Monday, August 5, 2013

MTC Pics (Bayley)

My MTC district.  Back Row: Elders Delafuente, Ard, Rampton, Larsen.  Front Row: Sisters Enright, Martinez, Whitlock
MTC district with our awesome teacher Sis. Knudsen

First night at the MTC--you can see my orange sticker of greenie shame, which pretty much tells everyone "help me I'm clueless and lost"

Our west campus apartment.  My avengers bag was totally the coolest laundry bag.  Hands. Down. 

Our district plus our teacher Brother Johnson.

Me and Sister Wood, my sister training leader.  She went to Oregon.  And sometimes she laughed at my jokes.

This one night we got pizza from main campus because they had SO MUCH FOOD and also apple beer from The Creamery.  And then we started a bottle-blowing band.

LOOK A LLAMA FEST AND I COULDN'T GO!  Also, see our fancy outdoor dining hall in the back.

Texas Houston East missionaries in our zone. Back to front: Elder Martinez, Elder Huff, Elder Brewer, Elder Dust, Me, Sis Martinez, Sis Baur, Sis Whitlock
So this one time, I was drawing on the board and of course it was a wizard because my art skills are limited and Elder Ard was like "unless you can relate that to the gospel, erase it!"  So... this happened.

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