Friday, August 9, 2013

Reassignment (Rhys)

Hi Dad, Mom, Erin, Amik, Aislin, Noah, Ronan, Liam, and Fionn (and Kegan and Bayley)
       Today we've been doing orientation for a few hours and when we broke for lunch we just got our reassignments and until the visas come in I'm going to be serving in the Las Vegas, Nevada West mission. I'm not sure if I'll actually be speaking spanish in the mission, but I leave Monday morning at 4:30 for Salt Lake and take an 8:47 flight to Nevada. It'll definitely be a bit shocking to find myself in Las Vegas after having been not only in Provo, but the MTC for the past few weeks. I'm only allowed a short time to email and let my family know where I'll be headed, so I hope that you guys are doing well and I'll be able to call you guys from the Airport for a bit.
I'll hear from you then,


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