Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CCM de Mexico, Lessons, and BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!! (Kegan)

This week just started off great.  I knew the rest of this week would be awesome as soon as we visited Hernan.  Hernan is a recent Convert who doesn´t even live in our boundaries.  The Elders before us had to get special permision from President Khanlien to baptize him into our ward because he had been attending there.  Anyways.  because he lives so far out we have to drive for like 20 minutes in our mission president´s car to get to his house.  I have only visited him once before this week and when we visited last he had a little over a dozen rabbits he had caught.  This time when we went by he had more rabbits, but even better he had a ton of BUNNIES.  It was a little bad how distracting they were.  Good thing we taught him in his house because I don´t know how well I would have done against the temptation to play with the baby bunnies the whole time.  You might think it odd but these bunnies were fetching adorable and they were all over their little holding cage.  I included pictures below but really a live and real bunny is cuter, I´ll try to steal one and send it by mail next time.

Anyhooo, as if the excitement from the bunnies wasn´t enough to charge me up for the rest of the week (of course it was lets´s admit it),  I ran into Elder Ault the next day who was in intercambios with our Zone Leader Elder Angulo.  Why was our Zone leader in our area? Because Diego had his baptismal interview on Wednesday, that´s why.  He is planning on being baptized on the 2nd of October.  But, you still are probably thinking why the heck I mentioned Elder Ault when you don´t even know who he is yet.  Well as we were entering the chapel he said he was new, newnew, that kind of new, because he had had eight days in the mission so far.  Then I asked him if he went through the CCM in Mexico (because it seems that all Elders and Hermanas coming to Chile will be going through the CCM in Mexico).  When he said yes I started to get excited and then I asked if he knew an Elder Barnes while he was in the CCM because he was a friend and I had left the day he got there.  This made him stop walking, look at me, and say, ¨You know Elder Barnes?¨ I nearly wet my pants.  Apparently he and Elder Barnes, (okay Dillon, no Elder Barnes) were good friends and part of the same District in the CCM.  What´s more he asked me if I had known Hermano Finley while I was in the CCM.  I think that´s a YES.  I was almost jumping up and down it was so cool, well it was for me.
To change the subject quickly, changes were this past Wednesday but I obviously stayed.  However a new Elder transferred into our District, Elder Vasquez.  He and I had interchanges in my area Saturday during which we visited a contact from the past week, Marjori.  Elder Call and I had actually contacted her and her husband, Jorge, but he was in the north of Chile and will be until Wednesday.  So we had our Ward Mission leader with us and we taught the first lesson, well when I say 'we' I mean Elder Vasquez taught most of a sambombasstic lesson while I helped, a little.  But Marjori is another one of those people who just has that desire to be closer to God, to go to church, and to be baptized (on the 12th of October in her case).  She has three adorable kids and they all came to church together this Sunday and I have to stop myself from hugging her for being awesome because I´m a missionary and I don´t hug women.  Which can make it awkward when a woman you contact in the street tries to kiss you ( like they all do in Chile) and you have to use Matrix moves to keep that from happening.  It´s too bad the pulgas feel just as invited to hug and kiss you as the people do, because pulga bites itch like mad

 Love Elder/Kegan Enright

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