Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Superman! (Kegan)

Hola, Mom, Dad, Erin (I don´t have her email but I presume she spends all of her free time reading my blog entries, plus please send her email with your response)...Bayley, Rhys, Amik, Aislin, Noah, Ronan, Liam, and Fionnula.  This week may have been the most interesting week so far.  A few things I left out when describing the mission.  First our entire schedule is a half hour behind the normal schedule because we need to be up later to catch some people because people in Chile don´t really like to get up early. Second, public drunkenness seems to be ok here in most cases (that comes up later).  Third, this isn´t about Chile, but I found a new Old Spice scent: COLORADO!!  So every morning I can spray myself with the scent of home. I was ridiculously excited about it. It´s funny you guys should mention Lex Luther who is connected to Superman because we had a baptism this past Friday (The Superman thing comes later).  Anyways the Hermanas in our area had an investigator get baptised last friday, Alex.  It was awesome and I have to say I was jealous of the Hermanas because we also have investigators who are ready to be baptised, Brian and his brother Diego.  While we were waiting for Alex to return to the chapel after being baptised I was sitting alone while Elder Call played the piano and a young man sat down next to me and said ¨You know you look like Spuperman, but blonde.¨ (Of course he said it in Spanish).  So after that awesome vanity boost we talked during the Mormom Messages.  His name is Augustine and he is probably moving up to the States in California to live with his grandma soon.  We were talking about the young men in his ward too because he says he has around seven in his ward which made me pretty jealous because I only have like four in mine, but oh well.  

Another interesting story happened Saturday when I was in interchanges with Elder Yorgason.  That night we went out with the Ward mission leader of Elder Yorgason´s ward,  His name is Enzo and he is 18 years old and an awesome mission leader.  Like I said public drunkenness isn´t exactly rare here.  We talked with three very drunk men that Saturday.  The third of which was the drunkest man I have ever seen and insisted on following us around and talking with all three of us for half an hour.  About halfway through this half hour he started asking me questions, the most of which I couldn´t understand because I´m new and his speech was super slurred.  But at one point he asked me something and I could instantly see Yorgason and Enzo rapidly shaking their heads behind his back so I did the same.  But he must not have been paying attention because he instantly gave me a big hug and a big kiss right on my cheek.  Elder Yorgason and Enzo were almost falling over for laughing so hard. So yes, I was kissed by a man on my third interchange.

Elder Kegan Enright

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