Friday, January 12, 2018

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways

Hi everyone! This week has been pretty crazy eventful so I'll try and sum it all up as best I can.

Thursday of last week I had my first MLC (Missionary Leadership Conference). It was a lot of fun! We talked a lot about the smart phones and about how they'll help us out in our missionary work. They're going to help the work progress so much and I'm so excited! The most exciting part of MLC though was when all the electricity went out in the middle of President Pratt's training. We had a wicked wind/freezing rain storm that cut all our power. So we finished up the meeting with a song and prayer in the dark. Then President grounded us all in the metro and wouldn't let anyone go back to their areas that night. So we ended up with 12 sisters in the STLT's tiny little apartment!

Friday morning president let us all drive back to our areas. After our comp study, we went street contacting in the bitter cold. You'd be surprised by how many people are still out walking around in -20 weather! It's definitely very painfully cold here, but it's always worth it when we get to talk to people. Honestly, it's made our contacts all the more effective and powerful because it's like we're thinking to ourselves, "Well, it's freakin' cold out here so I better make it worth it." Once you get into the swing of it, you barely even notice the cold anymore and the hours just fly by! I LOVE IT.

We had a lesson with a potential investigator named C____ that night and it was seriously one of the best lessons ever! Teaching with Sister Lefler is so much fun! We just work so well together that it's become so much easier to teach by the Spirit. I know that God is involved in every aspect of a missionary's life because that morning for personal study, I just randomly decided to read a chapter in Acts that was all about the gift of tongues, and during our lesson, C_____ had lots of questions about the gift of tongues (she used to go to a Pentecostal church) and because of what I had studied that morning, I was able to answer all of her questions with confidence and scriptural support. So that was cool. 

Saturday we spent a lot of time out street contacting again! Golly, I love street contacting. It's so much fun and sometimes awkward but that just makes it even better. For supper we decided to stay in town rather than drive all the way back to our apartment. We ate at a little sushi restaurant, and when the owner walked by our table, we recognized him from talking to him on the street earlier. He asked us how long we'd been out 'cause he noticed how bad we were shivering. He walked off and a few minutes later came back carrying a big space heater which he put right next to our table so we could warm our feet up! Seriously, I love people. 

That night we drove back into town to finish the night off with some knocking. I was shivering so bad I couldn't even talk normally so we were super happy when this family let us in and allowed us to teach them! It was so awesome and they were so sweet! The husband wasn't as interested but the wife was and she wants to be baptized! She just told us that she wants to make sure she understands everything first. She texted us the next day and asked if we would be able to get her ride to church this Sunday! UM, HECK YEAH. I love being a missionary.

Anyways. Saturday I got pretty sick. We planned to go street contacting in a neighboring town and I was so exhausted. When we parked the car, I seriously conked out for 15 minutes. I just couldn't keep my eyes open! Luckily, Sister Lefler was able to call some of our potentials during that time. When I woke up, I was super disoriented, but ignored sister Lefler's suggestion to call the mission nurse. Soooo. . . We went street contacting for a few hours instead! That night we had 6 other companionships in our apartment because the next day was Zone Conference, so I just stayed in the bedroom.

During Zone Conference I felt even worse, so Sister Lefler made me call the nurse afterwards who - just as I feared - grounded us for the rest of the day :P So I spent the rest of yesterday in a drug induced coma. YAY. Sister Arnold (the nurse) chewed me out over the phone for not calling her earlier but I didn't want to admit I was sick. Plus, I didn't want to be grounded from Zone Conference. And now I'm just praying I didn't get anyone else sick. . . 

But I'm feeling better now! After lots of sleeping. Ugh, being sick is the worst. I just feel bad for Sister Lefler who has no choice but to be stuck inside with me :P

Well. I love you all!!! I love reading your emails every week! Sorry that I haven't sent a lot of pictures recently. It's just been so cold out that I don't want to take my hands out of my pockets (and much less out of my mittens) in order to use my camera.

Love you! 

- Sister Enright

 Me and Sister Lefler

 My supper one night (last P-day I seriously bought a $10 round of Brie cheese because WHY NOT)

A Moana picture I drew for Sister Lefler

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!!! (Jan 2)

Happy New Year from freezing cold Eastern Atlantic Canada! We had our exchanges with the STLTs (Sister Training Leader Trainers. Essentially the sister APs) at the beginning of this week and we were out knocking in -16. We knocked on this lady's door and when she asked how we were doing, we responded, "A little cold, but that's OK!" to which she graciously pointed out to us that it had been -56 in Ontario that same day. . . Suddenly, -16 felt just balmy!

So yes, it's very cold here. We're not allowed to be out for longer than 20 minutes when it -15 or below outside, because a few missionaries have gotten minor frostbite. Our first night on exchanges, I was with Sister Wood. We had forgotten to grab the key from the other sisters meaning that we couldn't get into the apartment for supper, which also meant that sister Wood was unable to put on a few extra pairs of socks before we went out knocking for an hour. When we got back her twos were blue and grey!

Anyways. This is going to be another short email. So I'll just tell you about church.

Our little branch here has about 10-12 active members, and about half of them are recent converts. At church on Sunday, I just looked around at the little room with all the empty chairs and was hit with a sudden realization. I LOVE church! I think teaching the importance of church to people has been hard for me, not because I've ever had a bad opinion of church but because it's something that I've simply always had in my life and so it was hard for me to pinpoint the exact reasons it was important to me! But this Sunday I taught Gospel Principles and the lesson was on the Sacrament. When I looked around at our little congregation of Recent Converts who - even though none of them have cars and all relied on one member to get them all to church (seriously, there's this one sister who drives to church three times on Sunday so she can get all the recent converts there) - all had a testimony of the importance of church and the sacrament. They were sitting in church that day because they love God, they love their Savior, they're repentant and know the importance of partaking of the sacrament to remind them of their own reliance (I'm not sure that's the word I wanted to use but I can't think right now) on Christ and His Atonement.

I love church. I'm determined to see that little chapel full before I leave this area.

I love you all and hope you will all think about the reasons you go to church and the reason you take the sacrament! After all, the Sabbath was made for us and not us for the Sabbath!

Love you!!!!!

- Sister Enright

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! (Dec 27 2017)

First of all, my dearest family, I love all of you so much!!! Skyping you all was one of the best Christmas presents I've ever gotten! 45 minutes didn't seem very long at all, but that's OK. You'll all be stuck with me for an eternity so we'll have plenty of time to catch up then :)

Speaking of eternities, that is what this week has felt like. I honestly don't remember too much of what has happened. . . SO instead of the regular weekly update I'll just bear my testimony of my Saviour, which would be appropriate for the season. 

(P.S. I don't have a lot of time so it will be super quick and simple but oh well)

Even though this was my first Christmas away from home and so a little bit of homesickness was inevitable, I took comfort in knowing that my Saviour descended below all things so that He could comprehend everything each one of us goes through. The circumstances of His birth were so incredibly humble even though the many prophecies of His birth described Him as being a counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. He was everything to us but in order to be there for each and every one of us, He had to start out with absolutely nothing. 

I know that compared to Christ, my suffering, my pain, my sorrows, and my fears are nothing, yet to Him, they are everything! That's so insane to me that He is able to comfort me in literally every trial I've experienced simply because He loves me. I will forever be grateful for Christ and His willingness to come to earth to be our Saviour. Christmas in the mission is definitely very different than Christmas at home. This year, what Christmas did for me was make me even more determined to share the message of the restored gospel with everyone I meet. It made me more determined to thank my Saviour for His sacrifice by giving up everything I can in order to serve Him. To become a consecrated missionary, we really have to be willing to put everything on the altar of sacrifice, and that is what the Christmas story has helped me with. Knowing that Christ sacrificed literally EVERYTHING for me makes me realise that it shouldn't be too much for Him to ask me to sacrifice what I can to express my love and gratitude to Him.

  Whelp, my time is up. I love you all so so so so so much!!! I look forward to seeing you all again but until then, I'll find comfort knowing that the time we spend apart is more than worth it :)

Love you all!!! Have a happy New Year!!!

- Sister Enright

Saturday, December 23, 2017

#FunTimesInTheMaritimes (December 20)

You've never experienced stress until you experience transfers as a missionary.

SO. Transfers have arrived and I am headed to Amherst, Nova Scotia tomorrow morning to be an STL with the lovely Sister Lefler! We were in the mission home together AND we were temporary companions during Moroni's Quest and I LOVE HER SO MUCH. So I know that this transfer is going to be super awesome!

Anyways. This week has been eventful. I'll try to sum it up as quickly and as entertaining as I can.

I briefly lost my voice from practicing and singing at Zone Conference, a baptism, an old folks home, and Sacrament Meeting. I remember in the MTC, there was this senior sister who heard me singing in the halls and told me, "You better use that gift on your mission!" So TA DA. This week I did. We discovered that the best way to get an investigator to church was to tell them that we had planned a special musical number for them and VOILA. They HAVE to come. I should just sing EVERY week!

We've had lots of lessons with potential investigators this week, all of whom decided it would be best to meet again after Christmas so I'm really excited for Sister Davenport and her greenie (she's training in Annapolis!) who will most likely have lots of people to teach next month! It has been hard to find people to teach but we have both learned that God will always bless those who are patient and obedient. Blessings will always come when we are on the Lord's errand, but sometimes they take time. 

Yesterday was pretty crazy. . . We accidentally locked everything in the clerk's office at the church. Including our phone and coats. . . But it'll be a funnier story if I tell it myself so I'll just try and remember next week when we Skype :)

Last night, after we found out I was leaving, we had a lesson with the D_____ family! I was not prepared for how hard it was going to be to leave them. They have been my favourite family to teach! I've learned so much from the time that I have spent with them, not only about the gospel but about my own abilities as a disciple of Christ. I know I'm not the perfect missionary - FAR from it - but before my mission, I didn't think I had the ability to make a difference in anyone's life. One of the biggest blessings I have gained from serving a mission is my self confidence and my understanding of my own individual role in Heavenly Father's plan. As I've turned outwards and sought for the gift of charity, I've really been able to live my mission scripture and become an instrument in God's hand (Alma 29:9). And to rejoice in it! I love the D_____ family! They have progressed so much since we first started meeting with them and I'm so happy to know that God has trusted me and given me the privilege to help His children along their path to the eternities. I'm going to miss them, but I'm eager to bring the gospel to even more people in Amherst. We are all disciples of Christ and all have the ability to bring others closer to their Saviour as we share our testimonies, share the scriptures, and be good examples. As long as we, "Believe. Obey. Endure." we can do all things through Christ! What a beautiful life we are living and a beautiful plan we are all a part of!!!

Well, folks. Time is almost up. I love you all more than you can possibly imagine! I love the Book of Mormon, I love the people of Eastern Atlantic Canada, I love the doctrine of Christ, I love my God and my Saviour. Life is wonderful, mission life is the best :)

Talk to you soon! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

- Sister Enright 

 Me, Seonaid, and Sister Davenport

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." (Dec 12)

Hello from the Great White North!!! It snowed ALL day yesterday. #Dreamscometrue. So of course we shovelled all our neighbor's driveways! It was so much fun! Seriously, I'm so glad I'm serving somewhere where it snows. I'm going to be the happiest missionary this Winter :)

SO. This week has been a little hectic. We had exchanges in Halifax which was a lot of fun. It was cool to get to go tracting in a city where there are people EVERYWHERE. Made me kind of jealous. I love little Annapolis Royal but there aren't very many people here. 

One of my favourite experiences this week was on exchanges with Sister Kilmer. We went to stop by a less active sister's who the area sisters had been trying to see for a while. When she opened the door and saw who it was she immediately invited us in for cheesecake, cocoa, and painting (seriously, how could anything possibly go wrong with that lovely combination). A___ takes care of a refugee family during the day, so that's how we got to meet F___ and her two children. I asked them what they wanted me to paint and F___ said, "Paint something for me! Something that will make my family happy." so of course I painted a temple! When A____ started to explain to F___ what a temple was and what happened there, F____  just started crying so hard. When I finished the painting, I wrote "Families are forever" on the back and we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever". F____ pulled her daughter to her and just cried into her shoulder. It was a bittersweet experience and I hope that the sisters there in Halifax will get to teach her soon so that one day she can be sealed to her family forever!

We also had a cool experience last night with this family we're teaching. The parents are less active members who really want to start coming back to church. They have an unbaptized 12 year old son and so they're all working together to reach their eventual baptisms. It is really cool working with them and I love it. I think it's amazing to see the power of Christ's Atonement so prevalent in the lives of this little family who desperately want to do what is right. After last night's visit with them, we committed them to do family prayer and scripture study every night. They gave us these skeptical looks and said they would do their best. We really wanted them to be able to work together as a family towards their goal of baptism and we knew that those two steps - though seemingly basic - would help a lot. So before we left we left little sticky note reminders on their fridge that say, "Don't forget to pray!" and "A scripture a day keeps Satan away!", and then knelt in prayer with them. After we had gotten back to the apartment for the night, we got a text from them that said that they had found their old scriptures, read some of first Nephi together, and had just finished saying their family prayer. Sometimes I really wish those we are teaching can see the amount of excitement and joy that fills the room (or in some cases, the car) when we get texts like that. Then maybe they would understand just how much we love them and just how much their commitment-keeping matters to us!

Anyways. All is well in little Annapolis Royal. It's snowy outside and Christmas is coming. I don't have a lot of time left but I wanted to share with you a talk I read during one of my personal studies. It's called The Rescue for Real Growth by Bishop Richard C. Edgely and is very powerful. I was seeking for ways that we could work better with the branch when I happened upon this talk and I can't even describe to you the emotions and the feelings that the Spirit filled me with as I read it. There are a LOT of less actives in the Maritimes and honestly, that makes me so sad to think about. There are so many people who struggle with their faith and their testimonies and because they don't get the help they need, they assume that their only option is to cease all activity in the church. I wish we all had the ability to see one another the way that God sees us. It's something that I've been praying for for a long time. Please, read this talk and start praying for someone you can serve this Christmas, someone who may be struggling with their testimony and needs YOU specifically to help them along. I promise that Heavenly Father will gladly lead you to that person and that they will be eternally grateful for your love and support!

I love you all!!! Have a fantastic week!

- Sister Enright

P.S. Mom & Dad, Bayley & Dion, Rhys & Harmony - in case I forget next week, happy anniversary (anniversaries I guess. . . )!



Our beautiful #LightTheWorld booth


 Cute things people wrote on our light the world poster :)

Also, our house!

Funny story. When we first got to this area we noticed that the church's little printer doesn't always work very well. There was this one day where we desperately needed it to print a talk for one of our lessons so there was a lot of praying involved and - VOILA! It worked! So after that experience we put this sticky note on it. Just this last week we noticed that one of the members of the branch presidency must've been struggling to print something up as well and so added his own little note. . . 

#LightTheWorld (Dec 5)

Hello, family! . . . And everyone else :) 

  This week has been a bit crazy. . . We've been having a really hard time finding more people to teach and because Shelley just got a new job, we haven't been able to meet with her as much as we would like :( Yesterday we went knocking for 6 hours and didn't find a single person who was interested. But it did feel good to know that we were doing our best, even if we weren't seeing any immediate results. #patienceisavirtue

  Even though we don't have many people to teach, this week was busy for a few reasons. 1) we did lots of finding, 2) we spent a lot of time making a fantastic-looking #LightTheWorld booth for a Christmas craft fair in town, 3) we've been planning a training for district meeting tomorrow, 4) we've been working with the branch a lot to get them all to do the #LightTheWorld challenge, and 4) I got a call on Sunday from our Zone Leaders who told me that President Pratt had specifically asked for me to be in charge of all the musical numbers for Christmas Zone Conference. . . Which is in a week. So I've been calling missionaries all over Nova Scotia to see who can play an instrument or sing. I have no idea when we're going to have time for any practices but hey, that's where the faith comes in handy. 

  Anyways. . . I love you all like crazy! I know this is pretty short but we have to get going soon because we`re going over to a members house to make Christmas cookies with her! I just wanted to tell you all how much I love the Light The World initiative! This church is so amazing and I love everything we do during the Christmas season! I can`t begin to tell you how much I love my Savior and this beautiful time of year we have to celebrate His birth. Though it is a lot different not to be with family this year, I`m so grateful for the little Annapolis Royal branch, their love for us and their devotion to the LightTheWorld initiative (my hashtag symbol isn`t working WHAT THE HECK). During fast and testimony meeting we had a few members who got up there and told the congregation about what they had done over the last week to light the world! I love the quote from Mother Theresa that says, "What we do is but a drop in the ocean but if we didn`t do it, the ocean would be one drop less." If we didn`t individually put in the effort to love and serve everyone we can, the world would be so much dimmer!

I love you all! Thank you for being lights in my life! Keep up the good work and make sure all your friends know about the initiative as well! Service is even more enjoyable when you do it with friends and family :) 

Lots of love,
Sister Enright


 DAY 1! We brought a bag of food and toys to our new downstairs neighbor and her 3 year old son :)

DAY 2: We bought a flat of water to bring to the local food shelter but then they told us that they didn`t need water! So we pulled a dozen soup cans from our pantry and donated those instead!

DAY 3: We taught a lesson using some artsy visuals I made myself - BUT then forgot to take a picture! So we took one of us in the car later!

DAY 4: We didn`t take a picture for this one but we bought our neighbor a chocolate bar and went and talked to her!
DAY 5: President Pratt told us we weren`t allowed to call our parents. . . So this was our next best idea :) Love you, Mom and Dad!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

'Tis the Season. . . (November 28)

'Tis the season for a lot of things. . . 

- Christmas decorations
- Christmas music
- Snow
- Cocoa
- . . . And giant spiders to fall from the ceiling and land in the middle of our lesson planning, causing my companion to think I'd caught fire (since we were warming up by the heater after 2+ hours of knocking in the bitter cold) as I scrambled up from the floor as fast as I could, trying to decide whether to save my cocoa or my scriptures first (the scriptures won). After a few minutes of panic (our downstairs neighbour probably thought one of us was dying), sister Davenport started smashing the poor thing with her shoe, just as our district leader called. When I picked up and he could still hear sister Davenport screaming in the background as the spider tried to get away from her. How awkward for us. . . 

  Anyways. That was how I almost suffered a heart attack this week. Who knew Canada was home to such monsters?

  We had Zone Conference this week which was pretty fantastic. Oh, and I got my package last week! I forgot to tell you! Those small plastic hands have made weekly planning sessions far more entertaining, so thank you, Noah :)

  We handed out treat bags and #LightTheWorld cards at the annual Annapolis tree-lighting ceremony, and then the next night drove all the way down to Yarmouth to walk in a Christmas parade with the elders there! It was so much fun! I love Christmas.

  Our favourite investigator came to church on Sunday! It was awesome! During our lesson with her last week, she was telling us about how happy she's been since she's started meeting with us. She told us about how her self confidence has sky-rocketed and she understands more fully who she is and who she can become. Her fellowshipper, in the ward (who's so much better at inspired questions than I am, haha!) asked her, "Well, who are you?" and she looked up at her and said, "I am a child of God!" And basically everyone burst into tears. IT WAS AMAZING. She's soaking up the gospel like a sponge and it's so awesome to watch it happen. She loved church - every minute of it! Sister Davenport played I Am A Child of God as the opening hymn (Our investigator didn't even know about the song before Sunday!) and she was so touched! During sacrament meeting, I hurriedly put together a Gospel Principles class (since this branch hasn't had missionaries here for a long time and so hasn't needed one) and asked a few members to come so that it wouldn't be our investigator all by herself. They were very cooperative and the lesson went super well. Oh and the sacrament meeting talks were PERFECT and very "investigator friendly". One was about Joseph Smith's first vision and the other was about the Godhead! I LOVE THIS BRANCH. 
  For our lesson last night, we wrapped up a bible and brought it to her. Never have I seen someone so excited and so touched to receive a bible for Christmas. I can't even express to you all how grateful I am to Heavenly Father for sending me to this area and for trusting me to teach His daughter about the Gospel. The way that she studies the Book of Mormon and every single pamphlet we give is the perfect example of how someone can truly feast upon the words of Christ! 
  I love her so much, and even though I know I probably won't be around when she gets baptised, it comforts me to know that she's going to be well taken care of in the humble little Annapolis Royal branch. 

  ANYWAYS. One last thing and I'll have to go. I was studying Russell M. Nelson's talk from this last conference and decided to try a different of studying the Book of Mormon. We've all been told that the Book of Mormon can answer any question right? Right. So I thought of a question, ("How can we find more investigators?") said a prayer, and then just started reading where I was. I happened to be in 2 Nephi 8, and even though the chapter had nothing to do with finding new investigators, because I was purposely looking for answers to my question, I found lots, just in a few verses! Some of those answers were;

- Look to Christ, trust in Him!
- The Lord will comfort His missionaries. He will make this area prosperous, as long as we are obedient!
- Be grateful and sing loud!
- Don't worry about what others think of you, only what God thinks of you!

  So here's my little testimony. I know that through diligently studying the Book of Mormon, we can find answers to all of our questions, problems, and concerns, no matter what they are! When we are truly seeking for those answers and our hearts are open to the Spirit we will find them! Just like Moroni promises (Moroni 10:3-5)!

  I love you all lots! I challenge you all to go to God with questions before you start studying the Book of Mormon! If you have that sincere desire, real intent, and faith in Christ than "by the power of the Holy Ghost" you'll find those answers no matter where you are reading!

  Love you!

- Sister Enright

(Here's a picture of our cute little Christmas tree - and our random little tree topper that we found while we were out knocking)