Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CCM Week 3 (Kegan)

Buenas Tardes!

Or Noches, or maybe even Buenos Dias because who knows when you will be able to read this.  Today I had my second and last, for at least two years, opportunity to visit the Mexico City temple. Since you might not know exactly what that entails I´m going to explain what my district´s two temple trips have been like.  The first thing we have to do is be ready to leave and at breakfast at about 6.45, but that´s not too exciting other than the strawberry flavored yogurt drinks. Because in Mexico yogurt is a beverage.  The trip to the temple has been exciting both times for numerous reasons, the first of which is the traffic.  On our first temple trip an Hermano explained to us that the traffic here in Mexico city is too tough to handle so all across the roads speed bumps were installed to discourage fast drivers.  People here in Mexico City drive right alongside you and sometimes almost ram right into you to make an impression, both physically and metaphorically. The buildings here are oftentimes a gigantic heap of structures piled onto one another and graffitied with advertisements for literally anything and actual graffiti.  The pedestrians are almost as crazy as the drivers and leap into the middle of traffic jams to sell food and newspapers, wash windows, or just to get to where they´re going.  Along the way to and from the temple we got to see a lot of sculptures and a lot of roadside marketplaces.  The temple itself as I remember saying after my first visit is built in the design of Mayan and Aztec temples and so is very awesome.

This past week has been more or less the same as last, other than the fact that I actually got mail!!
Three letters through Dear Elder thanks to my Mom, Dad, and brother Noah.  I know I´ve gotten emails before now but an actual letter feels much more like paper, which is good.  Speaking of which I have still not actually sent a literal letter out of here yet.  My apologies.  I definitely need to send letters to Rhys, Bayley, and back home but I haven't been able to obtain stamps yet so if you guys can continue to wait, do.  
Another thing I would want to send home is pictures, not photos, but pictures that have been drawn by my two very beautiful hands.  Again stamp problems.  However, I have been using dry erase boards a lot recently and started taking pictures of what I drew to send home (and because they started getting erased by an unknown adversary).  So those pictures should be included. 

As for today,  mí compañero, Elder Tholen, and I got haircuts.  We were actually really dreading this inevitable event due to what we had seen some other missionaries end up with, but it went okay because the two very nice ladies actually knew how to cut hair and were able to give us a few tips on how to practice rolling our ¨R´s¨ which is something we have been having some trouble with.  After haircuts we went to the store and, as the angel choir, Christmas music they were playing there foretold, they had restocked their Hershey´s Cookies and Cream bars.  One of the things I love so much about this CCM is the conversion from dollars to pesos.  Hymn books and deodorant are maybe a few dollars, but ten Cookies and Cream Hershey´s bars?  45 cents sounds about right to me.  After I am finished writing most of our district and a few others should be heading over to the volleyball net because P-days really are that awesome.
Most of mí distríto waiting for a devotional. Starting from right, Hermana Welch, Hermana Milligan, Hermana Myer, Elder Stewart, Elder Lake, and Elder Richardson

Mi compañero (Elder Tholen), Hermana Tippets, and I
Elder Tholen and Elder Poulson

As close as Kegan got to seeing this movie so far!

Trash men here ride around, inside and on top of the garbage trucks

Madam Maulkin´s

Harry Potter vs Voldemort 

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