Thursday, September 12, 2013

Duathlon and Knocking on Doors (Rhys)

Yesterday our stake (Tule Springs Stake) held a fun run early in the morning with the following activities: a 25 mile bike ride, a duathlon (12.5 miles on a bike and a 5K run) and just the 5K run.  Elders Campbell, Patterson and I all wanted to do the duathlon and planned on it a few days in advance.  Elder Stowell and another Elder were going to do the bike ride only.  The night before, seven of us (those who wanted to participate and their companions who didn't) all slept at Campbell's and Nelson's place for the night.  We woke up at 5:00 and loaded bikes on the bike rack of Elders Patterson's and Long's car.  The 25 mile bike ride would start and and duathloners would turn around part way and start the run when they got back. This stake is a crazy biking stake.  When we got to the starting of the race, we felt out of place because everyone had biking outfits and nice racing bikes.  It was weird.  Patterson, Campbell and I started the ride and Patterson and I immediately fell behind.  (I'll explain.  During the week leading up to the race, I was fixing a bike.  I don't have my own, and so I borrowed an unused one without brakes or a seat. I fixed it up before the race but couldn't get it to stop squeaking.  During the race, I could tell something was off.  I was pushing for every inch and squeaking like crazy the whole way.  I didn't have the tools to fix it during the race,but my brakes were rubbing the whole way.  Something I had fixed the day before, or thought I did.  So it was tough going on the bike, but I made it.)  When we reached the turnaround we didn't see any sign of Campbell and so just headed back.  The 5K was tough at first, after riding, running felt very slow.  But we made it and got lots of water and chocolate milk.  Turned out that Campbell missed the turnaround and did the whole 25 plus some extra!

A cool story now.  A few days ago, we really had nothing scheduled (which was depressing), so we were knocking on the doors of new or less-active members.  The Smiths, a new family in our ward, weren't home when we knocked on their door, but a relative of theirs was and she said that she'd been meaning to get a hold of missionaries because she's interested in the church.  The entire time we talked to her, and filled out and gave her a pass-along card (which I had brought on a whim and my companions forgot--Spirit!)I was this close (I'm putting my thumb and index finger very close together with only a tiny gap between)to spazzing out and cheering.  This was the first time something like that actually happened to me and I couldn't help but whoop as we walked away (the door had already been closed,and we were walking down the driveway, it's fine). Elders Stowell and Jack thought it was funny though, as a new elder I just thought it was a cool experience. I hope to hear from her soon.  Proof that God prepares people for you to teach and he knows when they are ready.

Elder Rhys Enright

Pictures of Elders Stowell and Enright playing with camera effects

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