Monday, August 19, 2013

Books of Mormon and Boudin Balls

Disclaimer: I may or may not ever actually explain what a boudin ball is in this email...that's what the internet is for.  Unless you're a missionary.  No google for you.

Ok, so first off, apparently last week I lied to you all.  Unintentionally, of course.  But apparently, concerning Hour of Power, the 1st Presidency goes into the temple and prays Thursday *mornings* for the missionaries, not precisely at that 6pm Hour of Power.  But hey, their prayers are certainly good for the whole day.  I don't know why I felt the need to clarify that a whole week later, but I did.


So in case you all didn't know, August is over halfway over with now.  Craziness.  Mission time is not normal time.  But this time of the year is back-to-school time, and it's very apparent here in Lake Charles.  The roads are suddenly super clogged outside every elementary school (fun fact - there are no turning lanes here, so when people need to turn - say into a school parking lot - it gets a bit messy) and with McNeese State University starting up, there are college students everywhere.  It's awesome.  All the more people to teach! It's really weird to think that I was in school just this past Spring semester - as a matter of fact, yesterday marked 3 months since my graduation.  Time goes by incredibly fast, and it's a bit alarming.

But anyways, aside from that, some highlights from this week:
1) So in our mission we have a "333" standard we are meant to maintain - that is 3 lessons taught with a member present, 3 new investigators, and 3 progressing investigators (or people we are teaching who are keeping commitments).  As this past week was winding down, Sister Barton and I had not hit our 3 new investigators, and so as we planned for our day we prayed very specifically to be able to find and teach as we tracted North Lake Charles the next day.  Cue the next day.  We had a member, Regan, with us and we were set to go to a lesson with an investigator who didn't show.  Since this is something that may or may not happen on a consistent basis, Sister Barton and I had planned to check up on someone who lived a couple streets over from her (but with whom we didn't have a set appointment).  So off we went on our merry way, and as we're walking down the road, these two guys call us over and ask what we're reading (it's another mission rule that we always have a copy of the Book of Mormon in hand - so that's what these guys were referring to) and because as a missionary it's really quite exciting when someone flags you down (not the other way around) we went over there and talked to them and taught them and ba-boom, new investigators. God really does answer our prayers - it's pretty remarkable.  And He really does have a plan too - maybe the reason that one investigator wasn't there so was so we would be walking down Pryce just at that time those two guys were outside so that we could talk to them.  That's why it's so important to just trust God, because really, everything does work out.  I promise.

2) I finally had some Cajun classics - a boudin ball and a pistolette.  Probably to most of you those words sound like nonsense, but really what they are is deliciousness.  I'm not even going to try explaining them, because for instance if I was to tell you a pistolette was a Louisiana roll filled with ettoufee (which it is) I don't think that would really help explain it.  Just know that it's delicious.

3) In personal study time this week, I found my favorite footnote in the scriptures (so far).  Having a favorite footnote is kind of like having a favorite stage direction in a Shakespeare play (Exit, pursued by bear).  Go look up Matthew 4:18, footnote a.  It's hilarious.  Or at least I thought it was hilarious.  I realize that missionary humor isn't always equivalent to real world humor...but in this case it is.


I love you all!  Being a missionary is seriously the best thing ever - bike rides in pouring Louisiana rainstorms and all.  I love it so much, and I'm so grateful for all of your support - for me and for the missionary work as a whole.  You're all awesome.


Sister Enright


Regan is a member of the ward here (or was) who was absolutely AWESOME.  I say "was" because she left this weekend for school in Utah.  Sadness

We went biking for p-day, pretty hardcore, and just look how cute our little missionary-cars-with-bikes-attached are all lined up.  Precious.

All the sisters in our zone - us and one tripanionship, except now it's down to just two ordinary companionships because Sister Germer (on the left) was a visa waiter and got her visa and left today for Brazil.  So it's Germer, Rogers, me, Barton, and Sister Erickson, our sister training leader.

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  1. Cute picture ... you not the raccoon, although the raccoon is pretty cute, too. The humidity does a job on your hair, doesn't it? Kelly experiences the same thing. I have no curl, but always wanted it. Glad you are happy. Think of you often, and hold you in my heart and prayers. Take care of yourself, and don't trust everything you eat down there. They have a French influence and as I experienced in France, they love to fool you with strange things ... lining of cow's stomachs, snails, oysters (raw), Calvados, etc. I upheld American honor, but privately gagged a bit. Love your letters.