Monday, September 30, 2013

Temples and Transfers (Bayley)

I apologize for the alliteration.  It's awfully alarming and absolutely not acceptable.

So now that I have completed my 12 weeks of training, I am officially no longer a "new missionary," which is both awesome and not at all okay at the same time.  Have I seriously been out here 3 months already?  I know I've said it before but I'll say it again - missionary time is weird and out of whack.  There's a sister in the ward here who was baptized about a year ago, and she jokes that missionaries are really just Spirit-endorsed stalkers, which admittedly is true, but that's partially because of missionary time - we feel like we haven't seen our investigators in forever and need to go check on them when in reality we were just there that morning.  It's messed up.

Oh hey, so a neat story.

A few weeks ago, this sister shows up to our church building asking around about church and whatnot.  She gets in touch with us, wants to meet with us, and it turns out that she is a member of the church, and has been for years.  Apparently, she and her mother were baptized when they lived in Utah, and then they moved down to Lake Charles about 8 years ago, but for reasons still unclear thought that our congregation here was like an FLDS congregation, and so never went.  But then, for reasons also still unclear (though I'm putting money on some Spirit action here - except I'm not actually putting money down, of course) she decided to come to the church building and get in touch with the church, and now she and her mom are like the most awesome members ever, even though they hadn't been to church for 8 years until like two weeks ago.  How crazy is that?!


This past Wednesday I went to the temple!  The way it works here in our mission is that we have quarterly mission trips, so ideally 4 times a year.  We go by zone, and then since the Houston temple is out of our mission, pretty much we drive there, do a session, snap some pictures, and then hustle back into our mission before we can eat or anything.  But let me tell you - the Houston temple is GORGEOUS.  And let me tell you something else - if you guys can go to the temple...go, because seriously, only being allowed to go at a certain time and having to wait for forever in between, is a serious bummer.  But it was really a blessing to get to go.  Man, the temple.  I LOVE that place.

So tomorrow is transfers, and since Sister Barton is getting transferred the two of us will leave bright and early for Houston, and by tomorrow afternoon I'll have a new companion.  Transfers are weird, guys.  Elder Weeks, our district leader, and Elder Gilbert are getting transferred as well, which is going to be hard.  I really love my district, we're pretty much the greatest, and after tomorrow half of us will be gone.  But I get to stay here in Lake Charles, which is pretty super great.

Anyways, let's think of some other things to share about this past week.
1) It rained, to everyone's great surprise.
2) In teaching our investigator, Debra, about the Book of Mormon, we asked "would it be important to you if God gave us another testament - like the Old Testament and New Testament - more of His word?" to which she responded, quite loudly, "WELL DUH!"  
3) We went to Olive Garden no less than 4 million times.  Approximately.  People here love the Olive Garden. 
4) This really sweet special needs guy, Beau, who is neighbors with one of the less actives we work with, told us all about how he'd been sick, and had felt kind of like "how people feel in X-Men when Rogue drains them...or like how Invisible Girl feels after she makes a force field."  As he left, he said "bye guys - or, as Spock would say, *holds up the live-long-and-prosper hand signal which I'm sure has an actual name I just can't remember what it is* live long and prosper!"  Once he was gone, Sister Barton turned to me and said "I have no idea what he was talking about."  Hahaha.  So that was one of those special moments in which my wealth of superhero and Star Trek knowledge and trivia served it's purpose.
5) It rained again.

Welp, that's all for today folks.  I'll have to be on the lookout this next week for more exciting stories.  In the meantime:
1) Go to conference.  Live it up.
2) Read the Book of Mormon.  Life-changer.
3) Look at the mountains, just for me.  Soak em' up.
4) Make some pancakes.  Get some maple syrup.  Mail them to Lake Charles, Louisiana.
5) Please.
6) Okay not really.

Love you guys,

Sister Bayley Enright

Mary is this super sweet lady we are teaching who calls us "bright eyes" (me) and "angel" (sis barton).  Precious.

The Houston temple is kind of like a Disney fairy tale castle except even better.

My district is my favorite.

Orange zone!  Also the best zone.  We may or may not read D&C 4 saying "the field is orange all ready to harvest"...yup.

Panorama Burger House is my favorite burger place here.  Hands down.

This is a ukelele thingamajigger with a dead armadillo for it's back.  For reals.

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