Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mexico CCM Week 1 (Kegan)

Hola mi familia!

Tuesday is my P-day for my stay here at the MTC so expect my e-mails each following Tuesday for about four more weeks. Thank you so much for all the letters guys, I almost took up half the time I have to write reading them and muchas gracias for the Beef Jerky. You guys must have lived with me for  almost 19 years.  The Mexico City CCM is fantastic and the only downside to having come here is that Rhys didn´t come too.  The food here is positively amazing.  Funnily enough, on the night I arrived here we had pizza for dinner as the kitchen were obviously doing their best to welcome us North Americans, pizza was breakfast the next day too.  However I learned something about the way people here eat their pizza which is to say they literally drench it in hot sauce and eat it like a salad.  It hasn´t stopped with the pizza either.  We have been having a definitively North American meal about every other day.  On Fast Sunday lunch was Cheeseburgers and I was so hungry I nearly cried with joy at the sight of them.  The cafeteria is like a dreamland where excellent meat is served with every meal and boxes of Fruit Loops and Coco Krispies are snatched by the first takers.  My companion here is Elder Tholan and I could not have asked for a better companion.  During gym time we both like to head to the gym and lift weights that deny my family´s warnings simply by existing.  Our classes are held with our Distríto and our teacher is primarily Hermano Finley who is the most optimistic guy I have ever met.  We have also had numerous teachers rotate in and out of class helping coach us and assist us with the idioma de Español.  I am learning Spanish much faster than I could have hoped for.  When we arrived there were a lot of native Elders and Hermanas, plus Elder Tholan has already had about three years of Spanish and speaks it very well so in our investigator lessons it´s a sink or swim situation.  The weather here is beautiful and reminds me of summer in Colorado, as in I was able to put my umbrella to use on my first full day here.  The CCM has it´s own water treated and so it´s safe to drink even though we were given filter water bottles on our first day.  I don´t know what they mean by filter though because the water that comes through the filter tastes bad while the unfiltered water tastes like Colorado´s (excelente). I am not the only twin in my Distríto either.  Elders Roberts and Watson are both twins.  Elder Roberts' twin brother is actually in the Provo MTC right now preparing to serve in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  So let Rhys know because he will probably be in his classes up there.  Sleeping here is hard.  Every building is cement and so usually the doors are left open and windows are always open.  meaning that every night my companion and I get to listen to what sounds like dying dogs, police sirens, and karaoke bars.  Preparation day being my birthday has been awesome.  This morning we went to the templo, which is designed after the temples of the Aztec and Mayan people minus the sacrifices on top part, they still put the Angel Moroni on top.  We had flan with lunch and stuck 'candles' in mine (i.e. cherry stems).  
As I said the Beef Jerky was amazing and a life saver. I opened it while doing laundry with some of my Distríto, as you should be able to tell from the photos the dryers here are huge.  I am running out of time so I just want you guys to know how much I miss you but also that I am having an amazing time here in Mexico. 

Muchas amor (amour?)


P.S.  I just wanted to let you guys that even though my umbrella is in my apartment and it is currently pouring rain like I have never seen I am still very grateful for it.

View over the CCM

Elders Tholan and  Enright
Birthday Flan.

Doing laundry?  Oddly enough... this may not be the only dryer Kegan has ever climbed into.

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