathering Israel through missionary work. I had some good studies this week as I prepared for it. I told dad's conversion story and cried the whole way through which was just great, haha! But for reals. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I'm grateful to the missionaries who taught dad. I'm grateful for all my siblings who have served missions and those who are preparing for it. I'm grateful to my parents for stressing the importance of the gospel in my life and who helped me early one to realize how important it is to share the gospel! One of my favorite scriptures that I found this week is D&C 33:8. It's promise that God gives to missionaries and it says, "Open your mouths and they shall be filled, and you shall become even as Nephi of old." I can't tell you how many times I've read the book of Mormon and thought to myself, "Wow, I wish I could be a missionary like Nephi/Ammon/Alma and Amulek/etc." but God has promised that anyone who has the desire to share the gospel can become like those ancient prophets and legendary missionaries!!! Now whenever I'm scared or nervous to go talk to someone I think of that scripture and say to myself, "HECK, I want to be like Nephi." and then it's so much easier to remember my purpose as a missionary and to go over and talk with that person, and everyone else we meet that day.

  Anyways. There's my spiritual food for thought. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! I love you all!

- Sister Enright

Pretty leaves, and me being cold.

Erin is home!!!

A few pictures at the airport. Her flight came in at 11 pm, so everyone, especially Erin, was feeling a little wiped out and she was definitely a tad overwhelmed by how tall her siblings had grown and by the prevalence of English all around her!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Winter is Coming

 Well. This week was a week. Let's just say it ended with me waking up Monday morning with a hideous cold sore on my face. Now Mom and my few siblings who have also been cursed with cold sores, understand my pain. 

  So yes. This week has been a bit stressful. But that's fine! We had exchanges yesterday and those are always nice. 

  Anyways. Winter is coming and it's starting to get very cold here. But no snow yet! DANG IT. We were going to go to the zoo today but it was closed for the Winter season already! Needless to say I was a little upset. That's the one thing I've always wanted to do for a p-day and we've never been able to figure it out until this week! But, *sigh*. It wasn't meant to be. So we went to see the Titanic and Halifax Explosion grave sites instead. Kind of a morbid alternative but it was still cool. It made me kind of sad that most of the people were just buried with a number because they were never able to successfully identify them. ​​

  WELL. I'm trying to make this email exciting and failing miserably. . . 

  This transfer is already halfway over and I can't believe it! We had zone conference this week and it was a blast. Except for the part where they made me do a roleplay in front of everyone. It's so frustrating for me that I can't speak well in front of people. It makes me feel like Moses does in Exodus 4:10. I need an Aaron. 

  WELP. Sorry this is such a lame email. I love you all! I'm so happy that Erin made it home safely! I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to tell people about my family and just watch their jaws drop as I tell them how many of my siblings have served missions. The most common response is, "Oh, your poor mother!" Haha! But I tell them not to worry. My mom's tough :)
  Seriously though, our family is the coolest, and I can't believe how awesome you all are. I'm grateful to all of my siblings who have served missions, for their examples and their testimonies. I'm grateful for my younger siblings, for their desires to serve and their support and admiration for all the older kids. I'm grateful for mom and dad, for raising in the gospel (not just in the church, in the gospel) and for helping us all realize our potentials as sharers and representatives of Christ and His gospel.

  I love you all! I hope you all take a minute today to just realize how awesome you are. Think about everything you are and everything you've become and are continuing to become. God has blessed us with so many Spiritual gifts! We should take Elder Pingree's advice to us from conference and really take time to discover and develop our individual Spiritual gifts because it's when we use the talents that we've been given - for good - that we bless and make a difference in others lives.

  Seriously though. Y'all are so cool. How did I get blessed with such a cool family?

  Love you to the moon and back!!!

- Sister Enright


 We knocked on J. Rowling's door! (Don't worry, we took the picture after nobody answered)

 Me and Sister Silvenoinnen. I love her so much!

Sister Davenport, Sister Silvenoinnen, and me (notice the handy collar hiding my cold sore)