Monday, March 5, 2018

Sunshine Moments

Hello, family! Today is probably the first time in three or four months that sun is out and actually feels like the sun. You know you're a Canadian missionary when it hits 1°C and you finally take your coat off outside. Right now it's warmed up to 5° which I think is like 40°F so it's pretty nice! (I can just see Dad cringing)

Anyways. This week has been fantastic! After our last couple weeks in which our days were packed with exchanges, meetings, conferences, and a mini mission, this week has been almost relaxing. We've been able to do some regular missionary work and be a regular companionship and it's been great. The biggest difference in the work this week is the amount of time we have to spend with our area book. With the new phones, we're working on transferring all of our area  book records from paper to electronic and church headquarters has given us 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 8 weeks to get it all done. So yeah. It's not the most thrilling experience but I know that it's going to seriously benefit the future of this mission so it'll all be worth it in the end.

Well, I don't want to bore you all with the many details of my life so I'll just give you the highlights.

Yesterday we taught J___ (his lessons are literally always a highlight of the week) and taught him about the Plan of Salvation using 2 Nephi 2 which we left him to read last time. We had been doing area book and administrative work in the clerk's office nearly all day so we didn't have time to really prep his lesson as much as we would have liked to. Before getting out of the car to head to the lesson we just prayed like crazy that the Spirit would be able to teach through us because the Spirit - unlike missionaries - is always well prepared for any lesson. What a guy. Anyways, there were so many instances that we could really tell the Spirit was taking over because J___ had a few questions and concerns, mainly about what things would be considered morally right and wrong in God's eyes, and every time he asked a question a scripture would pop into my head and right as I was about to answer, I would notice Sister Lefler right next to me turn to the same scripture! I love how the Book of Mormon is able to address literally any concern that anyone has. One of my favourite things about teaching J___ is that he's not afraid to bring up concerns and when we're able to address them with a scripture, you can see a little light go on behind his eyes, and then he's able to apply it back to himself and his situation. THE GOSPEL IS SO AMAZING, GUYS.

OK highlight #2.  As we were out knocking a couple nights ago in this sketchy little trailer park, a kitten ran up to us! One of the neighbor's came out of his home and told us that she had been wandering the area for a few weeks now which made them they suspect that she'd been abandoned when her owners moved. We couldn't just leave the poor thing so we told ourselves that if she followed us to the car, we would find her a home - and she did! When we got to the car, two blocks away, Sister Lefler picked up the cat and put her in the back! We called a member who said she would take her, so sister Lefler sat in the back with the cat (who we named Denver 🙂) as I drove to the member's house. So that was how we rescued a cat one night, haha. #Mark16:15

Anyways. Those are the little rays of sunshine from my week. I hope each of you as been able to see plenty of sunshine moments yourself! From the looks of it, Mom and Dad and the little kids certainly have! 

I love you all lots! Soak up lots of sunshine for me this week! You never know when things are going to get cloudy, whether meterologically or metaphorically speaking 😊 but either way, we can always have sunshine in our lives when we have the gospel! 1 Nephi 17:13; Psalm 27:1.

Love you all!!!

- Sister Enright

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Week That God Blessed Our Efforts

Hello, all my favourite humans. To start off this email, first I've got to tell you about something called the CHM Mission Culture. I'm not sure if It's something every mission does or if we're just weird so I'll explain. Our mission culture is a list of 8 standards/principles that we live by as a mission and my favourite is the very last one; Trust that God will bless our efforts! Sometimes you work hard and don't see immediate results, but you just have to keep at it and trust that at one day and in His way and His time, God will bless the effort that you put in, and I feel like this was the week that that happened.

This week has been SO good and SO crazy and SO busy. Let's start off with day one: P-day. Driving home from a lesson that night, I felt super sick, and I ended up awake the majority of the night from food poisoning. Blagh. There goes my ten year no-puking streak, quite literally down the drain.

The next day we drove with the Zone Leaders to MLC where we all got our fancy new smartphones! It was so funny to watch everyone trying to turn their phones on, handling them like babies and getting so excited every time they made a sound, haha. It's going to take a long time to figure everything out and get our area books transferred into the phones, but once we do it's going to be a huge blessing for all of us and all the future CHM missionaries.

On Friday we picked up another mini missionary! She was less active when I first got here but we've been working with her and she is doing so awesome! She's an amazing missionary with a very powerful testimony even though she won't admit it yet.

Saturday evening we were going to do a street contacting blitz near the university again, but we weren't aware that it was the first day of break. So we planned to contact for an hour and a half, but when we got there we noticed that the town was basically dead. Nonetheless, we'd felt inspired to do that when we planned that morning so that's what we were going to do! We jokingly said "watch, we're going to find someone who doesn't have anywhere to go during break and will want to meet with us all week because of it." After an hour and 20 minutes we hadn't found ANYONE but because we kept going, God blessed our efforts and persistence! We found three awesome people to teach in just the last 10 minutes! One of them was named Ian and basically everything out of his mouth were the words of a total elect person. He's never been religious but had LDS friends back home who had invited him to church and other activities before. He told us that he was on break and would have plenty of time to meet (CALLED IT) and then before we left, he thanked us for our sacrifice and everything we did as missionaries! WOW, God is good.

Anyways. Our investigator John is on break right now, but we were able to have a ten minute Skype lesson with him yesterday which was GREAT. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and is excited to read more! My favourite thing about teaching him is watching his whole perspective of life change as he learns more and more about the gospel. I love teaching YSA!

Yesterday was zone conference. It was a super long conference and was all about the smartphones and getting them set up. Since all the leadership had already done that MLC, we didn't have a lot to do for those nearly 7 hours. So I went back and forth between taking orders of things to draw for people (literally there are so many missionaries here who have little sticky note drawings from me in the front of their scriptures it's slightly alarming) and jumping from table to table helping out as many missionaries as I could with my limited knowledge of technology and just assisting the poor tech elders because there are only two of them and roughly 60 missionaries who needed their help. I got to sit down with the senior couple now serving on St. Stephen and get to know them as I helped get their phones set up. They're so sweet! 

Anyways. Sorry this email is so long and possibly boring. We just had such a busy week and I feel like I have to tell you EVERYTHING. But we've been working hard, and just this last week I've been able to see the ways God is blessing us. We have people to teach and to baptize - amazing people who have so much desire to learn and to grow and gain a stronger faith in their Savior. The way I see God blessing my efforts is when I begin to notice the ways my efforts are blessing others, and that's what a mission is all about.

I love you all!!! Thank you for you prayers, your emails, your support, and your love. I thank God for you every day!

- Sister Enright

P.S. One of the best things about having a smartphone is the fact that I can email you from the comfort of my bed now. #BLESSED.

My baby!

Our pet rock, Dwayne (He just sits on the bookshelf)

 Our mini missionary!

Canadian graffiti 

 One of the pictures an elder requested. That's president Pratt. On a moose. With an explosion behind him. . .

 ... and just more pictures

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Righteous Warriors

WELL. This week has been amazing. We worked hard and saw so many miracles, but we've been so busy that I haven't been very good at my journal writing this week soooo. . . I'll just have to write what I remember :)

One thing that we've been striving to improve on this transfer is speaking with literally everyone we see. It's part of our mission culture but sometimes we all fall short of it. We had an STL Skype call in which Sister Lefler and I gave a training on the importance of speaking with everyone and we challenged all the STLs to come up with
a cool way they can get their sisters and their whole Zone more urgent about speaking with everyone. What we decided to do was have a downtown street-contacting blitz every week and especially when we have sisters on exchanges with us. So this week we did it with the Charlottetown sisters and it was a BLAST. We all drove to Sackville - which is a university town - Friday night (#PRIME) and right before got out of the car we turned around and made the sisters swear that once we left the car, we wouldn't let a single person pass by without
sharing our message with them! And then we went crazy for an hour and half and contacted so many people! It was so much fun! Since our training, we've been striving to speak with literally everyone we see, so sometimes it takes us a while to get in our car in the morning 'cause we keep seeing people across the street, haha.

Saturday night, we were out in a town called River Hebert (an inhabited ghost town basically), stopping by some potentials, but we weren't having a lots of success and there weren't many other people around or answering their doors. So we decided to visit one more street, but we couldn't find it anywhere. So we typed it into the GPS
and found a street by that name in a neighboring town, so we thought maybe the past sisters had wrote it down wrong. We decided to drive over (because it wasn't too far away) but when we got to the street, there weren't any houses there! SO. Now we were a bit at a loss and didn't know what to do so of course we said a prayer. We both felt like we needed to look in the area book for that town. There were only three potentials, so we picked one and headed over. Her name is D_____ and she let us in and talked to us for about an hour! She's had a hard a life but is open to learning more about the gospel. We're going to see her again tonight! From that experience I was reminded again that God really doesn't listen to and answer every single little prayer even if it does come from the two exhausted sister missionaries, stuck in the middle of Nowhere, Nova Scotia with a desire to serve the Lord no matter where they're at.

OK the last thing I have to say is about is the Book of Mormon (OF COURSE). Last P-day we went and hung out with a less active and watched John Bytheway's talk on the war chapters in Alma (it's called Righteous Warriors) and ever since, I've been obsessed with studying them! There are so many principles that you can pull out of every verse and I love it. One of my favourite verses (as of right now) is Alma 58:12 which says, "And we did take courage with our small force which we had received, and were fixed with a termination to conquer our enemies." I just love this whole chapter because it's the first time in their 11ish years of fighting that they start to get scared
and worried, and you can tell just by the decline of optimism behind the writing. Suddenly Heleman's "little army" that has been so powerful is starting to realize that they really are just a "little" army. But once they notice the doubts creeping in, they begin pouring their hearts out to God and He blesses them. In verse 11 it says " Yea, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our deliverance in him." And that's when their perspective changes and they realize that no matter their number, what's more important is their consecration and their commitment to serve God. THAT is when they are able to take courage with their small force!

ANYWAYS. I love the Book of Mormon. I love each of you! I'm grateful for your devotion to your Savior and your love for the gospel! Hold tight to it and you will ALWAYS have the strength to conquer your enemies! Love you all!

- Sister Enright


 1-2: we found a cool flag in the woods!

 3-4: we hit our year mark and in order to make it seem not so scary I made pie :)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Good Day, Good Week, Good Life


So when I first got here to Amherst, the sisters had 6 investigators, but because of the holidays and everything, it was getting really hard to get a hold of them. Long story short, we lost contact with. . . Well. All of them, and had to start all over with our teaching pool. Throughout the entire last transfer we've been calling all those investigators and stopping by them whenever we can so we could pick them back up and get them baptized! So there was one day where we were planning and decided to text this one 'gator, J___. To our surprise he texted back and said he'd love to meet again! SO (I start too many sentences with that word. . . ) fast forward to yesterday when we have our lesson set up. J___ is a university student here so we had to meet him on campus in the school cafe. Obviously, I'd never met him before but was really excited to get to teach him (seriously, YSA investigators are the best). The minute he walked up to us, he reminded me so much of Noah that suddenly my desire to help him understand the need for the gospel in his life sky rocketed. We jumped right into the lesson and taught him the Doctrine of Christ. I drew it out for him and showed him how without the restoration, the cycle would be broken. The best lessons are the ones where you can really feel the Spirit working through you to allow your words and testimony to be planted in the heart of the investigator, and this was such one lesson. OH IT WAS SO GOOD! At the very beginning of the lesson, I wanted to get to know him better so we asked him what role religion had played in his life and why he wanted to meet with missionaries, and then we just listened for a few minutes. Everything he said seemed to be almost word-for-word Dad's conversion story! I didn't think my desire to teach him the gospel could get any stronger but I was wrong! We invited him to be baptized, but one of his main concerns was that he didn't have a firm enough foundation in his faith, so of course we opened up to Alma 32! We told him that that was the reason the doctrine of Christ is a cycle because nobody has perfect faith and God wants to help us begin right where we're at! Then we made the Holy Ghost sound really good ('cause he is) so when we asked J___ if he'd like to have the Holy Ghost as his constant companion, he was all for it! We set his baptismal date for March 10! When we asked if that would work, he pulled out his laptop to check his calendar and was like, "Yeah, that sounds good. I don't have anything going on that day. I could even do the 3rd." AH dream investigator right here.

Also, funny thing. We have another investigator we're planning to put on date for baptism this week, so while we were planning her lesson, I suggested we use March 10 for baptism because - duh - it's Dad's birthday and I thought it would be cool to have a baptism for his birthday. But when we prayed and asked about it, it didn't quite feel right, so we picked a different date. But now March 10 is J____"s date! So happy birthday, Dad! :)

Anyways. That was the highlight of my week. Teaching J___ made me remember something that I heard in a conference training in my fourth transfer. A sister said that we have to think of every person we contact as our brother or sister, because they really are our spiritual brothers and sisters, and when we remember that, our desire to share the gospel with them will increase along with our love for them. Now I can really testify that that is true.

Anyways. Obviously lots more happened this week, but this was what was important, so there it is.

I love you all lots and I hope your week is as magical as the gospel is :)

- Sister Enright


LOTS of snow

More ice


Me and Seester Lefler

It was so cold out that we had to come home and do comp study with our feet in the bathtub :)

 Drawing in the window frost

Had to fix that

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mini Mission Life

Hello, family! This email may be very short because they're only allowing us an hour on the computers here.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Transfer news! Sister Lefler and I are staying in Amherst together another transfer!!!

ANYWAYS. This week has been pretty crazy! Actually this whole transfer has been crazy, but that's OK. We had our last two exchanges this week, back to back. We were supposed to have them earlier in the transfer but a bunch of the sisters got sick and were grounded inside (including us) so we had to keep moving the exchange dates further and further. But it finally happened! I love exchanges so much. I swear, I learn more from the sisters than they ever will from me. The biggest blessing from this week was when one of the companionships called us to thank us for all the advice we had given them. They've been struggling a lot this transfer and we've been doing all we can to help them, but sometimes it's hard when they're so far away and we can't have exchanges when we need to. During my exchange review with one of the sisters we talked a lot about using companionship inventory effectively, not only to bring up conflicts that you and your companion are having but also to uplift, encourage, and show your love for your companion. She told me that she had never thought about comp inventory in that way before, so we challenged them to do that the next time they had weekly planning. Then they called us after their inventory and told us thank you for the advice because "we all love each other a lot more now!" AH it made me so happy!!! Seriously, I think the best thing about being an STL is that you gain so much love and appreciation for all the missionaries in your stewardship. I LOVE IT.

We have a mini missionary right now, Sister Allaert. She got baptized December 18, 2017 and she's SO AMAZING. She has so much love for the gospel and for missionary work, it really is super inspiring. Her first day here we took her knocking for 2 1/2 hours in the bitter wind and snow and she spent half the time laughing and the other half pulling her hood over her head and screaming into it, haha! Welcome to the CHM, little greenie.


*Takes deep breath*

The Book of Mormon is true, Jesus is the best, snow is beautiful, Canada is very Canadian, Amherst is the promised land, my hair is red, and we found out that if you tell your branch that you're starving, they really will feed you! #TenderMercy

 We borrowed the elder's scale and then returned it with cookies

2-3. Our mini missionary, Sister Allaert!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

No Greater Joy (Jan 23 2018)

Hello from snowy Amherst, Nova Scotia! We've had a couple really good snowfalls this week and let me tell you, there's nothing more joyful and beautiful than tracting through the snow to share the restored gospel with God's children. 

(BTW sometimes emailing in a Library can be so distracting because I'm surrounded by soooo many books! But luckily I've learned to be able to type without having to really look at the keyboard so I can look at all the pretty books at the same time. . . )

ANYWAYS. This week has been a week full of blessings! Blessing #1, WE GOT OUT OF THE APARTMENT!!! Seriously, knocking has never felt so good. I'll admit, I was going a little crazy there for a bit. . . But all is well now! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to a new investigator and. . . WOW! It was so cool! I love tracting but I really love teaching lessons. And I love them even more when I teach with Sister Lefler. Honestly, teaching with her is so much fun and so easy. It's like we're both so in tune with each other that the Spirit isn't constrained in the lesson at all because he can work evenly between the two of us and it's an amazing feeling. As we taught and testified of the restored gospel, it was so wonderful to see the excitement appear on the face of our investigator. He got so excited when he understood the purpose of baptism and church! It made me so happy to see someone else learn of the importance of this gospel. Seriously, there is no greater joy than teaching the gospel to those who thirst for it.

We picked up a couple other investigators yesterday, both of whom are pretty die-hard Catholics. With one of them, she sat there and just told us, straight up that there was no way this was Christ's church. But then as we started to teach about the Book of Mormon and Moroni's promise, she started to say, "If this is true than it should be huge! Why doesn't everyone know about it!? If it was true, why do people reject it?" We basically just asked her, "Well. . . Why are you rejecting it?" She was kind of taken aback by that, but she's interested in finding out for herself what is true. We told her that when it all comes down to it, it's about whether or not the Book of Mormon is true, and if it is. . . Well, so is everything else! So we're excited to teach her about the Book of Mormon and allow the Holy Ghost to teach her "the truth of all things"!

Anyways. I have to finish this up pretty soon. I love you all so much! I LOVE the gospel and the Book of Mormon! Seriously, I don't even know where I would be without the Book of Mormon. It's brought so much peace, joy, and purpose into my life. My favourite scripture (currently) is Alma 29:6 which says, "Now, seeing that I know these things [to be true], why should I desire more than to perform the work to which I have been called?" I love this gospel and because I know that that this really is Christ's church restored to the earth, than why should I have a desire to proclaim anything else? 

Love you all!!! Stay awesome and keep up the emailing!

Love, Sister Enright

 Finally out of the apartment and into the snow!

. . . Only to return to the apartment with minor frostbite. . . But that's OK!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Cabin Fever

Well. This has undoubtedly been the least productive week of my whole mission. We've been stuck in the apartment all week and it's been positively miserable. I feel like I've just wasted a full week of my mission. I've been doing all I can to fill the extra time; area book work, studying, drawing, cleaning, organizing, calling and texting everyone I can, making lesson templates, putting together puzzles, more studying, etc. but really it's not very fulfilling. I've gotten to the point where I never want to see the inside of our apartment again. 

I wish I had more to say but really. . . That's all that happened this week. Nothing. Sister Arnold (our nurse) is finally letting us get back to work today so we're going to end our p-day a little early to get a little extra work done, which will be great.

WELL since there's nothing exciting about my week to tell you, I'll tell you about something I studied. Since I did that a lot. This morning I was studying Lehi's dream as part of my Doctrine of Christ study. Verse 20 really stood out to me this time. It says, 

"And also beheld strait and narrow path, which came along by the rod of iron, even tthe tree by which stood; and it also led by the head of the fountain, unto large and spacious field, as if it had been world."

I had always assumed that the fountain and the river were the same thing (and Lehi just got his words confused or something because Nephi even says in chapter 11 that Lehi wasn't paying a lot of attention to the river). But then I was reading all of the footnotes and I read 2 Nephi 31:18.

"And then are ye in this strait and narrow path which leads to eternal life; yea, ye have entered in by the gate; ye havdone according to the commandments of the Father and the Son; and ye have received the Holy Ghost, which witnesses of the Father and the Son, unto the fulfilling of the promise which he hath made, that if ye entered in by the way ye shoulreceive."

That's when I immediately understood that the fountain was basically a baptismal font, haha! Because if we are only on the strait and narrow path afterwe're baptized, then of course the head of that path would be by the fountain! That makes the story of those who wander off the path, falling into the river of sin, even more sad. But I really like verses 21 and 22 in 1 Nephi 8 because they say, 

21 And I saw numberless concourses of people, many of whom were pressing forward, that they might obtain the path which led unto the tree by which I stood.

22 And it came to pass that they did come forth, and commence in the path which led to the tree.

Those "numberless concourses of people," standing by the fountain are those who are waiting to be baptized, those who are searching for truth but "know not where to find it." The elect. They're those golden investigators who are just steps away from the font and are eagerly waiting to step in so that they can "commence in the path which [leads] to the tree." The tree is Christ's Atonement and the fruit is His love and God's forgiveness of our sins. The Iron Rod is the Doctrine of Christ (which also gives a new meaning to all those Bible scriptures that talk about how Christ will rule with an Iron Rod. Random thought) because we know that the only way to access the power of Christ's Atonement is by continuously living the Doctrine of Christ.  

I'm excited to finally be out of the apartment so that I can assist in helping those people to get on the path to the tree to partake of the fruit of Christ's Atonement. I know they're out there somewhere because Lehi described the crowd as being numberless! This week we're going to find some of them and I'll tell you all about it next p-day!

Love you all lots! Stay healthy and enjoy the sunshine of Costa Rica, you lovely people (for all my mission friends who don't get my family's emails, my parents and younger siblings are in Costa Rica right now. . . Be jealous."

Sister Enright