Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ultimo CCM P-Day (Kegan)

Hola Hermanas, Hermanos, Padres, y algun que estan leyendo esté email.

This marks my last P-day here at the CCM here in Mexico, I should be leaving Wednesday next week but the Tuesday before it is not P-day, huge bummer.  However, this P-day is going to rock.  First though seeing as it has been a week since I last wrote I should fill you guys in on this past week.  My last email was a little later in the morning than this will be but it was still early enough that I had to exclude everything else I did that day as they had not yet been done.  Highlights of last P-day were futból and volleyball with Elders Ibarra y Blanco, our two native apartment-mates. They were both absolutely awesome.  Ibarra spoke almost fluent English while Blanco did not.  I speak of them in the past tense because they left super early yesterday morning but the night before I got photos with them so I´ll attach them.  Elder Ibarra also left one of his dress shirts behind and I am unsure whether it was a mistake or a parting gift,  I´m hoping it was a mistake and that I am not expected to begin a brotherhood of traveling dress shirts.  Later in the afternoon we played capture the flag with brooms in the grove of trees behind our apartment complex with brooms for flags and grass that generally grew above knee height.  Needless to say it was awesome and my entire body was sore the next day from running hard and dive rolling/tripping over fallen hermanas.  Later that day we were able to take pictures with Hermano Silva who was one of our best teachers before some other distrit got him (there should be pictures attached). 

Being able to speak another language is bizarre. Normally I would think that I could solidy know English in one part of my  brain and Spanish in another but the thing is the two languages, Spanish and English in case you haven´t been paying attention, are all kind of one big vocabulary stuck in my head and the grammer just eventualy clicks but until then you know you sound like a two year old child trying to speak.  Reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish helps tremendously with  learning the language and the past couple classes mí distríto has had in the afternoon have been outside in the grass reading and practising teaching from the Book of Mormon in Español.  Last week I also had my first 100% Spanish day where I spoke nothing but Español, the day before I had only made it to about 95%.  As a distríto we are going to speak nada but Español today, I hope. 

In the CCM there are so many men and women working what seems like every hour of every day not only to keep the grounds but also to renovate buildings and fix up laundry and bed rooms.  It´s weird because when they are completely done I am sure it is going to look a lot different from the CCM that I know here.  Part of their renovating has been fixing the walls of classroom buildings and hanging pictures on the walls of past Mexico missions and missionaries or, my favorite, amazing pieces of art from the Book of Mormon.  I have never seen any of these pictures before and I need to take some before I leave but my favorite is of Teancum slaying the king in his tent, because Teancum was one of the coolest guys to have ever lived and the picture is amazing.  Speaking of which, I am assuming one of the janitorial staff left a note on the board one night requesting that I draw 3 Nephi 19: 10-11, I did my best but also added Elder Watson into the picture who also wanted me to draw him with the Witch King´s flail from Lord of the Rings so I had to take pictures of the two separately because otherwise it looks as if Elder Watson is waiting ominously in the shadows to attack Nephi.  I do hope one day to be able to draw pictures like the ones in our hallway of the Lamanite and Nephite people. 

 Love Kegan

Elders Enright, Blanco, Tholen y Ibarra

With Hermano Silva (in the suit)

Elder Tholen

With Hermano Silva again.

Cool statue over the wall of the CCM.

3 Nephi 19:10-11

Elder Watson with the Witch King's flail

Ron, Hermione and Harry entering the kitchens.

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