Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Narnia holes and goldfish (Rhys)

Hola, I titled this email "Narnia holes and goldfish" but I feel like I'll talk about goldfish first. One of my companions, Elder Eberhard (who is leaving tomorrow for D.C. to get his visa and a consolate signature, WHAAAAT?!), told us not too long ago about a gold fish that he had won a few years ago at a carnival and had kept for almost four years until he was told in a letter that it had died. The fish was supposedly massive and eaten all other fish that Elder Eberhard and his family had tried to give to it for companionship. To be as exact as possible, Eberhard always says that it was "this" big while holding up two fingers about 4-5 inches apart. In the letter, Eberhard's mom wrote that his dad had even tried to use CPR to bring it back to life. I'm not sure if this was a joke or not, but it comes across as pretty funny either way. I was reminded of this when Elder Cannon got a package yesterday and we could tell that the package contained a bottle of some kind of liquid inside just by holding it. After arriving back to our residence we discovered, among other things, a large mason jar with some string tied to it, a short message taped to the side ("GILL! Quick, he needs air!"), and inside of the jar was a single tiny goldfish. This made us all laugh for a bit, it was strange enough to send a goldfish in a package, but the reference to a movie (see if you can figure out what movie) reminded Cannon and I of some funny scenes in the movie. Eberhard felt a little out of the loop for a while. After feeding the fish, we decided to leave the fish in the residence hall while we went to the rest of classes, TRC, dinner, choir practice, the devotional, and the meeting and planning sessions after the devotional. When we got back to the residence hall, the fish appeared to be asleep at the bottom of the jar and Elder Cannon tried to wake it for about all of ten seconds before realizing it had died. This was kind of sad, considering that we all loved having a goldfish (even though according to the mission rules, we couldn't have a pet, that's why we thought the goldfish was funny in the first place, it looked like we were smuggling fish into the MTC). We gave him a proper flushing, but that's about the end of the story. 

Now, Narnia holes. Narnia holes are little nooks and crannies around the MTC residence halls where past missionaries have left stuff to find. In the room next to ours, one section of the ceiling was packed with pictures of missionaries who had stayed there in the past. In the hallway also in the ceiling was a box filled with glow sticks, candy and (eeeeewwww) cinnamon rolls. Not that I have anything against cinnamon rolls, but even considering that we're pretty sure it was put there just three days ago by missionaries that just left, cinnamon rolls are not an ideal thing to hide in a Narnia hole. Elder Cannon and I opened up an empty space in our own room to make a Narnia hole of our own which has a note in it, but mostly hard candy and pennies. I thought it would be cool to leave some money considering another district in our zone found one with candy and money in it, but I need most of my money, sorry. 


My district at the temple last Sunday. In order from the left, Elders Carter, Johnson, Me, Eberhard, Cannon, Olsen, and Russon.
This has the three Elders that left to go to an intermediate class. Elder Epperson is the one next to Cannon on the left and the two to my left are McRory and my old companion Smithson.

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