Monday, September 16, 2013

Still No Dunking!!!! (Rhys)

(FYI, dunking is slang in the Salt Lake South mission, and possibly others, for baptism. I may not be in the SLS mission, but I use it anyway)

As you can interpret by now, I still haven't been able to baptize anyone yet, which is kind of annoying. It only became really annoying when I opened up my email and saw that Kegan had one in Chile and I may have called him a few names that only my companion next to me (Elder Jack) heard. Obviously, a mission is about way more than baptisms, but it really couldn't hurt. 

We still haven't been able to get our investigators progressing - One's in Canada doing job training for a while, one constantly cancels on us, and the other seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. It also doesn't help that seemingly despite our best efforts, no one really wants to be a new investigator just yet. All in all, I'm not sure why I've been in such a good mood the past few days or why I am in one today. As far as stats go, those are definitely not the reason.  And while Bit-O-Honeys (Bits-O-Honey? Bits-O-Honeys?) are definitely a factor, I'm not sure it could come close to being an entire reason, non-chocolate candy can only take you so far. When it comes down to it, I can only think that it's from being a missionary regardless of stats. 

Being a missionary is awesome, people seem to be way more honest with you than they would normally be. An example of which may be when at the grocery store/library/wherever, people are either very polite and smile back (if you're lucky you get a wave and verbal response too) or they won't even look you in the eye. People seem to act either really polite or really impolite towards you when you have a badge on that says Elder ______, La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias (pardon the lack of appropriate accents, this is an English key board and seems to insist that it will stay that way). 

May I ask just what is flooding and where and how bad it is. I got a call the other day from one of our recent converts who wanted to know where I was from and after I replied with, "Colorado" and a beautiful medley of America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner sung in several different keys. This man whom I love dearly and is awesome (and has a super deep voice so that he sounds like Sylvester Stallone) proceeds to tell me that there is disastrous flooding going on and that several people are still missing and four bodies have been found. After which he tells me that he just thought I should know and I reply with a kind of "yeah, okay. . .thanks," and he hangs up. I should have said,"I ONLY GET THE CHANCE ONCE A WEEK TO TALK TO MY FAMILY AND ALL YOU TELL ME IS THAT PEOPLE ARE GOING MISSING AND DYING?" Something along those lines. So what exactly is happening? I've heard a little more recently than the phone call that the flooding is happening in Boulder, but I honestly have no idea, so any word would be more than welcome. Especially if it's not about more people drowning.

Elder Rhys Enright

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  1. Good morning, Elder Rhys:
    Aislin shared your blogspot :-). She's doing great, by the way, in her art class. Her first assignment grade should please her...I'm grading them now, taking a missionary break.
    Hey, I only baptized eight my entire mission in Germany, and I was the record-breaker for number of baptisms in my day. But seven of the eight stayed with the church, one become a stake president years later when the church grew to that point. Quality of baptism is important.
    Example: Here, in our Broadmoor, Colorado ward, two years ago, we had four missionaries who were baptizing one a month for almost two years. 27 in all. Today, two years later, only three are still active. I'm not to keen on the "quotas" and pressure mission presidents, region leaders are placing on the missionaries of today. In my opinion, Retention is more important than just "dunking" for the numbers? We actually do investigators/new members a disservice by rushing them into baptism, without a true, gut-felt, heart-felt testimony, and weeks later they quit, having expected a Dove to come out of the skies, or such? And when it didn't happen, back to the old habits. They quite. My thoughts, anyway.
    Enjoy your time. Prayer is important, that I can attest to on a mission. And serious work/study. It'll happen :-).
    Never been in Argentina, so I'll enjoy what pics you put up, when you get the time... a vicarious "vacation" for me/us.
    Know I respect you, and your family.
    "Mister G." :-)