Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CCM Week 4 (Kegan)

Buenos Dias. The weeks here go by super fast.  It is currently around 10:30 in la mañana so I wouldn´t expect to hear all about today.  

This morning was awesome because mí compañero and I let ourselves  sleep in a whole extra 10 minutes before getting ready and heading down to breakfast.  Breakfast here is always interesting.  The kitchen have obviously been doing their best to be welcoming to the North Americans here, as the aforementioned in previous emails can attest to.  Breakfast here is regularly super soft waffles and/or crispy pancakes with the options of Hershey's chocolate or strawberry syrup, literally the ice cream syrups from Walmart.  The strawberry is actually super good on waffles. 

Today mí compañero and I also finally got to clean our apartment again this morning, it is insane how much and how fast dust and dirt build up here.  During the week you only have time for some cleaning but on P-days you can scrub the polvo santa out of your shower.  Later today we have planned to do something with our native apartment-mates Elders Blanco and Ibarra, capture the flag in the trees behind our apartment that we call our sacred grove, possibly more volleyball or fútbol, and around 4:15 a D&C sección 4 challenge with Hermano Silva and some fabled tacos. 

This past Sunday was imponente again and not just because I didn´t have to give my talk and won´t have to next Sunday (I love the testimony part of fast and testimony meeting but I still have trouble with the fast portion).  On Sunday night we all watched Legacy in our newly refurbished auditorium (I need to take pictures of it and the huge bathroom right next to it but haven´t yet) and if you haven´t seen Legacy yet do it because the man portraying Joseph Smith must be Prince Humperdinck´s twin.  I have been almost praying for Lion King before I leave but it doesn´t look like that will happen, until then it appears as if I will have to be as easily entertained as one who finds overly flirtatious characters hilarious. 

Life here really isn´t that devoid of entertainment though, true waking up with Fat Bottom Girls stuck in your head is something of a chore when you know what will happen should you break out into the chorus of the song, but almost everything else here makes up for that, especially the jugo.  I am not kidding, they have cans of the best jugo in the world at the store for only a few pesos.  Mí distríto has become obsessed with the jugo here.  The burritos here? Not so much.  I understand thinking that we would have amazing burritos here but like I´ve said, the food here is not authentic and that goes especially for the burritos, I hope.  Just a couple days ago, after we had burritos for dinner the night before, I woke up feeling slightly sick but apparently a lot of people had gotten food poisoning from those burritos.  A lot of Hermanas were on splits with other Hermanas because their compañera(s) was sick.  The same went for a couple people in mí distríto.  So just a heads up, be wary of burritos.


Elders Stewart and Lake, Elder Stewart is the cabello rojo and Lake reminds me of Sam

A picture I did the second week of Nephi 

Joseph Smith

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