Tuesday, July 16, 2013

P-Day #2 (Kegan)

Okay, my last letter was pretty short because I didn´t have much time but I will do better this time.   I read Rhys´s email about the mailroom and thought it was funny because the mail room here is run by one small lady in a room the size of my old bedroom.  I have really loved reading e-mails from you guys and can´t wait for my first letter which I´ve heard should take around seven days to arrive.  I have never appreciated carpet as much as I do now, every floor here is tile, which makes kneeling to pray an occasional pain even though it´s excellente for moonwalking and skating in shoes.  

Since my last e-mail there has been so much going on that the days here really do feel like weeks and the weeks like days.  When I first got here my distríto had about six teachers but as more people show up we have had fewer and fewer teachers. We now only have two.  Growing up with a twin I thankfully grew accustomed to being with someone all the time but during my first week here and still now I find myself suddenly realizing that this is the first place I have been where Rhys has not.  I still occasionally look around the cafeteria to find his distríto or wait outside bathrooms and meeting halls waiting for him to come out.  It´s super weird and a little depressing when I realize he´s not going to. 

 Speaking of large meetings, we have had a lot of devotionals here and even more every Sunday.  Just last Sunday we watched the devotional by Richard G. Scott that I quoted almost five times in my farewell talk so I almost knew his talk by heart.  He even used my mission scripture which I was unecessarily excited about.  What was even more exciting though was when I saw Sam in the choir and had to point him out to all those adjacent.  That night we watched The Testaments and that movie has never been so entertaining.  If you had been standing outside you´d think we were watching Airplane.  It was literally about ten times funnier and ten times more emotional than ever before.  

My distríto is the best.  Our distríto leader, Elder Stewart is awesome and was the only redhead in the CCM until this past Tuesday when about two more arrived.  His companion is Elder Lake (or Lago for you Spanish speakers) and every time I have to call his name I can´t help but do so to the theme of Road to El Dorado.  Elders Tholen, Stewart, Lago, and I sat around a couple nights ago at dinner fantasizing about The Dark Knight in Español and laughing our heads off saying ¨¿Donde esta la trigger?¨ in Batman voices.  Along with two new redheads arriving this past week there was a whole new group of native missionaries.  Two of which are our new apartment-mates(?)  Elders Torres and Zorate.  I  had the opportunity to practice teaching the first lesson recently one night with Elder Torres, who speaks almost no English,  we spoke entirely in Spanish and I can truly say that the Gift of Tongues is real and powerful because without it I would not have lasted a minute trying to speak en Español that night.  For the next few weeks we will have two investigators both of which are our two teachers we see in class every day, Jesús (Hermano Cruz) and Ricardo (Hermano Finley).   Our investigator lessons were progressively getting better until our last one when I bombed trying to talk around the words I didn´t yet know, causing Elder Tholen to burst out laughing as soon as we were able to leave, and that´s laughing with me not at me, thank you very much.  

Gym time and P-days are amazing and our distríto has decided to do one gym activity a week together.  Last weeks was fútbol and while I can truly say I really enjoyed you know how well it went when I say one of the janitorial staff here stood at the fence and laughed his head off at us.  

Dillon, if you are reading this, I am the only Elder in my distríto heading to Chile Vina del Mar,  Every other Elder in my distríto is going to Concepcion and it sounds awesome partly due to the fact that there are rumored to be penguins in the Concepcion mission area.  Not only that every Elder in my distríto is awesome so you should end up with some awesome companions.    


My distríto at the CCM sign.

These fire hose things have mirrors, evidently

A giant stone head that is literally sitting in the ground a little ways from the store

This one should be obvious.

If you look closely you can see the parrot that was serenading us.

These are literally safety circles where you can run into in the case of a serious earthquake and you should be far enough away from anything so that if any structures or posts fall they will not fall on you.

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