Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Awesome week (Rhys)

       Hola, if you read my last email then you know (mas o menos) what we had lined up for this week, we wanted to be able to just teach more people and altogether overachieve. And I think that, "we did a pretty good job" (say this in Dennis the Menace's voice). Not even kidding though, this week was awesomely filled with work so much that it really sped by like nothing, but it was way more than nothing. We had a few people (I think two, to be exact) cancel on us partway through the week for one reason or another, but we still kept up teaching plenty of lessons and visiting with plenty of people. Overall a good week, up to yesterday, that is. When it became an awesome one. I feel bad about this, but Stowell, Jack. and I slept in until 7:00 this past Sunday. Considering that usually we all feel like apostates when we sleep in, you could tell it was going to be a good day just because we felt great, despite sleeping in (okay, some of it really may have come from the extra few minutes of sleep). We've been trying to make it to church earlier than we have the few weeks before, so when we pulled in to the church parking lot five minutes before the meetings started (much worse timing than we've had before), I haven't a clue why we still felt good. But maybe it has to do with a few of the following.

       During fast and testimony meeting, I got all three of us to go up and bear testimonies (which scared the pants off of me, but it felt cool afterwards). I want to be able to bear my testimony every fast Sunday of my mission and I've already missed my first week, so I'm not going to miss another one. Anyways, apparently I mentioned during my testimony that I have a twin on a mission in Chile and lots of people came up to me afterwards to tell me that they had no idea I was a twin (really?, I was sure I was at your house for dinner the other night and this same topic came up at the dinner table. No? Okay, never mind, you're all still awesome "irregardless"). While this was going on, Brother Olave came up and grabbed us to tell us that he had had a non-member come with him and his wife and that he wanted us to meet her. We met her and her name is Lily (though maybe with two "L's") and we're not sure if she's in our area yet, but she stayed all three hours and even announced during the third hour that she loves it and she loves Mormons. So that was cool.

       Earlier on (during second hour [?]) we talked with Sister Cruz about visiting one of her neighbors with her who had expressed some interest in learning about the Book of Mormon. So, after church, we missionaries headed to the Cruz house ready to visit and teach, only to find upon our arrival that Sister Cruz had taken her son, Damon, out to collect fast offerings. Brother Cruz had not arrived home early enough to take him, but shortly after they had left  apparently, and so invited us in to wait. It turned out that Sister Cruz and Damon would be taking about an hour to finish up, so we offered to teach the next member lesson that we were on with the Cruz family as they were one of the families that had to cancel on us during the week. So we taught a lesson which went well, but when we finished we still had a little while to wait. We had been waiting and planning and cancelling to visit this neighbor of the Cruz's, so we stuck around until Sister Cruz did get home and then we walked over to visit.

       First time, first and only time that we visited so far, her neighbor was not at home, but her daughter was and said that she'd tell her mom we'd visited. Feeling only a little down (like I said, it was just a good day from the start and when we would normally be feeling down, we were far from it. Did I say that already? If not, I'm saying it now), we drove to the Dinino household where we had been invited to break our fast with them because Sister Dinino is trying to kill us by feeding us delicious food. Only five minutes after arriving, we get a call from the Cruz family that their neighbor's daughter had asked if SHE could visit with the missionaries as soon as possible because she wanted to learn more. Elder Stowell laughed out loud at my face when I heard the news, I was incredibly and superbly, joyfully surprised. Nothing like this had ever happened before and I was super pumped to go teach someone who had requested that we come and teach after only seeing us at her door. Maybe it's a prompting of the Spirit, maybe it's from seeing three very good looking missionaries on her doorstep. I like to think it's a mix of both. We apologized to the Dininos for having to leave quickly, but they understood and were awesome about it and Sister Dinino sent us with food, naturally.

       So we made it back to the Cruz house to teach a lesson to Kalijah (Kuh-lie-uh). She was really receptive and accepted the commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and just as I was about to suggest the book of Enos, Elder Stowell beat me to it and that's how awesome our comp unity is. Kalijah is also fifteen which makes it perfect for us to get the young women involved. Other than the two Cruz girls of about the same age, our ward mission leader's daughter is only slightly older and one of our recent converts now works with the young women, so we're hoping to introduce her soon to more young women in the ward and we're super excited for her!

       We had sixteen lessons lined up at the beginning of the week, two cancelled, but at the end of the week we had taught eighteen! I don't know how much that is elsewhere, but it's awesome for us, when only a week ago we were struggling to get into peoples homes to teach them. We can search and search and search, but we're really the most effective and alive when teaching. And it's super amazing when someone asks you to come to them. I love being a missionary, and I've never felt more like I'm spending my time the best I can until coming out to teach and preach and learn and I'll be super excited when my visa comes, but I won't be ready to leave Vegas.

Elder Rhys Enright

P.S. Speaking of Vegas, there's a local dairy here called Anderson's Dairy that has the best milk I've ever had. You can buy their stuff at Wal-Mart like anything else, but their chocolate milk is soooooooo gooood. 

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