Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"But why will you not be baptized?" (Bayley)

Just FYI, that particular Nacho Libre quote was the most quoted movie line at the whole MTC.  Followed, of course, by "I only believe in science!"
Just sayin.

On another note - good morrrrrning everybody.  Or rather ridiculously-warm-and-humid morning, everybody.  Yesterday morning was a pouring-rain-like-Jumanji-monsoon-style morning, and I've decided I much prefer those kinds.

I love it here in Lake Charles. Best. Area. Ever. This past week we found a new investigator named Jeff, and I want to tell you a little bit about him because he's pretty much the best thing ever.  So Jeff referred himself on mormon.org (pretty good start, right?) after meeting some girl online who lives in Utah and told him a bit about the church.  So when we get mormon.org referrals we pretty much get the address and phone number and then we go knock on their door, and in our first meeting with Jeff he told us all about how much his past is just messed up and he's had a pretty hard life and has made lots of mistakes and in unemployed and doesn't know what to do and just wants to change and start over and he's been looking at churches and is right now going to a Pentecostal one but doesn't know how he feels about it all, especially the whole speaking in tongues thing.  Well snap.  So we kind of gave him this little what-our-purpose-as-missionaries-is lesson and asked him what it would mean to him if Christ's perfect church that He established was back on the earth today and he say "oh man, that would be heaven."
Yes. Yes it would be. Literally.

So then we talked to him a little bit and invited him to church on Sunday (this was just on Friday) and he was like "yeah sure maybe" and then guess who came to church yesterday?  Yup - Jeff.  And then it was the PERFECT sacrament meeting with talks about the First Vision and faith in Christ and the power of the Atonement and he stayed for all 3 hours and then this one brother in the ward, Brother Swan (whose wife, Candace, is pretty much like the coolest person ever and always comes out with us for lessons) who is a convert himself really fellowshipped Jeff and was talking to him and then when Jeff was talking about his job problems Bro Swan was like "hey, you know, I manage the Jason's Deli here and if you want a job I could really use another driver."  And so then Jeff got a job.  Bah, it was just so perfect and awesome and I'm so excited to go teach him again.

Another one of our investigators is Carl, and he is this awesome older guy who got a copy of the Book of Mormon 40 years ago and has been studying it for 40 years and loves the history of it and whatnot and has like written up all these papers about it and tracked the geography of it and everything, and the weird thing is that he knows it is true, and he knows the Joseph Smith story is true, but when we ask him to be baptized he says no because he doesn't believe those two things mean our church is true, which is some logic I don't quite get, but yesterday we had a really interesting lesson with him.  Sis Barton invited him to be baptized again and he said no and we asked him why, if he knows all this is true, won't he be baptized and then he gets going on this major rant about how our church puts women on the back burner and women in our church don't matter and that bothers him because the Catholics sainted Mary, after all.  And as you all know, I just love it when people tell me things like that, so I was like "Carl, we are sitting here as *women* who have been called of God to bring you this message" and oh boy that went over well and finally Sis Barton was like "Carl, this all sounds like an excuse" and then Carl was like "well yeah" and then he started yelling about how we never listen to him and Sis Barton was perfect because she was like "oh Carl, we do listen to you, now we need to leave so can we say a prayer?" (because we both know Carl is a wee bit crazy - in a good way - so we should probably leave).  So yeah.  That was interesting.  But good.

Anyways, so yeah.  Sis Barton and I have been doing a lot of tracting to build up our teaching pool, and tracting always yields interesting stories.  This one guy opened the door and came out of his house with his hands up as if he was surrendering and said "Pentecostal" and then gave us thumbs up and said "are we good?"  Then there was the one old couple that let us in and proceeded to tell us that mormonism was a cult and they were just so sad that we sweet young girls had been brainwashed and the man kept crying and telling us that Joseph Smith is not the way.  Oh, and also, SO many people here sit around their house in their underwear.  I'm serious.  I guess when it's this hot out, why bother with clothes, but too often the door is opened by some half-dressed person who is just totally okay with the fact that they're just in boxers and they wave across the street to their neighbor who is out mowing the lawn in just their underwear.  So that's different.

Meanwhile, Sis Barton and I are doing our best to be the dynamic duo (except meaning the most awesome companionship, not Batman and Robin).  We tract and teach a lot and work out every morning (she bikes next to me as I run) and there is no judgment when I sit through evening daily planning with a giant tub of Bluebell ice cream next to me.  Oh, funny story, the other night she was brushing her teeth and I had brushed before her but was rinsing with flouride rinse and so I came into the bathroom and spit it out and she looks at me with this horrified expression and says "you have blue spit?"  Haha.  Oh, and then the other day I was trying to explain Fargos pizza to her (for those of you who don't know what this is, I promise it's an amazing pizza place in Colorado Springs, even though I obviously didn't explain it well enough to my dear companion) and she was like "so...it's a pizza place where the waitresses wear high-necked lace dresses and you're surrounded by flashing numbers in mirrors and there are dead animals and mannequins and you're saying that's classy?" Yeah.  That happened.

Anyways, I love being a missionary so much.  And time goes by so fast!  This last Sunday two young men gave their mission farewell talks, and in many ways it really does feel like just last week I gave mine!  So crazy.  But being a missionary is the best.  You see so many prayers answered and so many tender mercies from the Lord each and every day.

Did I mention that I love being a missionary?
Love you all,
Sister Bayley Enright

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