Monday, September 9, 2013

Mission Time is not Normal (Kegan)

Mission time is not normal.  It literally seems like yesterday I was sitting in this same internet cafe emailing you guys, but at the same time everyday feels so long, that is if you plan it right.
Another thing that is different on the mission is the endurance of a backpack.  I have had to sew two patches and duct tape the the holyness (pun certainly intended) out of a backpack that has lasted me a good couple years of some rough use and I swear I´ve been treating that thing like it is made of china recently.  

With or without a degenerating backpack this week has been great, super and oddly fast, but great.  We have intercambios every week and this week I was able to go into the other Elders area and be thankful for the fewer number of dogs in my area and for their temperance, even though I doubt that exists.  

Out here in the field we are trying super hard to get the members more and more involved in the work because it really does work better that way.  One of the opportunities I had this week to see this work was on Saturday when Mauricio, one of the coolest guys ever and a recent convert, was having his body combat class in the cultural hall.  Mauricio is a black belt and so has these body combat classes that are somewhere between yoga and Footloose-style punch dancing on Wednesday and Saturday nights.  Recently Elder Call and I have been working hard to get members to come and bring friends and this time it worked!  It was really awesome to see members, investigators, member's friends, and inactive members begin to regret coming as they realized how insane Mauricio can be.  That´s when you can invite them to Church that week because there isn´t too much exercise involved in sacrament meeting, depending on your calling, and it sounds so good to them at that point.  

This Sunday we actually had more people show up to church than we have had any of my other Sundays here.  Of course in some cases, because of the hour change, those people were super late,  but still the chapel was closer to full than I´ve yet seen it.  Recent converts are always a blessing.  The hour change didn't only effect the rest of our ward though.  I had completely forgotten, so when Elder Call got up at what my clock said was like 6 o´clock I thought the guy was nuts and didn´t work too hard to get ready for church because I thought I was up an hour early.  Not so.  

We do a lot of walking here in Chile too so I will either come home much skinnier or with ripped legs from carrying around the extra weight some the sisters seem bound to give me here.  But until then I love you all and can tell you guys are all praying for me.

Love Elder Kegan Enright

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