Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Late! (Rhys)

As you know, this past Monday was Labor Day, resulting in all Libraries closed and computers therein unusable for a day. I don't think I've ever hated Labor Day even close to as much as I did yesterday. Luckily, we were able to put time aside for today, when we would be able to email late. I hope Ronan had an awesome birthday and that he is basking in his presents and leftovers. I printed up your emails again so I'll be able to read them later, so I won't be able to respond to them yet. I do have some good stories though. Just this last Saturday, my zone planned on getting together at Yogurtland (where missionaries get half priiiice!) because we have a sister in our Zone who has to go back home to get a surgery done and then hopefully come back sometime later. Because of this we've been trying to do get-togethers of a sort during the week before she leaves. In fact, we're going back to Yogurtland tonight for the last one before she leaves tomorrow because our Saturday trip was unsuccessful, which I will explain. My companions and I went to dinner at Smashburger (super good) thanks to a member who was going to feed us but had to cancel last minute and made up by giving us a gift card. After dinner and before Yogurtland, we decided to pick up a few things we'd need from Walmart with the extra time we had and on our way out, saw some Elders (including our ZLs) from our Zone walking out of Yogurtland (they wouldn't be able to make the later time and went early) and they were approached by a woman. They continued to talk to her as Elders Stowell and Jack and I headed off. 

Fast forward a few hours to us heading over to Yogurtland ready to get frozen yogurt and Looney Toons spoons. We get a text from the ZLs that said "good luck" and we though it was about how crowded Yogurtland was, apparently not. The same lady that had approached the Elders before was sitting in front of Yogurtland. . . waiting for us. It turns out that she really needed help paying rent and needed a way to get back to her apartment, but she knew that we would be unable to give her a ride and the Elders from earlier told her we'd be coming. We helped her in what way we could and she wondered where we met for church. Elder Stowell gave her directions and a time for when we met and she said she had a Book of Mormon with her from the other missionaries and whipped it out. Elder Stowell testified of the book just as this old, slightly deranged looking man walked out of Yogurtland. He walked by us and said "teaching this poor woman a bunch of lies?" not sure if he was joking, I just told him that she had been needing help and we were trying to do what we could. He responded that "she doesn't need your help, you're just spreading a bunch of lies." He then proceeded to tell us why what we believe is wrong before heading to his car. A little bit surprised, but unabashed, The woman continued talking to us and we continued to talk to her about the church. Then the guy comes back from his car with a small pamphlet in his hand and pushes it into the lady's hands and tells her that if she wants to find the real church, she should go here. Then, this guy was attacking the Book of Mormon, saying that Joseph Smith wrote it all himself and that because of that Joseph Smith is burning in Hell. He would recite scriptures at us and if we agreed with him and told him, "that's exactly what we believe," he replied, "no it's not, what Jesus do you believe in?" Stowell handled it pretty well, it really ticked him and I off when he tried to tell us what we believe and insist he was right, but we kept cool and tried to cut the conversation short. Especially when he announced that he wanted to bash with us all day. 

Thankfully the sisters got there and put a short end to it, he didn't want to mess with them. but when Sister Monson told him to have a nice night, he replied "you have a nice night too spreading your stupid lies!" People can be so wonderful sometimes. We ended up going to Baskin Robbins instead 'cause the guy hung around. Haven't heard back from the lady since.

 I have to go now, I can include the other story in a letter I need to send, I hope that you guys are having fun and doing well in school. Continue (con - tin - you - eh) a estudiar la idioma de Espanol para que poderiamos hablar juntos en espanol.

Elder Rhys Enright

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