Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A free sauna. July 8 2019

This week was a blast, literally. It was only three days so it went by fast, and it was about a hundred degrees every day. 
   After talking with you guys on the fourth, we played a frisbee game where you throw a frisbee at a bucket and try and get it inside said bucket. They broke the frisbee that came with the game so we ended up using a cheap, lightweight, Walmart, frisbee. 
  The next day was really hot and we talked to a lady on her porch, and we were sweating just standing there. We then went up the rood and tracted the area until we got to houses where people that had met with the missionaries before lived. One house we stopped at, when we told them we're sharing scriptures with people, they told us no because they were drinking today. 
  We mowed the lawn of an old lady in the ward, with only a weed whacker. While we were cutting the grass, we uncovered an ant hill and one of the ants landed on my hand and it bit me, that ant has sadly passed on now. After we mowed, we tracted for a couple hours, we talked to a few people. After that we went to a member's house for dinner, teriyaki, chicken and beef, after we ate they gave us Italian ice otter pops. 
  For fast and testimony meeting, people shared their conversion stories. After church we went and talked to people, only three talked with us, one was a football player who's nickname is rocky 2, one was a toothless lady who was getting food ready to donate, the last lady told us she has social anxiety and was only able to talk to us because of the beer she was drinking, she was Christian and asked us about the differences between our beliefs and hers, and if we still practiced polygamy. 

When things started going south. July 4, 2019

The morning we left the MTC, I was up a good 3 hours before anyone else, I finished packing and sat on a couch till everyone got up. When everyone was up I cleaned the room and we checked out. To get to the airport, we walked to a bus stop, when we crossed the street, Elder Mickelson had one suitcase fall over, so he just shoved the other two so they rolled towards the group and he grabbed the suitcase that fell and booked it across the cross walk. 
    On the bus at every turn or bump in the road, everyone would lose their balance, and since most people had four wheeled luggage, some would lose their bags as well. We took the bus to a train station, we took the train to Salt Lake where we had under a minute to get everyone and the luggage off the train and onto the platform. From there we took a tram to the airport. Going through the airport was weird because there was 17 of us and they decided that we would get to the gate in hurdles, so after checking our bags or going through security we would all gather right in the middle of the walk ways before moving on. We took one plane to Dallas, where we switched planes and headed to Baton Rouge. 
   When we got to Baton Rouge, we got picked up and drove to the mission home and had food and had a short devo. The next day we had training then went to transfers, my trainer is Elder Church (he goes home in September), every one went to Caine's for lunch. Elder Church and I drove to Morgan city. I got a bike, we went around our area for a bit, had dinner, Popeyes, with some members. Over the last few days, since we whitewashed the area, we have been just getting to know the people here. 
  A couple nights ago as we were heading back to our car, we were reading verses of scripture and guessing where that verse was, a lady overheard us reading and asked us for a Bible so we gave her a Bible and a Book of Mormon and taught her a bit. This Sunday they called a new branch president, there were maybe 20 people at church. Sunday night we went to see members who weren't at church, and a family we visited had us back for dinner on Monday.

The end of the mtc. July 1, 2019

I am allowed to email you today and maybe call for a bit. This is because today( Monday) was pday, but they changed it for this week to Thursday, for the fourth. 
   The last few day at the MTC were weird, not just because there were general authorities wandering around, but because it did not feel like I had been at the MTC 3 weeks, a week maybe but not 3. Especially during the last week whenever all the elders in the zone were together we would suddenly be in different companionships, it would be elders beck and lutz, Mickelson and ruegner, and elder Jacobson and I would end up together. Being with elder Jacobson was not bad because everyone else would only talk about high school, he was not too inclined to talk about school he was not so inclined to talk about school and who was the cutest sister at the MTC.  Over the three weeks at the MTC the sisters drilled each elder for information on the other elders, they also asked each of us if we had any girls waiting for us. Our last exercise time at the MTC we went to the weight room, which was much nicer than playing knockout or watching people play foursquare, playing in the field was nice too except everyone still just played foursquare and the frisbees were terrible. For Field I would usually dribble a soccer ball or just enjoy being outside. The last night at the MTC we went and were taught by some first week's which was nice cause they just talked the whole time and all I had to do was nod, it is weird being my nonmember self in those role plays. 
    After class the last night elders Mickelson, bec, ruegner, and I wandered back to the residence and looked at the murals in t4. When we got back to the residence we gave all the food in our room to the new elders. 
   Earlier this week elder beck tried the gallon challenge, with chocolate milk, he almost made it halfway. 
   That's all for now I'll email about getting into the field Thursday. If you guys have any questions about stuff I didn't include you can ask. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

week 2 electric boogaloo Jun 20 2019

This week was good, I feel like I am beginning to get a hang of things at the mtc. I have tried more of the food and some of the stuff is good, most is just passable and the meat is always so dry, all the meat seems to be the same thing, frozen chicken nuggets bought in bulk, then cook and put in a different kind of sauce depending on the meal. 
        Most people in our zone left around this Tuesday, so we got pictures together before they left. the night before the last of the elders left, they had a big pile of snacks that they let the group of us that were staying draw from. Last night was the last night our teacher would see us before we left because she is going to Ohio and we will be in the field when she gets back, so we got pictures with her as well.
   I am getting used to having a companion, It is still weird sometimes, but we get along fairly well. There is an elder in our zone who is from Idaho, is super thin and sarcastic, is somewhat of a cowboy (his family owns a dairy). He is a lot like Jesper in the Six of Crows book. Since everyone has left pretty much, my companion is now district leader, and the old district leader is a zone leader. 
      We had new missionaries come in yesterday so I helped host new missionaries for about 3 hours, I hosted 8 or 9 in total, we went to where they stopped the car and unloaded their luggage while they said bye to their families. I feel like they rushed the goodbyes, when Erin and Tony dropped me off we took our time saying good bye, the host there seemed to consider for a second to tell us to make our goodbye quick. But there would be a long line of cars and none in front of the missionaries I was hosting were moving and we told them to take their time, but they still rushed their goodbyes. 
    For exercise time we started going to the field instead of the gym, finally, but all anyone wants to do is play four square. I usually get a soccer ball and just dribble it sometimes. I would play frisbee but the frisbees they have are not that great and no one can throw one to save their life. 
   I will call you and send pics soon. 

MTC cat

Monday, June 17, 2019

first week

Hi guys. This week was weird. When I got dropped off, I was dragged through orientation or something like that, then I dropped my bags off at the room I would be staying in, then we went to class and I waited there til my companion, who knows just as much as I do arrived, and then we are left to wander around and hope to make it to where we were supposed to go.
The food here is ok but I can't eat much because I walk from one building to another and then I sit down for hours, I have spent more time sitting during this week at the MTC than I did for about the whole last month before I left. Sleeping here does not work. The beds are terrible and the rooms have a window but it does not open so the room is stuffy and always smells bad. 

The classes are fun and I've learned a lot. They also have workshop, which is like a big lesson where someone shows videos and talks about our missionary purpose and how to use technology correctly. I doodle throughout these lessons.

The days here feel really long, especially the first because you have no time for personal study or exercise time. After those days you get an hour of exercise time in the afternoon. Sunday was really cool/weird/long/short you have meetings all day long but you just need to sit and listen and watch the videos they show. 

I got the cinnamon rolls, so thank you whoever sent them they were really good.

That's it for now but I will call you in a couple of hours. 

Aislin's Homecoming

July 21, 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

I'm a Girl Who Loves My Island

Well, folks. My mission life is about to come to an end. I'm going to miss it for sure. Especially the island! I love it here so much and part of me never wants to leave. Mom, Dad, you need to come visit with me one day because island life is the best! 

My last week in the mission was definitely a good one. We found a couple Brazilian guys who spoke little to no English and yet still wanted to learn about the gospel. They wanted to come to church and we wanted to make sure that they could feel the Spirit despite not being able to understand most of what was going on. Saturday night, I specifically prayed that they would feel the Spirit through the hymns, because music is a universal language, right? So the next day at church, we were happy to see that the hymns they had selected for the day were pretty slow, so our friends would be able to follow along fairly easily. We were even happier when we could hear them singing! #Godanswersprayers. The rest of church went so well! The members were so friendly, talking with them through Google translate and all! And then the visiting member of the high council offered to drive them home after church! I'm so grateful for the members here and will miss them so much!!!

Anyways. That was our miracle this week. And now I'm struggling to figure out how I want to finish this email. Since it will be the last email I'll ever send as a missionary, I want it to be a good one! But it all just seems so unreal to me still. I can't believe I'm going home and probably won't until I'm actually on the plane.

Oh guys, missions are so amazing! I wish everyone could experience it for themselves! I've learned so much more on my mission than I could have possibly dreamed of.
I've learned to really cherish the Book of Mormon. That book has changed me in so many ways because it's taught me how to apply the Doctrine of Christ in my life! 
My mission has taught me how to love and appreciate people so much more. I know with all my heart that everyone on earth is a son or daughter of our Father in Heaven, and by that divine identity alone, we can realize just how much He has in store for us.
My mission has taught me how to be confident in myself and my abilities, because I've become more aware of where I stand in God's plan. I know that I could never do anything relying on my own strength, but as I rely on Christ, I can do all things. And so I know I can be confident in myself as long as I am confident in my Saviour. 
My mission has taught me to love the simple truths and principles of the gospel and teaching those to others. I'm excited for the opportunity I'll have to help spread the gospel back at home and to teach my friends and future family the importance of those simple truths.
My mission has taught me the importance of obedience because all though Christ's sacrifice covers us all unconditionally, that doesn't take away our personal responsibility to use that gift to become the best that we can be, and we do that through obeying God's commandments and keeping our covenants!

Most importantly, the mission has taught me that God really does have a plan for us. I know that He wants us to have eternal peace and joy, and as a perfect father, He knows exactly the path His children must follow in order to obtain that goal. We find peace and joy as we study our scriptures, as we live the principles taught by ancient and modern prophets, and pray to our Heavenly Father for further guidance and understanding. We find joy as we live the gospel within our families. We find it as we repent and are cleansed of all our sins and failures. We find it as we rely on the atoning sacrifice of our Saviour, trusting that when we don't have the strength to carry on, at least He does. Because of this plan, I know it's possible to have joy at all times! 

I love each of you! Thank you for the emails, prayers, and support throughout this last year and a half! There's nothing I treasure more than the knowledge that I can be with my family forever :) Thank you for everything.

Sister Enright

P.S. Dad, if you decide to move again, my vote is Prince Edward Island