Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Arrival in Mexico City (Kegan)

Hello Mom, Dad, Erin, Rhys, Amik, Aislin, Noah, Ronan, Liam, and Fionnula.  First of all, I have safely arrived in Mexico City as this e-mail attests to. After I left you guys at the security checkpoint I made it to my flight and sat next to little girl who was flying alone and reminded me very much of you Fionnula and not just because she slept the whole way to Atlanta.  The airport in Atlanta was humongous and it took me almost an hour to walk to to my terminal even though I didn´t get lost once.  It was at the terminal for my flight to Mexico City that I met Elders Otterson and Hutchinson and Sister Tippits ( I may have spelled each and every one of those names wrong), but Elder Otterson is from Colorado and is serving in Vina del Mar too and Elder Hutchinson is going to serve in Concepcion.  But we found each other easily enough.  When we arrived at Mexico City we had about five leaders from the MTC and one return missionary meet us and we found out we are the first International group of missionaries to come to this MTC.  We were also interviewed and photographed repeatedly and told we would be on the church´s news site soon.  After we had already arrived and were waiting for another Elder I was pulled aside and asked to redo my entry from the luggage claim so they could photograph my being greeted, so if you see a picture of me at glass doors with white stripes and only some of my luggage, just know that those pictures were taken around 10 minute after I had already arrived.  there are already three Elders here who are going to serve in Vina del Mar and three from Colorado, me included.  Mexico City is enormous, I got a great view of it as I got a window seat for my flight from Atlanta to Mexico.  The streets here are narrow and the buildings are literally completely different from every other building.  The MTC here is absolutely gorgeous and green everywhere.  I have my room but no rommmate yet and I look forward to being able to tell you guys all about what I do next here.  Thank you all for your letters this morning, I miss you all desperately,  I do hope you get this before Rhys leaves and just remember that I love you all.

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