Wednesday, April 18, 2018

All-day P-day (April 17)

So to congratulate us for making it through the Winter strong, President has allowed us to take an all-day p-day! AND he's letting our district all watch Moana together! #PRAISE 

So this week has been full of knocking. And more knocking. It's basically all we've done. We've set up so many potential lessons and literally every single one of them have fallen through. But! Hard work will never produce nothing, even though sometimes it may feel like it. Yesterday we met a cool YSA girl who had SOOO many questions. They were basically the same questions that everyone has ("Why does God let good people suffer?" And "If God created us, who created God?" etc. ) but she was actually willing to listen to the answers we had for her, which is pretty rare. I just love it when people let us answer their questions because then I start to realize that all my gospel knowledge and study is actually worth something. Plus, being able to answer people's deep questions with the gospel just shows how spectacular and true it all really is. 

Well, to finish this off (since the movie is about to get to its climax) I want to invite each of you to read a talk by Bruce C. Hafen called A Disciple's Journey. He talks about Ether 12:27 and how we should rejoice when we face opposition because just like it teaches in 2 Nephi 2, we cannot have joy without opposition, which seems so backwards to the natural man but sometimes you have to think way outside the box in order to accomplish your purpose. 

Alright, I'm sorry this email is so short! Honestly, emailing on a phone always seems to take so much longer and it's harder to pay attention to a smaller screen.

But I promise I love you all!!!

Prince Edward Island. . . (April 10)

So this week has been pretty crazy. . . I got transferred from Amherst to Summerside, PEI!!! My companion has been here a total of three weeks so we're both pretty new to the area. And we're the STLs! Sister Auvigne and I got the call on Friday that Amherst was going to be closed so we had a few hours to pack the place up and travel to Dartmouth where sister Auvigne and I stayed with the STLTs for a couple days. Then just yesterday, I packed my stuff in one car after the other (I switched cars 4 times yesterday) to get everything and everyone involved in the transfer back to their areas. It's been an exhausting few days. But! I'm so happy to be serving on PEI! I hoesntly didn't think I'd ever get the chance to serve on the island but. . . Here I am! And my new companion, Sister Kesler, is super awesome so we're going to have a ball this transfer. 

ANYWAYS. . . I don't remember much else that happened this week. . . But I don't want this to turn into a lame email so I'll think of something.

One thing I learned this week (this isn't meant to sound prideful) is that I'm capable of a lot of pretty great things. I had an interview with President this last weekend and he was just commending me for all things I've done on my mission. Sometimes it's hard for me to really feel like a successful missionary so he was just like "OK sister Enright let's just look at it objectively. You've reopened and whitewashed-trained, opened a brand new area, AND been an STL. Like, obviously you're doing fine and God trusts you." And so I felt much better after that. And now I'm opening Summerside as an STL area with a companion who's only been here three weeks. So I felt better after that. One of the coolest things on a mission is the perspective you can gain. The more you immerse yourself in the gospel, the easier it is to understand the "why" of every situation you're put in. You don't go to an area to bless one specific person. You're there to bless literally everyone you come in contact with. As you're obedient and you magnify you're calling, that's when miracles happen, and you start to recognize that the random similarities that you have with the people you serve aren't simply coincidences but actually all part of God's plan for you and those surrounding you. 

I love being a missionary! I love watching people grow as they pray and study the scripture. This truly is Christ's church and there is no place I'd rather be right now then representing my Savior to the people of Summerside, Prince Edward Island. 

Love you all!!!

- SIster Enright

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Come What May and Love it (March 20)

OH BOY THIS WEEK WAS PRETTY ROUGH, FRIENDS. I spent the majority of it on Skype calls. WHOO HOO #LeadershipintheCHM

ANYWAYS. This week I was able to reflect a lot on who I've become over the last year or so. Getting a new companion is always a fun experience because every companion is so different from each other and yet God handpicked each one of them to be my companion to help me reach my potential as a missionary and as a daughter of God, so it's fun to see how we work together and balance one another out. That really goes for everyone who is in our lives. God's plan for us is so simple and yet so incredibly intricate and complex that I'll never be able to wrap my head around it! He places us all where we need to be, when we need to be there, surrounded by the people we need to be with. Because of our agency, He can't control every aspect of our lives (that's called "Satan's Plan", folks) but He can help a little with the placement of it all, and as we're being obedient and working hard, doing our very best to follow Christ, then things will fall into place and all things will work out the way that He wants them to. And His plan is always in our favour, so it's really a win-win situation. 

Mission life can be hard sometimes, so it helps to have a good sense of humour and a companion who laughs easily. But God is good, the Book of Mormon is true, Amherst is as fun and unique as ever.

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for the emails and the prayers! Sorry this is such a short email. It's just that not a lot happened this week, other than some door knocking and 2.5 hour Skype calls ✌

Love you!

- Sister Enright 

 My favourite little four year old
 We went to a very sketchy, very abandoned dock and lighthouse for our p-day adventure.

 This is the closest I've ever gotten to seeing a moose in Canada. . . 

The P.E.I. bridge!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Transfers and Noreasters (March 14, 2018)

Hello family! First things first - transfers were yesterday and I'm staying in Amherst! My new companion is Sister Auvigne. She's been here twice already but she's excited to be back!

 This week was so good! We went to Miramichi to do an extra exchange with them. It was so much fun! We were only going to be there one night but we got snowed in by a noreaster - just a REALLY big snowstorm. We've had three this week! 

My favourite part of this week though was teaching  L___.  She has a lot of doubts about Joseph Smith and we've tried to help her see how a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon can dispel those doubts. She reads the Book of Mormon every morning and LOOOVES Alma 32. But still doesn't think she's received her answer that it is true. So we flipped to Moroni's promise and asked her if she felt as if she had each of those ingredients to receive an answer (real intent, faith in Christ, etc.). She responded "yes" to each of them, then we asked her how she expected to receive her answer. She told us that she expected peace and joy and clarity of mind. So THEN we flipped to Galatians (OF COURSE) to read about the fruits of the Spirit. We then reminded her of her experience with Alma 32 and how she had felt all of that already! We read with her D&C 6:23-24 and basically just said, "Liz, you've already received your answer. You just need to accept it." After that I felt a powerful urge to bear my own testimony of the Book of Mormon. You know how people say one way they feel the Spirit is a "burning in the bosom"? Well, I'd never experienced that before this lesson. As I was bearing my testimony, everything inside me was so warm and I felt as if my heart was going to pound out of my chest but at the same time, it was bearly pumping. It was weird but it was in that moment that I knew that the Book of Mormon is true and that my testimony is sufficient.

Well. That's all for now folks. I love you all so much and hope you have a fantastic week! Keep reading the Book of Mormon! It's here to change our lives so let it.

Love you!

- Sister Enright 

P-day in Sackville with the Elders:

During our exchange in Miramichi, we were talking about what our parents used to so when we got in trouble and they all thought it was funny - but clever- that we had to put our nose on the wall 😂 so we kept making each other put their noses on the wall

  the Amherst district

 Sister Swenson and Sister Anderson

 and a pretty church in Miramichi 

Tracting in the snow:

and power outages:


Friday, March 23, 2018

"Their souls are precious." (Mar 6 2018)

Well, hello everyone. I'm taking a break from p-day sports to write you all because obviously, you're more important.

This week has been so busy. Our days have been filled with exchanges, lessons interviews with president, and driving. Lots of driving. We drove to Prince Edward Island for Stake Conference on Sunday! It was pretty and had lots of cute Anne of Green Gables shops. But I didn't get any pictures of the statue! Sorry, Fionn. We'll just have to take a road trip there together one day :)

Anyways. Wow. I don't know what to say in this email. . . 

WELL. Since I obviously can't think of anything entertaining to write about I'll tell you about Stake Conference. I've definitely gained a better appreciation for Stake Conferences on my mission. I honestly couldn't tell you a single thing I remember from conferences back at home, which I kind of regret but I just wasn't aware of how much someone could learn at a stake conference! This conference was based on one of my favourite topics: less active and member missionary work. There are a LOT of less active in the Maritimes and it makes me so sad. As a missionary, there's only so much I can do, because really it should be the responsibility of the local members. So it's hard and often frustrating to be trying to find new members but at the same time desperately trying to hold onto too many others. And honestly, what's the point of baptizing more converts when the majority of them fall away so quickly? There's a satellite broadcast from 1999 given by Gordon B. Hinckley entitled "Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep" and in this talk, President Hinckley stresses the importance of members aiding the missionaries in finding people to teach, and retaining new converts because, he says to the missionaries, "You simply cannot do it alone and do it well." And I can testify that that is too true. We missionaries can do all we can but when we don't have the aid or support of the local members, nothing is done as well as it should be, and converts never reach the level of conversion they need in order to stay active members of Christ's church. I hope each of you, in your local ward or branch will seek out those lost sheep and do all you can to bring them back to the fold. Nobody can say it better than Alma when in his quest to reactivate the testimonies of the fallen Zoramites; "O Lord, wilt thou grant unto us that we may have success in bringing them again unto thee in Christ.
Behold, O Lord, THEIR SOULS ARE PRECIOUS, and many of them are our brethren; therefore, give unto us, O Lord, power and wisdom that we may bring these, our brethren, again unto thee." The members themselves have more to do with the conversion of investigators than they realize, and once that investigator is baptized, that influence doesn't go away.
Rescuing souls is the calling of each and every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, full-time missionary or not. If we are not working on strengthening the testimonies of those around us than we can learn from Enos. He first sought forgiveness and conversion for himself, then as he was able to see Christ's Atonement working in his life, he turned outwards to the needs of his loved ones. Then, after he had been assured of their safety, he turned towards his enemies and asked for their spiritual protection. We cannot convert anyone beyond our own conversion, so I invite each of you to check your testimony, make sure you are build on a firm foundation, and then go to work and help others build and repair their own.

I'm sad that my mission is almost coming to a close, but what keeps me from getting too depressed about that is knowing that I'll be able to put more of an effort into rescuing and caring for those who have fallen astray or who are struggling with their testimonies back at home. God knows how to bribe missionary out of the field, haha.

I love you all so much!!! Your faith and love for the gospel is truly inspiring to me! Thank you for your emails and your prayers. I appreciate then more than you probably realize :)

Love ya!!!

- Sister Enright 

 Giant cow outside Cow's Ice cream Parlour on PEI.

Sackville, NB

The Harlows trying to untie my show for me. Yes those are pliers. . . "This is why you don't let Americans tie shoes!" - Brother Harlow

 Best comp ever

 Baby Barlow :)

 Sister Claus's small collection of all my drawings I've given her

 Crossing the confederation bridge

 Me and Sister Lefler, roadtrippin' to PEI

Anne of Green Gables chocolates!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sunshine Moments

Hello, family! Today is probably the first time in three or four months that sun is out and actually feels like the sun. You know you're a Canadian missionary when it hits 1°C and you finally take your coat off outside. Right now it's warmed up to 5° which I think is like 40°F so it's pretty nice! (I can just see Dad cringing)

Anyways. This week has been fantastic! After our last couple weeks in which our days were packed with exchanges, meetings, conferences, and a mini mission, this week has been almost relaxing. We've been able to do some regular missionary work and be a regular companionship and it's been great. The biggest difference in the work this week is the amount of time we have to spend with our area book. With the new phones, we're working on transferring all of our area  book records from paper to electronic and church headquarters has given us 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks to get it all done. So yeah. It's not the most thrilling experience but I know that it's going to seriously benefit the future of this mission so it'll all be worth it in the end.

Well, I don't want to bore you all with the many details of my life so I'll just give you the highlights.

Yesterday we taught J___ (his lessons are literally always a highlight of the week) and taught him about the Plan of Salvation using 2 Nephi 2 which we left him to read last time. We had been doing area book and administrative work in the clerk's office nearly all day so we didn't have time to really prep his lesson as much as we would have liked to. Before getting out of the car to head to the lesson we just prayed like crazy that the Spirit would be able to teach through us because the Spirit - unlike missionaries - is always well prepared for any lesson. What a guy. Anyways, there were so many instances that we could really tell the Spirit was taking over because J___ had a few questions and concerns, mainly about what things would be considered morally right and wrong in God's eyes, and every time he asked a question a scripture would pop into my head and right as I was about to answer, I would notice Sister Lefler right next to me turn to the same scripture! I love how the Book of Mormon is able to address literally any concern that anyone has. One of my favourite things about teaching J___ is that he's not afraid to bring up concerns and when we're able to address them with a scripture, you can see a little light go on behind his eyes, and then he's able to apply it back to himself and his situation. THE GOSPEL IS SO AMAZING, GUYS.

OK highlight #2.  As we were out knocking a couple nights ago in this sketchy little trailer park, a kitten ran up to us! One of the neighbor's came out of his home and told us that she had been wandering the area for a few weeks now which made them they suspect that she'd been abandoned when her owners moved. We couldn't just leave the poor thing so we told ourselves that if she followed us to the car, we would find her a home - and she did! When we got to the car, two blocks away, Sister Lefler picked up the cat and put her in the back! We called a member who said she would take her, so sister Lefler sat in the back with the cat (who we named Denver 🙂) as I drove to the member's house. So that was how we rescued a cat one night, haha. #Mark16:15

Anyways. Those are the little rays of sunshine from my week. I hope each of you as been able to see plenty of sunshine moments yourself! From the looks of it, Mom and Dad and the little kids certainly have! 

I love you all lots! Soak up lots of sunshine for me this week! You never know when things are going to get cloudy, whether meterologically or metaphorically speaking 😊 but either way, we can always have sunshine in our lives when we have the gospel! 1 Nephi 17:13; Psalm 27:1.

Love you all!!!

- Sister Enright

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Week That God Blessed Our Efforts

Hello, all my favourite humans. To start off this email, first I've got to tell you about something called the CHM Mission Culture. I'm not sure if It's something every mission does or if we're just weird so I'll explain. Our mission culture is a list of 8 standards/principles that we live by as a mission and my favourite is the very last one; Trust that God will bless our efforts! Sometimes you work hard and don't see immediate results, but you just have to keep at it and trust that at one day and in His way and His time, God will bless the effort that you put in, and I feel like this was the week that that happened.

This week has been SO good and SO crazy and SO busy. Let's start off with day one: P-day. Driving home from a lesson that night, I felt super sick, and I ended up awake the majority of the night from food poisoning. Blagh. There goes my ten year no-puking streak, quite literally down the drain.

The next day we drove with the Zone Leaders to MLC where we all got our fancy new smartphones! It was so funny to watch everyone trying to turn their phones on, handling them like babies and getting so excited every time they made a sound, haha. It's going to take a long time to figure everything out and get our area books transferred into the phones, but once we do it's going to be a huge blessing for all of us and all the future CHM missionaries.

On Friday we picked up another mini missionary! She was less active when I first got here but we've been working with her and she is doing so awesome! She's an amazing missionary with a very powerful testimony even though she won't admit it yet.

Saturday evening we were going to do a street contacting blitz near the university again, but we weren't aware that it was the first day of break. So we planned to contact for an hour and a half, but when we got there we noticed that the town was basically dead. Nonetheless, we'd felt inspired to do that when we planned that morning so that's what we were going to do! We jokingly said "watch, we're going to find someone who doesn't have anywhere to go during break and will want to meet with us all week because of it." After an hour and 20 minutes we hadn't found ANYONE but because we kept going, God blessed our efforts and persistence! We found three awesome people to teach in just the last 10 minutes! One of them was named Ian and basically everything out of his mouth were the words of a total elect person. He's never been religious but had LDS friends back home who had invited him to church and other activities before. He told us that he was on break and would have plenty of time to meet (CALLED IT) and then before we left, he thanked us for our sacrifice and everything we did as missionaries! WOW, God is good.

Anyways. Our investigator John is on break right now, but we were able to have a ten minute Skype lesson with him yesterday which was GREAT. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and is excited to read more! My favourite thing about teaching him is watching his whole perspective of life change as he learns more and more about the gospel. I love teaching YSA!

Yesterday was zone conference. It was a super long conference and was all about the smartphones and getting them set up. Since all the leadership had already done that MLC, we didn't have a lot to do for those nearly 7 hours. So I went back and forth between taking orders of things to draw for people (literally there are so many missionaries here who have little sticky note drawings from me in the front of their scriptures it's slightly alarming) and jumping from table to table helping out as many missionaries as I could with my limited knowledge of technology and just assisting the poor tech elders because there are only two of them and roughly 60 missionaries who needed their help. I got to sit down with the senior couple now serving on St. Stephen and get to know them as I helped get their phones set up. They're so sweet! 

Anyways. Sorry this email is so long and possibly boring. We just had such a busy week and I feel like I have to tell you EVERYTHING. But we've been working hard, and just this last week I've been able to see the ways God is blessing us. We have people to teach and to baptize - amazing people who have so much desire to learn and to grow and gain a stronger faith in their Savior. The way I see God blessing my efforts is when I begin to notice the ways my efforts are blessing others, and that's what a mission is all about.

I love you all!!! Thank you for you prayers, your emails, your support, and your love. I thank God for you every day!

- Sister Enright

P.S. One of the best things about having a smartphone is the fact that I can email you from the comfort of my bed now. #BLESSED.

My baby!

Our pet rock, Dwayne (He just sits on the bookshelf)

 Our mini missionary!

Canadian graffiti 

 One of the pictures an elder requested. That's president Pratt. On a moose. With an explosion behind him. . .

 ... and just more pictures