Monday, August 26, 2013

Chile! (Kegan)

First of all I need to say that last week´s email was terrible because you guys still have very few ideas of what it is like here because I never said anything about it.  So the first thing I need to talk about is the city here.  The first thing you´ll notice getting here is the trash and the dogs.  Trash is literally all over the streets and is only beaten by the dogs.  I literally feel sometimes like i am in the middle of Lady and the Tramp minus Italian restaurant owners serenading the dogs.  There are a lot of cats too but the dogs most certainly outnumber them.  They are sleeping on every street corner and the cats prefer to take the rooftops.  The dogs also do not seem to like men in suits.  One of the first things I had to get used to here was the barking and it isn´t usually the big dogs that are actually scary, sometimes they are, but it´s usually the tiny dogs that will follow you and bark like crazy.  I was on interchanges this past Friday and while we were hiking up a hill we had four or five dogs who started following us and barking like mad, one of them looked as if it would keel over it was so old.  Second thing is the marijuana here.  Every night so far I have gotten at least two good whifs of the stuff and Elder Call and I decide to cross the street whenever the person in front of us lights up some happy llama.  Everyone smokes here too, it isn´t always marijuana but there are a lot of smokers here.  Third, the buses.  I actually really like the buses here. They are super efficient but that efficiency come from the rapid speed at which they work. 

But I´m not here to report on the area, I´m a missionary!! Entonces, I have been walking around this area a lot, from appointment to appointment making lunch every day a milagro.  That´s one thing I forgot to mention.  In Chile they don´t do dinner, I literally screamed ¨NOOOOO!¨ when Elder Call told me this. What they do have though are huge lunches and so instead of having dinner with ward members we have lunch.  We are currently teaching several families and I am so ready to baptize!!! The Guillens have two boys and a daughter and I love them. The father is a member and we have invited them to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning as a family and I am so excited to hear how it went.  We are also teaching the daughter of a less active member who told her mother one morning that she had to be baptised because of her dream.  While we were on exchanges Elder Call found a note on our door inviting us to visit them and so they did without me that day but she is one of those people who just gets the gospel.  I literally was teachingthe other night and when I stopped to make sure she understood she looked at me all puzzled and was like ¨no, esta bien, yo entiendo¨ entonces...ESO!!!  


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