Monday, July 1, 2013


(Thanks to all of you who read that and responded with the appropriate "Hi Dr. Nick" Simpsons response.  Well done.)

I am at the MTC!  Sort of.  Mostly.  Not really.  Kind of.  I'm on West Campus, which is pretty much some apartments, specifically Wyview and Raintree, which have been converted into an MTC campus.  There are not very many people here - I mean, a good number, but it isn't cramped at all.  I share an apartment with 3 other girls, 2 to a room, and in my room I have my own bed (top bunk - number of times I've hit my head on the ceiling: approximately 4 million) my own desk, and my own closet, and since I'm only here 12 days, I use my closet mostly to sit my open suitcases in and then I just sort of live out of those.  I don't really see the point in really unpacking when I'm leaving so soon, so yeah.  There is also a large living area and a kitchen in the apartment - it's a decent size apartment - but we almost never use any of that since we are at home so rarely.  The one downside about the apartment is that we have a single bathroom.  I don't think it would be as big a problem if we weren't supposed to all shower once a day, in the roughly 1 hour total we have at the apartment.  The showering-every-day-thing is actually kind of hard for me.  I don't really shower unless I'm a sweaty gross mess or...yeah that's about it.  So showering just to shower is a new thing for me. 

Anyways, so West Campus and Main Campus have this weird sort of rivalry.  I've never actually been to Main Campus (I'll go today, actually) but we only get to go there on P-day.  All our classes and everything are here on West Campus.  As far as I can tell, Main Campus has way better food (here we pretty much rotate between ham sandwiches, salad, and pizza for every meal - except for breakfast.  It's been five mornings of Marshmallow Mateys and counting for me) but West Campus has a lot more "freedom" if you will - not only do we have bigger apartments, where it's 2 to a room rather than 4 million, but we are also allowed to study and plan and stuff outside and also our gym time is outside.  I LOVE GYM TIME.  I run laps around the apartment area with my companion when she'll go for it, and just in like a little block area when she doesn't want to run.  But it brings me such joy.  And not just because I'm RUNNING which I really love, but also because I'm wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt.  SUCH JOY.

UGH also I just wrote an ENTIRE PARAGRAPH and accidentally backspaced and the computers here are STUPID without an undo option and I am not happy.  SO ANYWAYS, as I ALREADY SAID SO BUT NOW I HAVE TO RETYPE, my companion's name is Sister Whitlock and she is super sweet.  She hasn't seen Star Wars (WHAT) but she introduced herself as liking sharks, and you can't really go wrong there.  The other two sisters in our apartment who are also the only other two sisters in our district are Sisters Edelmeyer and Martinez.  Sister Martinez is the baby on the cover of the 2004 Friend (look it up) so she's practically a celebrity and Sister Edelmeyer is a cosmetologist and I think we horrified each other equally when we first met and I confessed my utter lack of knowledge to anything cosmetology related and she told me her biggest cosmetology job thingy she did was eyelash extenders, which she had to explain to me, and I was like "so people pay you hundreds and hundreds of dollars for you to glue other peoples hair to their face?"  She gave me the weirdest look.  Sister Edelmeyer also makes fun of me because of my stretching.  Pretty much any and every time we get a break I go outside and stretch and for some reason Sister Edelmeyer thinks it's hilarious.  All four of us are going to Texas Houston East.  Also, in addition to weirding Sister Edelmeyer out with my stretching, I weird Sister Whitlock out with my catchphrases.  Apparently I say "solid," "nailed it," "OHMYGOSH" (in the appropriate screaming-boy-from-Troll-2 voice) and "I've made a huge mistake" a lot, and for the most part whenever I throw out a quote or catchphrase she just sort of laughs and says she doesn't understand a lot of what I say but is going to assume it's from something.  Solid decision.

So, a few things about the MTC.  First of all, having a companion is kind of hard at times, kind of easy at times, but hands down the most awkward thing about it is the fact that whenever you go to the bathroom you know that they are standing outside the door just waiting for you.  Seriously.  It puts a strange kind of awkward pressure on you whenever you have to go the bathroom, knowing someone is right outside.  And also since it's the only time you are really by yourself, you kind of want to treasure that time, but you can't, because your companion is standing right outside the door and how awkward is that?  Very.

Pretty much all our time here is spent either in the classroom (which is just a converted apartment, with the kitchen turned into the computer lab for like emails and then our room being a bedroom - which means if you luck out [sarcasm] you can spend the entire block of class staring at yourself in the closet-door mirrors), in the chapel, or outside/eating (we can eat outside too - take that Main Campus!) In the classroom we have class (duh doi) with just our district, which is four sisters but then also 4 elders - all of which are going to Denver North!  There are a lot of Denver North people here, and everytime I meet them I tell them "LUCKY" (in Napoleon Dynamite voice).  I seriously miss Colorado more than I expected - not just the people, but the *state*.  Everyday walking from class to apartment/chapel, we cross the street and we can see all these mountains and everytime I'm just like LOOK AT THE MOUNTAINS OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THEM AND I WANT TO GO CLIMB THEM and Sister Whitlock rolls her eyes.  Also, pretty much EVERYONE here is from Utah.  It's weird.  The thing about them all being from Utah is that there's this special Utahns club, and they play those fun games like "do you know..." and "you look familiar" - two games I am never invited to play.  Sad day.  Also, whenever they tell you where they're from in Utah - no matter what place it is, you ask them where and they all point in the same direction (if I didn't have such a bad sense of direction I could tell you which way, but unfortunately, I do have a terrible sense of direction, as Sister Whitlock is quickly learning since everytime we come out of the bathroom in the chapel I head the wrong way) and say it's like 1/2 an hour that way.  No joke.  Apparently, everything here in Utah is just "30 minutes that way." 

Missionaries here are also incredibly entertainment deprived - like all missionaries are, haha - and so last night when they let us watch Legacy (a pioneer movie) for a Sunday film, we were a more rapt and engaged audience than like the audience at the Dark Knight Rises midnight premiere.  Seriously.  It was kind of hilarious.  Except that I too was so fascinated by this moving picture thing I hadn't seen in so long I couldn't really laugh at those who were similarly fascinated.

Also last night we went to choir practice, and I LOVED IT.  I just loved being able to sing for an hour.  Even if my singing the tenor part got me some weird looks.

The really amazing thing about the MTC though is the people here.  Our branch presidency, our teachers, all the elders and sisters here (well, almost all) are just amazing and it's amazing how easy it is to love everyone even though I've only been here 5 days (though admittedly, those 5 days really do feel like a month or two or twelve).  Our teachers are RMs who aren't too many years older than us (remarkably) and they are fantastic.  And also kind of intimidating because they are all brilliant and I feel like there is no way I can ever be so brilliant.  Our teachers are also our investigators - so Sister Knudsen is our investigator, Lacy, except she really isn't Sister Knudsen when she's Lacy, she's Lacy, and she is a tough investigator who think God doesn't love her, but I think it's been a really good opportunity for Sister Whitlock and I to draw closer together as companions because *we* both love Lacy and *we* both know God loves her so we just have to get her to realize that!  The Zone leaders here also really impress me.  They are Elders Wilson and Pehrson, and they arrived here the night we did, and the next night we met with our branch president and he had them stand and called them as zone leaders.  They looked like they'd been hit by a truck, but now they have stepped up and are just amazing zone leaders and you just know the only way that could've happened was through God helping them out.

Thanks to everyone for your letters and ESPECIALLY thank you Mom and Dad for the cupcakes!  Good golly, they were delicious, and for a few glorious moments when they arrived I was the most popular person in the district until I didn't share (there weren't enough for the whole district - I shared with my apartment later though) and then I was the least popular.  But seriously, the letters I get from you all just make my days 10 times better, and I love you all so much.  Thanks for all your support, it makes all the difference.

Also, due to bad planning on my part, with the exception of maybe 2 people, I didn't get addresses, so send me letters or emails with your addresses so I can send them!

I love you all!  The MTC is crazy and hard but also I love it to death, and I know every day that this is where I'm supposed to be.


Sister Bayley Enright

PS  Thanks to everyone who helped me getting here to the MTC on Wednesday - from my awesome family sending me off on the airplane and not making too many the-airplane-is-going-to-crash jokes, to the friends here in Utah who gave me the final send-off.  Shoutout to the Briscoes and Skeen - you guys are the best.  Thanks for making my final minutes in the "real" world the best and for getting me here.

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