Thursday, August 1, 2013

MTC Week 4 (Rhys)

Hey guys ,
 First of all I just want to let you all know that I am more than adequately jealous of the philharmonic rock concert you all went to and I have been telling anyone that will listen that my family got to go and see John Elefante and all I've gotten back so far is, "Who?" I'm glad that you guys are having fun despite my jealousy and I hope that you guys get to do more awesome stuff before I get back and you have to do stuff with  me again.

I have a new letter that I'm sending today and so as has happened in the past I am going to do my best to fill an email while at the same time avoiding what's in my other letter so as to not make it redundant. While on the topic of mail, I think I should let you guys know just how much I love getting letters. There are lots of cool things that happen at the MTC and we have fun, but nothing beats getting a letter in the mail--not even getting a package. At the end of the day when we finally get our letters - 9:25 to be exact - it can make one horrible day become the best ever if you have one letter. So I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate hearing from you guys and I get excited when you get my letters in return. As for those many people who said that they would write me and fell through miserably, just have them read Alma 60: 6 and if you really want to scare them you can have them read verse 7 as well.

What's really weird here at the MTC is that the days can feel super long sometimes, but the weeks always seem like they zip by. The thought that I'll only have one more P-day here at the MTC kind scares me despite my excitement to get into the field. What our whole district has come to terms with is that there is no way we are going to make it to Argentina in the next few weeks and we all are kind of excited to get our reassignments - it's kind of like a second mission call - but also bummed that we'll have to wait longer to actually get to Argentina. With the exception of Elder Eberhard, of course, who is going to Ecuador and got his visa last week, we'll probably all know by next Friday where we'll be stopping before Argentina and I'll let you know.

 I love it here at the MTC, but there are some things that I have had far too little time to do. Like write letters, draw (I'm especially jealous of all of the pictures that Kegan has been able to send you because I haven't had any chances to draw on my own and I only have one white board picture I'll be sending you guys), play piano (it definitely shows), and read. We have study times in which we mostly read either PME (PMG in spanish) or the Book of Mormon, but I haven't even been able to start one of the gospel library books that I was allowed to bring and I really miss having a book to read every night before bed. The MTC is awesome, and though I'll be excited to make it to the field I'll really miss it here, especially all of my teachers (Hermanos Evans, Pagina (Page), Day, Standring, and Rock). Except for the food, not so much the food. For my younger brothers, when you get here do not even think about having the enchiladas. I haven't actually had them, but I've been warned so many times and been told enough horror stories that I haven't even dared touch them. The cold cereal's not bad though, quite seriously, I think I've had cold cereal for almost every meal so far and if not then at least with the meal. Even when the ratio of marshmallows to weird cardboard filler cereal is less than desirable.

Let Fionn know that my compañeros and all of the Elders from my district, even those who don't know who Led Zeppelin is (most of them), think it's pretty cool that she has got all of the members memorized.   I love hearing news from the outside world from you (Superman Batman movie!!!!) because we have very few ways of even knowing what is going on in the real world while we're in here. Also, for gym time I always run with Russon on the track or outside, but I really miss running in Colorado with one of my siblings!


P.S. Not sure if you can tell what the picture is so just in case, it's from the chapter "The Keeper of the Keys." really not enough people to speak with about Harry Potter here, or Doctor Who for that matter, I'm just excited that you guys are getting further.

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