Monday, September 16, 2013

Baptism! (Kegan)

I´ll give you three guesses as to what happened this Sunday..... No, I haven´t figured out how to fly yet, but this Sunday I was able to baptize Marion Monteciño!  Marion is the young woman whose mother contacted US and who told us she knew she needed to be baptized.  But more on that later  

This week has been hard and awesome.  Just last monday night we had an awesome family lesson with the Guillens who it has been hard to get a lesson with.  It was so good in fact that Elder Call and I had to run like mad to get home 12 seconds before curfew.  Wednesday was Zone Conference.  During which our mission President, his wife, his assistants, the Hermana leaders for the zone, and our Zone Leaders present discussions to us as a zone and we talk about progress and eat pizza.  

Anywho, in order for Marion to get baptised we needed her to get interviewed and probably finish up teaching her on one, maybe two, and possibly three subjects.  The thing was that she really wanted to be baptised this past Sunday so we finished up her teachings Thursday, about 15 minutes before her interview. Needless to say she passed.  

Sunday was tough because Elder Call and I were running back and forth talking to her family and friends who were attending and checking on the font.  After the three hours all was well and we were able to get pictures with her and her mother and I was able to Baptize her in Spanish no less!  It was also really funny to see how chivalrous some young men in the ward became that day. It was a really awesome experience and we have a family home evening with her family and friends tonight because we grope like mad for teaching opportunities down here but also because her family is super, super friendly.

Elder Kegan Enright

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  1. Hey, Elder Kegan! I sort of flipped when I saw you were in Vina Del Mar! Our daughter, Elizabeth, spent 6 months there as a foreign student (exchange program) and attended the University. I'll try and get the address of where she lived (with a family). One her very first full day in Vina, she took a "neighborhood stroll" to get her bearings, and who does she bump into...but two white-shirted, Mormon Missionaries!
    Hope you enjoy the country, the people, the food (lots of mayonnaise and avocados I understand!), and most of all, your mission experience. As you so well know, what you put in, you get out.
    And lastly, I'm enjoying the Enright family tradition of artists :-). Your sis is doing great, and is more mature than most in the class who are certainly older than she. (Good going, Mom and dad!!)
    My mission was and is, still, a highlight in my life on so many levels (Germany). Take care, and know you now have someone else in Colorado watching you :-)
    "Mister G."