Monday, August 19, 2013

El Campo Misional (Kegan)


This past week has been more or less crazy. Monday was my last day in the CCM but it wasn´t a whole day.  After pictures, one final class, and one final laundry wash in the CCM washrooms Elder Tholen and I dragged our luggage around the campus area looking for a scale with which to weigh our luggage.  At about a half hour before we were scheduled to leave it started to pour rain and Hermano Silva and Hermanas Welch and Vasquez came with us in the rain dragging our luggage to the store where our bus was waiting. 

We arrived at the airport what might have been an hour afterwards, checked our luggage and found our way to our gate.  At this point we had a few Elders who were assigned to stay with the luggage while the others would go and search for phones, bathrooms and in some cases Cena.  I was able to call my family and help Elders Richardson and Jensen do the same because the phones at the airport I believe are meant to allow you to sympathize with people who are going deaf. After a flight filled with two meals, an hour of sleep, and an awesome thunderstorm directly outside my window I was in CHILE! 

We, the Elders, and one Hermana (Meyer), moved together like a large pack of baptisers before we came to the point where it appeared our two mission groups (Viña del Mar and Concepción) would have to separate so I said goodbye to mí distrito and the other Elders and headed down the stairs to wait in the wrong line where pretty soon the Concepción group came because we weren´t actually going to have to separate yet.  Like I said though, wrong line. so we walked over to a smaller line to pay our entrance fee and walk back to the other line that had now grown to be about five times larger in our absence.  Eventually after many stamps and more waiting we had all claimed our luggage and were making for the exit.  

At the exit I met with Presidente Kahnléin, his wife, and Elders Gatica, Tomkinson and one more whose name I still can"t remember.  Here I said goodbye to mí distrito again only to have to wait in the same group for the rest of the Elders.  But pretty soon we were saying goodbye as they went up an elevator and I went outside to climb onto a bus.  We drove through tunnels and fog to get to Viña del Mar and the flower clock for pictures.  At the flower clock Presidente Kahnléin told us that we would now have to take our temporary companions and find the mission home for ourselves from whatever point they dropped us off at.  Thank goodness I had a companion who was native to Argentina, because I quickly realized that my worst fears had come true and that I was in the same position as Elder Calhoun found himself in from The Best Two Years, they had not taught me this language in the CCM.  People here talk super rapid and there is a change in the pronunciation.  I'm doing alright now but my first few days were scary.  While Elder Gomez and I were looking for the mission home we were two blocks from a gas station explosion.  It was scary and exciting at the same time when Elder Gomez just tapped me on the shoulder and said ¨Vamos¨. My first companion is Elder Call and since Wednesday we have been walking everywhere and teaching the Guillens family who I really love.

I have almost no time left to write so just remember that I love you all and am super excited to read your emails every time, I have no pictures to send because I have had a low battery all week in my camera sorry, next week for sure.


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  1. Hi Kegan from sunny and hot Arizona. The fact that I miss you so much is funny because I wouldn't be seeing you even if you were still in Colorado, BUT you are so far away that I think of you a lot. I swim every day and take care of Jake and Zack. It is a full-time job, but I love it and am amply rewarded with hugs, kisses and simple "I love you Mimi" comments all the time. I pray for your continued safety and contentment with your life.