Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last P-Day at the MTC...Hopefully (Rhys)

Hi Mom, Dad, Erin, Amik, Aislin, Noah, Ronan, Liam, and Fionn (and also, somewhat indirectly, Kegan and Bayley)

 Just this last Thursday, everyone in my district (other than Elder Eberhard who already has his visa to Ecuador) received slips in the mail that told us all that our visas had not come in yet and as such we will all be reassigned and know of our reassignment by either this coming Thursday or Friday. We've all been making guesses as to where we'll be headed before Argentina, but now that we know we'll be reassigned, we're just excited to receive a second mission call. As soon as I get my reassignment I'll let you all know where I can expect to go before Argentina. 

As our stay at the MTC winds down - hopefully, considering that rather than a reassignment we may end up staying here for a few more weeks and I'm not sure if my stomach can deal with all the extra MTC food that that would entail (also whenever I have to use "that that" in a sentence it really makes me think back to how dumb English can be, I love it, but in the same way that you'd love a younger sibling who you know isn't very bright and does lots of stupid stuff; so glad I'm leaning Spanish and already have English down) - entonces, as our stay at the MTC winds down, we've really been trying to find a way to finish off all of Elder Eberhard's hoard of goodies and sweets which has proved to actually be scientifically impossible as it gets larger every day and it mainly consists of sugar packed candy and whatnot, making eating more than one or two things within a good space of time a daunting task that no one wants to take on. Other than food though, he's also gotten lots of toys and games, meaning that along with some candy and food that will hopefully last for a little while, most of these toys and games will be crammed into the greatest Narnia hole ever (other than an actual hole that actually leads to Narnia, that's a tough one to beat unless you have one that leads to someplace like the Shire or Hogwarts, haven't found any of those yet). 

Just this last Tuesday morning our zone shrunk to half it's size as we were all hit accidentally with an experimental shrink ray to help Elders pack their bags more effectively. Other than that though, we lost two districts to the field and since they were the two oldest districts here - one of them was also the largest - my district is currently the veteran district until the 12th when we'll hopefully all be heading out to Colorado. I've tried to think of a cool state to go to (porque we will most likely all be reassigned in the states), but I honestly can't think of a cooler state to go to than Colorado. Our floor has been really quiet due to all of the districts that left, but that won't last long seeing as today we get lots of new Missionaries, it was nice while it lasted though, even though I really miss some of our old zone.

Thanks for telling me who the Doctor is, I'm not sure why, but it's just good to finally know and I definitely called it would be an older guy. Now I'm pretty much running around the campus here and telling any Whovian I can find the news about Peter Capaldi. I'm also glad that Sherlock will be starting so soon, for some reason I was thinking you'd have to wait for next spring and this way ought to make lots of people happy. I was glad to hear you had celebrated Harry's birthday - even though you did so without me, I'm not going to mention that - and most of my district thought it was cool. I hope that Sherlock series 3 is awesome, enjoy the Doctor Who 50th anniversary without me and spoil nothing about anything or I will find you. Can't wait to talk to you again.

 I'll email as soon as possible after getting my reassignment and let you know where my companions are headed as well, bueno suerte.

Elder Rhys Enright

Cannon and Russon in one another's suit coats.

The 'thief of joy.'

The caption was actually up before the picture.

Altered by Hermano Evans.  

Elders Cannon and Eberhard waiting while Elder Enright gets his hair cut.

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