Monday, August 12, 2013

"Another Festivus Miracle" (Bayley)

This week was truly a week of miracles.  And not in the sense of festivus miracles - real miracles.

Let me begin with our Hour of Power.  I think I've explained it before, but in case I haven't, Hour of Power is from 6-7pm on Thursday nights, and it is the hour the prophet enters the temple and prays specifically for missionaries and missionary work.  And so during this hour the entire Texas Houston East mission goes out and knocks doors.  We always begin Hour of Power by going and meeting with a member/family of the church and having them offer a prayer of faith with us that we will see miracles.  So this past Thursday we went to the home of a less active member in the ward who is just super awesome and full of faith, even though she doesn't come to church.  She told us she was so honored that we had chosen her for our Hour of Power, and offered the most amazing prayer that we would see miracles.  So then, off we go.  Oh, also, that morning we had chosen our Hour of Power street - and that isn't done lightly.  We prayed, looked at a map, chose a few streets, prayed again, and then decided that Pecanwood was the street we needed to be on.  So yeah, off we go on our merry way excited to see miracles and we get to Pecanwood and it is a gated community street - there are these streets here where like you can walk down the street but you can't get to any house because each house is like it's own little special gated community...I can't really explain it but pretty much it wasn't tractable.  But we knew we needed to be in that area so we went to the next street up, Claude, and right off the bat at the first house there were these four teenagers sitting on the porch.  Normally, I am not at all inclined to approach a group of teenagers, but Sister Barton and I were determined to talk to EVERYONE and so off we went and awkwardly engaged these teenagers in a conversation about God in which they kept laughing and whispering to each other but THEN at the end on the girls said we should call her mom and maybe she'd be interested in talking to us.  So yay, a referral right from the start!  The next door we talked to a lady who said we could come back, and also the one after that.  Pretty much, long story short, in the whole hour we only managed to get through like 6 houses because we were talking to so many people for so long.  But the best part is that one lady totally let us in to her house to teach her and her son, Draco (yup, that really is his name.  Best name ever, haha) and we taught them a lesson and are going back tonight.

So yeah, miracles.  No big deal.

Also, we are teaching a family now.  They have three young kids, ages 4, 3, and 1, and they are pretty much the greatest.  The other day at our lesson with them, we finished teaching and the 4 year old boy, Princeton, said it was his turn to tell us about Jesus, and so then he turned on this lamp and had us all sit and close our eyes as he prayed and then we I started to laugh (because it was pretty funny) he stopped and told us that the next person to laugh would have to face the wall.  And of course I was the next person to laugh, because I have problems, so then he made me stand up and fa ce the wall and this made the mom laugh so hard that Princeton stood up and yelled "OH MOMMA, you gotta go in the kitchen now!"  and made her face the wall in the kitchen.  It was pretty great.  Meanwhile his younger brother had gotten hold of his mom's phone and was taking pictures of us the whole time.  So that was great.

Also, I finally got to see some gators.  And I didn't wrestle them, sadly.  So that will have to be next time.  But it was pretty awesome.  Also, in case you were wondering, gators apparently like that yucky white processed American cheese.  So in case you're ever out on the bayou and want to get a gator out of the water, definitely have some of that handy.  It really does work.  Also, while we're on the topic of wildlife advice, if you pick up a turtle, it will likely pee all over you - like ALL over you.  Which is why we let an elder pick the turtles up initially, and then just take our turn after.

Love you all,

Sister Bayley Enright

Louisiana is beautiful!

Sisters Barton and Enright
Elder Gilbert, Weeks, Brewer, and Roundy (pretty much the best disctrict ever)

With Regan
Tracting in the rain
Posterity picture.  Sis Erickson trained Sis Hamilton who trained Sis Barton who trained me.

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