Monday, September 9, 2013

"Pray for me - REBUKE SATAN in the name of Jesus Christ!!!!!" (Bayley)

*subject line actual excerpt from a text the elders received from an investigator in the middle of church yesterday, except actual text included more exclamation points*  We have the greatest investigators in Louisiana.

Hello everyone!  My goodness, it's September 9, and people here are starting to put out their pumpkin and scarecrow decorations and it's just confusing because those particular lawn ornaments belong in fall, and it certainly doesn't feel like fall here.

But anyways, do I have a good crazy story for you.
*clears throat*
So we have this investigator, Debra, who is this really wonderful lady who just lost her grown daughter several months ago, and so has been really struggling with that loss.  After one of our first lessons with her, Sister Barton and I really felt impressed to invite Sister Lundquist to come with us to help fellowship Debra. Sister Lundquist is this really awesome sister in the ward who also lost a grown child, several years ago.  So we called Sister Lundquist and she said she'd love to come with us the next day to see Debra.  That day, as we're driving to Debra, Sister Lundquist told us that the previous day she'd had a friend call and ask if she wanted to go spend the weekend at the beach with her.  Though Sister Lundquist wanted to (I mean duh it's the beach) she really felt like she shouldn't go, and so told her friend she couldn't.  Not long after that, we called and asked her to come with us to an appointment with Debra the next day.  So that was pretty neat. Fast forward - the lesson with Debra and Sister Lundquist went really well, the two of them just really connected as mothers who've lost children, and a few nights after that Sister Barton and I stopped by Debra's without Sister Lundquist.  Debra tells us that she wants us to bring Sister Lundquist back, and for Sister Lundquist to bring about 6 pictures of just people, one of which is the son she lost, but not to tell Debra which one is actually her son.  Debra said that she had had a dream two weeks before and had seen this young man in her dream, and his face has stuck with her and she's been trying to figure out who he was, and then after she met Sister Lundquist, she knew that the man she had seen was Sister Lundquist's son who had died.  So Sister Lundquist was supposed to bring these pictures, and Debra would be able to recognize which one was Sister Lundquist's son because she'd seen him in a dream.  So just the other night we all were back at Debra's and Sister Lundquist handed over the pictures and it took Debra no time to flip through them and select one picture, and name the man in it as Sister Lundquist's son - and she was right.  


So yeah.  That happened.

Another story!

This last week we were teaching this less active family we have here in the ward, the Moores, who I absolutely love.  They have three girls, the youngest of which is 7.  We have been reading Book of Mormon stories with them, and they really are all completely new to the youngest girl.  So this last week we were reading 1 Nephi 8, Lehi's dream, with them, and at the end we asked them what they thought the fruit could be representing - specifically, we asked what this fruit could be that brought Lehi such joy?  Sydney, the little girl, starts listing off the kinds of fruit it must be, and Sister Moore was like "no, no Sydney, it's not actually a fruit."  Sydney gets this confused look in her eyes, and suddenly her eyes get really wide and she jumps up and exclaims, "IT'S CHOCOLATE!"  After she said that, her older sister, who's twelve, said "if it was chocolate he wouldn't want to share it with everyone."  Hahaha.  That's my new favorite interpretation of the Tree of Life.

Here in THE mission (never gets old) we have our good ol' 3-3-3 standard - 3 member present lessons, 3 new investigators, and 3 progressing investigators a week.  Well last night (and Sunday is the last day of the week) Sister Barton and I only had 2 new investigators and were trying to figure out how we were supposed to find that 3rd since Sundays are pretty booked days, and our evening (prime finding time) would be taken up by a dinner appointment that was like 30 minutes away.  But we prayed about it, and just both gained confirmation that we would find that investigator, and to just trust Heavenly Father and go about doing what we were supposed to be doing.  So the day went by and off we went to our dinner appointment without our new investigator, and at this point I was honestly wondering how we were going to get our new investigator (since dinner was later, and when we would get home we had time for the one appointment we had scheduled before going in for the night) and if maybe one was going to fall from the sky or if we were going to hit one with the car (which would have other complications) but I knew I just needed to trust Heavenly Father, and we went into the dinner appointment and the family (this super awesome family in the ward, the Howells) had invited two non-member friends over.  After dinner we were sharing a message that was really just some of lesson 1 disguised as a message (missionary work is sneaky sometimes) and Sister Barton asked if there was anything we could do, and Brother Howell raises his hand and says "yeah, I have a question."  Then he looks at their friends and goes "do you guys want to take the discussions."  And they did! Oh, and we set up a next appointment, teaching them at the Howells, and Brother Howell even said he'd make funnel cakes next time.  Bonus.  But the important part investigators!  Ah, another Festivus miracle!  Moral of the story: we have got to just trust God.  He never lets us down.

I love you all!  Thank you for your prayers and support, and for feeding the missionaries wherever you are, because I've come to the conclusion that how much I get fed here on any given week is directly related to how much the missionaries are being fed in good ol' Colorado, so keep it up! :P

Sister Enright

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