Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pday. (Rhys)

Hi Mom, Dad, Erin, Amik, Aislin, Noah, Ronan, Liam, and Fionnula (and also Bayley and Kegan depending on whether you see this or not.)

       Today, as implied by the title is only my second P-day ever. It's odd to think of considering that it seems I have been here forever despite the days seeming progressively faster and faster. I am working right now as I type this on getting photos into the email and I hope I succeed, but the computers here are notoriously tough to get working with a camera, so we'll see. As it is Wednesday, there are flocks of new Elders y Hermanas all over the MTC campus and everyone loves saying hi to all of them. Elder Cannon and I are finally going to get haircuts today, we tried last P-day, but you can only schedule for a P-day and you have to do it in advance. So, we had to schedule last Thursday for today and it's seems like forever since I've had a haircut.

If I'm going to continue telling any stories whatsoever about my district I should elaborate a bit more concerning my district. Elder Cannon is our DL, He's the tallest currently in our district, is from Pleasant Grove Utah. Any missionary from Utah, particularly Elder Cannon, seems to know everyone on campus. My other Compañero es Elder Eberhard de California y el es muy bien at Fútbal. The three of us, Cannon, myself, y Eberhard all share a residence and next to us in the other room are the rest of our district, Elders Russon, Carter, Olsen, y Johnson. Johnson is the shortest in our district, and though he´s actually not that short, lots of puns and short jokes get thrown around which he is a good sport about. Johnson is also really good with "eclectics" and has his own speaker made out of a peanut butter jar to be hooked up to his CD player. Elder Olsen is Elder Johnson´s compañero and he really reminds me of brother Christensen. Olsen is a pretty funny guy and he and I joke around a lot. Elder Carter is Elder Russon´s Compañero and he laughs harder at all my jokes than anyone else and probably more than is actually necessary. Elder Russon is the only other one in our district other than myself that has read the Far Side and whenever we remember a particularly funny comic we´ll remind the other of it. He and I also joke around a lot like I used to with Noah, not gross jokes, but really random stuff that seems tailored to a particular type of humour. for instance, the other day he and I were talking about soup bananas, a type of banana that looks exactly like a normal banana except for the fact that it is filled with soup. Soup bananas find their way into lots of conversations now and we don´t even know how we started talking about them. I wish I had a picture of our whole district to send you guys so you could see who I´m talking about. It looks like I´ll be able to send some photos, but I don´t even have a district photo to send. I´ll be sure to get one by next P-Day.

So far, I've met three Elders going to Colorado Springs who should all be there by now. Elder Neff was best friends with my first compañero, Elder Smithson. Elder Fowers is a very recent convert who I haven´t actually met, but he gave prayers the first day for the new missionary devotional and participated in last nights devotional as well. He´s really awesome and I hope you guys get to see him in our ward. There is one more Elder whose name I can´t remember, but he is going to a Spanish speaking Colorado Springs mission.

 There are a few other things I wanted to tell you guys before logging off. Every Sunday and Tuesday there are devotionals and choir practice (we sing during every Tuesday devotional) and every Sunday, each missionary is supposed to have a talk ready in Spanish and be ready to be called on to give it. Love you guys and miss you a lot.


Hugging his birthday cupcakes.

Elders Enright, Cannon and Eberhard

At the Provo Temple

Studying Spanish?  Haha, he didn't say,but I miss the random sketches everywhere, so I love seeing this.

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