Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fiestas Patrias! (Kegan)

Apologies for the killer small email last week but...I really have no excuse.  You should, however, be jealous that you're not celebrating the 18th of September here in Chile!  Or not, because this week wasn´t as spectacular as several unnamed ward members had promised.  I should first explain that the celebration that we attended (or the two hours of it that we attended) was spectacular.  Yet we were promised people in the streets almost shoving free food into our hands, or at least that´s what I understood several weeks ago when I couldn´t speak almost any Spanish, but I´m sure that´s exactly what they said.  Contrary to what I had imagined the week of the 18th being like, it was very quiet and very lacking in missionary lessons. ¨Why?" You might ask.  Because Chile is a very laid back country and it appears that to celebrate they do a little extra laying back for the week, at least in our sector.  Very few members, and even few non-members, seem to have wanted to spend their Fiestas Patrias in Gomez Carreño.  Meaning that for the week Elder Call and I have been spending most of our proselyting time trying to contact the few stragglers wandering from quiet and relaxed party to even more quiet and relaxed party.  Even though everyone says the same thing.  ¨Sure you guys can come by and teach my family the Plan of Salvation tom...PSYCH!! Not until next week!¨  One thing I can say I enjoyed about the week of Fiestas Patrias is that the lunches were certainly filled with more meat than usual.

Despite the celebrations, Elder Call and I have had a good time this week.  Before the celebrations even started we were able to have a Noche de Hogar with Marion and her family.  This meant THE TESTAMENTS.  It is bizarre how that movie works.  In truth the acting is not the best, to say the least, and the fake-stone-hat-props really look...pretty much just like that.  But it is all worth it for the end when Christ comes to the Americas because, if you´ve seen the movie you know, when Helam just starts bursting into tears the whole room practically follows suit and then everyone feels ready to have an awesome testimony meeting,  which is exactly what we did. Of course I should mention that Kohor totally makes the wait to the end worth it. 

Other highlights of the week include Elder Call being presented with a clump of toilet paper covered in, well, you know, by a two year old during lunch.  This caused the rest of the week to be filled with puns of which type I´m sure you are by now aware of.  Watching our Ward mission leader dance an awesome Cueca (The national dance of Chile) during the ward party.  Plus recently Elder Call and I have felt somewhat like a sort of dynamic duo as many people have now told him that he looks like Spiderman and I look like Superman, Elders Parker and Kent.

I have also noticed how much my English sentence structure has come crumbling down around me while I try to learn Spanish as I help other members learn English.  All in all I have really enjoyed this week and the awesome sunsets I get to see almost every day,  the ocean makes it that much better.  Of course from what I hear,  if something doesn´t happen soon sunsets will look mighty similar back home in Colorado.  Stay Safe!!

Elder Enright

Me, my trainer, Call, his trainer, Erekson, and his trainer´s trainer, Zegarra, who is also one of our zone leaders.

Sister Kahnlein, Elder Enright, President Kahnlein

Zone Conference

Shopping with Elder Call 


Empanada with chimichurri?  Just guessing here, he didn't actually say...

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