Friday, July 20, 2018

I'm a Girl Who Loves My Island

Well, folks. My mission life is about to come to an end. I'm going to miss it for sure. Especially the island! I love it here so much and part of me never wants to leave. Mom, Dad, you need to come visit with me one day because island life is the best! 

My last week in the mission was definitely a good one. We found a couple Brazilian guys who spoke little to no English and yet still wanted to learn about the gospel. They wanted to come to church and we wanted to make sure that they could feel the Spirit despite not being able to understand most of what was going on. Saturday night, I specifically prayed that they would feel the Spirit through the hymns, because music is a universal language, right? So the next day at church, we were happy to see that the hymns they had selected for the day were pretty slow, so our friends would be able to follow along fairly easily. We were even happier when we could hear them singing! #Godanswersprayers. The rest of church went so well! The members were so friendly, talking with them through Google translate and all! And then the visiting member of the high council offered to drive them home after church! I'm so grateful for the members here and will miss them so much!!!

Anyways. That was our miracle this week. And now I'm struggling to figure out how I want to finish this email. Since it will be the last email I'll ever send as a missionary, I want it to be a good one! But it all just seems so unreal to me still. I can't believe I'm going home and probably won't until I'm actually on the plane.

Oh guys, missions are so amazing! I wish everyone could experience it for themselves! I've learned so much more on my mission than I could have possibly dreamed of.
I've learned to really cherish the Book of Mormon. That book has changed me in so many ways because it's taught me how to apply the Doctrine of Christ in my life! 
My mission has taught me how to love and appreciate people so much more. I know with all my heart that everyone on earth is a son or daughter of our Father in Heaven, and by that divine identity alone, we can realize just how much He has in store for us.
My mission has taught me how to be confident in myself and my abilities, because I've become more aware of where I stand in God's plan. I know that I could never do anything relying on my own strength, but as I rely on Christ, I can do all things. And so I know I can be confident in myself as long as I am confident in my Saviour. 
My mission has taught me to love the simple truths and principles of the gospel and teaching those to others. I'm excited for the opportunity I'll have to help spread the gospel back at home and to teach my friends and future family the importance of those simple truths.
My mission has taught me the importance of obedience because all though Christ's sacrifice covers us all unconditionally, that doesn't take away our personal responsibility to use that gift to become the best that we can be, and we do that through obeying God's commandments and keeping our covenants!

Most importantly, the mission has taught me that God really does have a plan for us. I know that He wants us to have eternal peace and joy, and as a perfect father, He knows exactly the path His children must follow in order to obtain that goal. We find peace and joy as we study our scriptures, as we live the principles taught by ancient and modern prophets, and pray to our Heavenly Father for further guidance and understanding. We find joy as we live the gospel within our families. We find it as we repent and are cleansed of all our sins and failures. We find it as we rely on the atoning sacrifice of our Saviour, trusting that when we don't have the strength to carry on, at least He does. Because of this plan, I know it's possible to have joy at all times! 

I love each of you! Thank you for the emails, prayers, and support throughout this last year and a half! There's nothing I treasure more than the knowledge that I can be with my family forever :) Thank you for everything.

Sister Enright

P.S. Dad, if you decide to move again, my vote is Prince Edward Island

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


This week was SOOO GOOD!!! Bayley was right, the last couple transfers have been the best!

Let me tell you all about the blessed week that I had.

We've taught K_____ four times now and she's just the most golden investigator of my life. She's so sweet and probably the biggest miracle I've seen on my mission. Last night we taught her the Word of Wisdom and then at the end of the lesson, when we asked her if she had any questions, she started asking us about how we prepared for our mission because she wants to know how to get ready for her own!!! Oh, she's amazing! One of my favourite parts about teaching her is that we've gotten to bring a different young woman with us each time and they are such wonderful missionaries! And we have such good road trips with them 'cause usually it's about an hour drive there and back. One of the best lessons we taught was the Doctrine of Christ (of course) and we brought E____ and A____, two of my absolute favourite young women in the world. The lesson was just so good and the Spirit was so strong as the girls bore testimony of how Holy Ghost had helped them through hard times. At the very end of the lesson, K_____ said, "Last time you were here, you asked me what my favourite scripture was and I panicked because I couldn't think of one, but then I remembered." And she read Matthew 7:7 and talked about how after years of knocking and asking, she was finally getting the blessing she wanted most; baptism. And then I just burst into tears because - I don't remember if I wrote this to you guys but when I was in Annapolis (my halfway mark through my mission), we were struggling with finding people to teach, and I was struggling with not having had a chance to see someone baptized because I felt like I was doing something wrong. Through a tearful prayer, I asked that I would be able to find a scripture that would help me to know what to do, and I opened right up to Matthew 7:7. At the time I thought it was pretty funny how it applies quite literally to my life as a missionary. The answer I took from it was - just keep knocking. Just keep looking and working hard, speaking with everyone, testifying of the gospel to everyone I met, and one day I would find someone who was ready for baptism. That night, as we were teaching Kennedy I read verse 8 which says, "For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." That was when I realised that I had done what I was supposed to do, and God had promised me that if I worked my hardest, I would have the opportunity to see someone get baptized. I'm just so happy for K_____ and her family because they have been waiting for so long!!! Which by the way, brings me to my next, point. They've been waiting for this so long that they didn't even want to wait til the 7th for her baptism, so she's getting baptized on the 3rd instead! Then she's going to a three day youth conference (with David Archuleta and some other famous Mawmons) and then she'll get the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday! WOW, talk about a spiritual feast!

Anyways. K_____ said the closing prayer and in her prayer she thanked God that she was able to get baptized and then just started crying! By the end of our lesson, everyone was crying and the young women were hugging Kennedy and it was just so sweet to see how much they love her and are excited for her progression in the gospel. This little branch is going to be so heavily blessed by this baptism. It's really been bringing everyone closer together because they've all been waiting so long for it!

Anyways. Teaching K______ is obviously the highlight of my life right now. It's just so amazing to watch her get more and more excited the closer her baptism gets! The gospel is seriously so amazing.

I had my last Zone Conference this week, and my last interview with President Pratt. CRAZY. I'm going to miss the Pratts so much! They've made such a difference in my life. 

Well, folks. I'm going to finish this up because we have a lesson this morning and then we're gonna take a trip up to Cavendish with a few other missionaries to see Anne of Green Gables! I'll take lots of pictures!

Thank you for your emails and your testimonies. I love you all so much!

- Sister Enright 

Happy (almost) Canada day!

Sister Silvenoinnen with an Anne Shirley hat

Best mission parents ever 

 We volunteered at an olde fashioned carnival and got to dress in Downton Abbey-ish servant clothes!

 The dream team

 The Confederation bridge:

 Green Gables Photos:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

As Zion's Youth in Latter Days (June 19, 2018)

Hey, folks! 

This has been a good week! As has just about every other week in the field. 

We taught K_____ (the 14 year old girl I was telling you about last week) for the first time last night and got her on date for July 7! The best part was when we asked her, "Why are you excited to be baptized?" and she said "Well, I've always wanted to be. I've just had to wait a long time for it." Throughout the lesson, she sat there with her quad, reading all the scriptures we asked her to. She committed to read the Book of Mormon every day (she's already in Helaman anyways). She even told us, "I have to re-read the bible again. It's been a while." I was thinking, "WOW, ELECT." I'm literally so in awe of the youth these days. The youth in the branch here are AMAZING. We've had the chance to teach them a couple times and they're so much more converted to the gospel than I was at their age. They're all huge fans of family history (something that I want to do a lot more of when I get home), they love their scriptures, and missionary work. It just makes me so excited for the future of missionary work, and of the Church in general! God's children just get stronger and stronger every day!

Anyways. This will be a short email because we have lots to do today! Canada Day is coming up so we've planned a pancake breakfast followed by a street hockey tournament for the branch and we have to go buy everything for it today. I'm so excited! Canada Day is July 1, btw. In case you wanted to celebrate, ya know. 

Well. Think that's all folks! Sorry this is so short. I hope each of you got to read a conference talk (or 12) this week. Which one did you pick? What was something you learned? This morning I started reading Of Regrets and Resolutions by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. One of my favourite quotes from it was, "external circumstances don’t really matter or determine our happiness. We do matter. We determine our happiness. You and I are ultimately in charge of our own happiness." I love that because even though it is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that it's made possible for us to achieve that happiness, it will always come down to what we personally decide to do with that power granted us. We decide to be happy when we decide to keep the commandments, go to church, serve others, read our scriptures. We choose happiness when we choose to live the gospel. Choose to live it every day!

Love you all!!!

- Sister Enright

  The dream team

After knocking in crazy winds

There are a lot of schriners (is that how you spell it) here

 Modern sidewalk art

Monday, June 18, 2018

Chocolate Chip Chickens on a Choo Choo Train (June 12, 2018)

(I promise, that title will make sense soon)

OH YOU GUYS, this has been such a crazy good week!!! This is literally my favourite companionship. We just have so much fun together and have so much love for the work between the three of us that it makes me happier and happier every day to be serving with them! Sister Bond is so awesome and such an incredibly skilled missionary, and sister Silvenoinnen is so funny and sassy and loves the gospel so much! It's fun to get to help her with the language and listen to her bear simple and powerful testimony to the people we talk with. She's so guided by the Spirit! Language study is fun! We all get in on it and our goal is to help sister Silvenoinnen be able to do a Canadian accent by the end of this transfer! Her English is already very good but she has a hard time with the accent and sounding out the words. It's hard for her to make the "Ch" and "Tr" sounds, so we've written out sentences to help her with them, like "chocolate chip chickens on a choo choo train." (Told you it would make sense) Haha, we probably spend the majority of language study laughing!

Anyways, let me tell you about some of the fantastic miracles that have happened this week. 

  We got to see and hear from Elder David A. Bednar on Friday! Oh it was a dream come true! I wish I could give you a full-blown play-by-play of the entire evening but that would take too long. We had to get there about 3 hours early because we (the missionaries) were all ushers. It was so much fun! Elder Bednar and his wife did a question and answer session rather than talks, which was super cool. One of my favourite things he said was when he was talking about the importance of listening to the Spirit during the conference and he said, "the ultimate objection of tonight is for you to hear what we do not say." And it's true! Though I didn't get the chance to personally ask him a question, I took a short list of questions with me that night that I had thought and prayed about and was hoping to get answers to - and through the his answers to other people's questions, he answered every single one of mine!!! I just love that we have apostles and prophets today! What a blessing! 

Another miracle we saw this week was on Sunday! There's this very active family here whose 14 year old daughter isn't baptized because her bio mom wouldn't let her but just this last week she finally gave permission! So she is going to be staying with her dad and stepmom next week (they're both active members) and we will start teaching her then!!! I'm just so excited for them! She's been waiting for such a long time to get baptized and she's so ready for it! I knew that as long as I was obedient and kept working hard, I would have the opportunity to see someone enter the waters of baptism, and now it's finally going to happen! I'm just so happy for her and her family, I nearly cried when her parents told me! 

Anyways. Today was such a fun p-day! We went to haunted house in Kensington which really wasn't super scary and we were the only ones there because tourist season has barely started, so it was a lot of fun! Then we went to Cabot beach which was so beautiful! Next time I go, I want mom and dad to come see it with me, ok? Ok. 

Love you all so much!!! This week I want you to each to pick one of your favourite conference talks and study it again! Then you can send me what you learn! Ever since Elder Bednar's fireside I've just been reminded of how blessed we are to live in a time where we have modern day prophets and apostles. Seriously. So blessed!!! I'm so grateful to be sharing the beautiful message of the restoration with the people here in PEI. Before my mission, I don't think I ever really stopped to think about the impact that a fourteen year old's prayer could make on the world, but now it's really all I can think about and it makes me more and more grateful every day.

Love you!

- Sister Enright 

Miracles, Big and Small (June 6, 2018)

WOW GUYS. What a week. 

First off --- transfer news! I'm going to spend my last transfer as an STL in beautiful Summerside, PEI in a TRIO of all things! My new companions will be Sister Bond and Sister Silvenoinnen!!! What's so funny is that Sister Silvenoinnen and I used to joke all the time that she would be my "STLA" one day (STL assistant) because we swore we would be companions before I went home but she didn't want to be an STL HAHA. So sister Bond and I will be the STLs and Sister Silvenoinnen will be our assistant and personal chef (because she's a licensed culinary artist #praise). I'm super excited!!! I already know that this transfer is just going to be so so SO good! 

Anyways. Now time for some miracles. I'm going to make this as quick as I can because we have to spend some of the day getting this apartment ready for a trio!

MIRACLE #1: Digital Finding
GUYS digital finding is literally such a blessing! We spend between an hour and two hours a day - in the morning - friending and messaging people on Facebook and it's generally more effective than knocking doors at that time. I'm surprised at just how many people are willing to talk to and friend a complete stranger but it shows that the Lord is truly hastening His work! Another thing I truly appreciate is how unafraid people are to be open and honest online because if they're not interested, they'll straight up tell you (or block you and then it's a given) and then we don't have to waste any time that we could be finding the elect! And if they ARE interested - they'll straight up tell you! WOW. It's literally my favourite thing. So far our little zone has picked up 7 super elect investigators through digital finding just this last week. I love it!

MIRACLE #2: Just the fact that our little zone, after struggling for a little while to find new investigators, found TWENTY new investigators! I don't know how big that is compared to other missions but for us that's a pretty big deal. We've also had 7 baptisms just in our zone this transfer!!! I just love my zone! Every single missionary works so hard and loves the work so much. It's amazing to see the miracles God can do with a bunch of 18-22 year olds.

MIRACLE #3: Last night we taught our lovely investigators, S____ and H____ who have been struggling a little bit with their testimonies of Joseph Smith. We've basically been able to answer their questions to the best of OUR abilities but obviously we're not perfect teachers so we wanted them to understand the importance of directing their questions towards God in prayer. We really wanted them to KNOW that God would answer them! So we brought the restoration movie and we were just going to watch a short segment of it but their cat had lost the remote! So we spent 15 minutes tearing their house apart looking for this remote and then I suggested that we say a prayer and thought to myself, "OK Heavenly Father, this better work because it would be perfect for our lesson," so we prayed and two minutes later we found the remote! Under the couch where we had all looked multiple times! Then we basically began our lesson like, "Well, as we have just demonstrated for you, God answers prayers." Haha it was great!

MIRACLE #4: ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO CHARLOTTETOWN ON FRIDAY AND WE ALL GET TO GO. Have I told you guys how much I just LOVE Elder Bednar??? We've been fasting and praying that H___- our investigator - will get the day off for work so she and S___ can come and she'll find out today! So pray hard!!!

WELL. I think that's all for now. Love you all lots!!! Keep reading your scriptures!

- Sister Enright 

 Porch decoration for the win.

 Our investigators' daughters tore flowers up and put them on my head so I could be a "wood princess" 

Itch-A-Bit road

Monday, June 4, 2018

Book of Mormon Stories (May 29 2018)

Hi, everyone!!! I'm writing this to you in the car on the way to Greenwich Beach which is supposed to be positively gorgeous. We're just praying that the skies clear before we get there. 

This has been a pretty solid week. We saw L. M. Montgomery's birthplace last p-day (kind of by accident since we were just driving through the town) and got some yummy raspberry cordial. Then we didn't proselyte for legit THREE DAYS because on Wednesday we went to district meeting and left almost immediately afterwards to drive down to Dartmouth for a leadership conference that took place the following two days. It was SO GOOD. I love being an STL because I've been able to refine so many skills I didn't even know I had. Plus it was nice to get to see so many missionaries, most of whom I probably won't get to see again on the mission. The best part of the conference was when we sang the mission song and a bunch of the elders, as a joke, linked arms and started swaying to the song. Pretty soon all the elders and sisters joined in and one elder ran up to grab President and sister Pratt and make them stand between the line of elders and sisters so we could all be linked together without breaking any rules, haha! It's times like those that I'm really going to miss. 

After the leadership conference and another 4 hour drive back to the island, we went knocking for an hour before it was time to go to bed. It was weird to have gone so long without proselyting. But on Saturday we did a sick Book of Mormon booth in Charlottetown so that kind of made up for those three days. For the Book of Mormon booth, we invited everyone to simply read one page - and random page of their choosing - from the Book of Mormon and mark every time it mentioned Christ. It was so awesome! The very first guy I went and contacted was K____. He agreed to come over and read a page. He opened up to none other than good ol' Jacob 5 and I was thinking, "uh oh." But he got so much out of it! He told me about how he had been an alcoholic for many years because he had grown up in an abusive background - but he's been sober for 7 years now! He read about how the Lord of the Vineyard planted a tree in poor soil and yet because of His care for and nurturing of the tree it still grew and was able to produce fruit. K___ said, "That's just like me!" So we got his phone number, invited him to read Alma 32, and handed him off to the elders who reported just yesterday that they had their first lesson with him and picked him up as a solid new gator!!! It's amazing just how much a person can get out of any chapter of the Book of Mormon when they're simply looking for Christ. Not for faults or something to disprove it, but just for Christ, then they'll find him on every page. Another kid I contacted was from Vietnam and he was Buddhist. He said he had almost no understanding of Christianity. I gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to mark any time it mentioned Christ or God. After he'd finished reading (somewhere in Helaman 12) I asked him what he'd learned from it about God. He said, "That we used to live with Him before and He wants us to become like Him and then live with Him again after we die. . . " WOW. Spot on. Literally, it was my favourite thing we did this week. I love booths!!!

- Sister Enright 

Tag pics cause I'm cliche

The most delicious fish 'n' chips

I saw sister Bush (from Kentville) in Dartmouth!!!

Sister Degraffenried

When you spy the elders contacting

 Aaaaaand I'm out of time so you can guess the rest! Bye!

Milestones (May 22, 2018)

Welp. This week was quite the milestone for me, guys. I think I finally figured out what President wanted me to figure out! *cough* after 16 months *cough*

Through out my entire mission, when anything would go wrong I had a tendency to immediately blame myself, even if it was something that wasn't necessarily my fault (when investigators would drop us, lessons didn't go according plan, sisters in my stewardship didn't learn something we'd hoped they'd learn, etc.). So my entire mission I've been adjusting everything I can to ensure I'm doing the best that I can (obedience, effective personal studies and comp studies, my real intent, etc.) but still feeling as if there must be something I'm doing fundamentally wrong because I wasn't seeing the outcomes I expected or wanted to see. Every interview with President he would tell me, "Sister Enright, you're an amazing missionary and you've just got to believe it! Stop beating yourself up!" This last interview I had with him we got right down to business and he gave me this pep talk about how I can better apply the Doctrine of Christ in my life to help me feel adequate in my calling. Anytime I got down on myself or I felt discouraged or weak I would get even more upset with myself because I knew I was failing to implement president's counsel. Every time my response to Him would be something along the lines of, "I'm TRYING, President and intellectually I know HOW, but I just don't know how to APPLY it." SO. At the beginning of this transfer, President gave me a talk to read called The Power of Our Words (actually that may not be what it's called but that's the idea) and the speaker talks about the importance of having a "power phrase," a phrase that you can tell yourself when you're feeling discouraged and derive power from. Anyways, all transfer I've been trying to think of some sort of power phrase but none of them seemed to really work. THEN, as we were driving back to our apartment last Sunday I was stressing about something, worried I hadn't done my best when this phrase came into my mind: "I will control what I can control and leave the rest up to he Lord." Almost unconsciously, I started applying that principle into my everyday life and started to realize just how many things there were that I COULD control! If there was something that was bugging me I would have to determine if it was something that I could control or not, then I would do whatever I could in the given situation and allow whatever outcome to happen. If I couldn't control it (other people's agency) then I wouldn't stress about it. AND GUYS, I'M SERIOUS, I'VE FELT ON TOP OF THE WORLD. Our ZLCs, key reviews, stewardship reviews, exchanges, phone calls, lessons, etc. have just been so good lately because I know my potential and thus the Spirit is able to work through me. I no longer feel awkward or silly in expressing my opinion because I know what the Spirit is telling me to do and I'm going to do it. I'm going to control everything that is under my control and allow the outcome to happen, trusting that I did what I know I was supposed to do. My missionary scripture is Alma 29:9 and it says, ". . . This is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God," I know that as long as I've been an obedient missionary, I've been an instrument in God's hands but I didn't always realize it. Now that I realize that and am able to trust in my obedience and in my real intent - trust that my offering is sufficient - I can become the fully functional instrument that God intended me to be and it feels GREAT.

WHEW. So there's that. This week has just been so full of blessings and I feel like they've all been magnified because of the new perspective I've gained. Our investigators are doing so good. We had a Skype scripture study with K___ and her girls one night and her oldest daughter said the closing prayer! We've also been doing a digital finding blitz of sorts and so have been doing LOTS and LOTS of online missionary work. Literally it's like knocking but on Facebook. We friend as many random people as we can (who live in our area), some of them will friend us back and some won't, then we just start conversations with them over messenger! Honestly, I'm surprised at how many people will accept and just be ok with messaging a random person they've never met before. But hey, the Lord is truly hastening His work! Our mission has been able to see lots of miracles come from it! New investigators and a wider audience for us to share the gospel with. What a day to be alive and in the mission field! So if you see all the random posts I make, feel free to comment or share or send them to a friend because this is the new way to do missionary work and it's crazy how much it WORKS! 

Well, folks. I think that's it. Mission life is a blast. PEI is still as gorgeous as ever. We have leadership conference this week and I'm so excited! Also! WE HAVE AN APOSTLE COMING TO CHARLOTTETOWN IN JUNE. We don't know who yet but I'd be happy with any of 'em. 

Wow. Guys, do you even know how crazy amazing the gospel is????? I sure hope so.

Love ya! 

 - Sister Enright 

Exchanges with Sister Rodrigues!

She killed a bug and was so proud of herself. Haha

This random couple we knocked into let us in and fed us lobster because they were shocked that we had been in the Maritimes for almost a year and a half and had never had it. It was really good so we're gonna go to the wharf today to see if we can buy some haha

Canadians sure loves their fries. Mmm and so do I 

Because Book of Mormon jokes are the best