Monday, October 21, 2013

Child's Play (Kegan)


To clear some things up first I may have mentioned something about a drug -deal that we maybe walked through, maybe.  This might have possibly been read by someone else's mother who did not receive the same information from some other correspondent. So, to clear things up it may not have been too big of a drug deal, in fact, from what I remember  I might have just been a couple of kids with candy in a bouncy house. 

Now that that´s taken care of this week was mostly very, very foggy.  I actually appreciated this a lot after a week of scalding sunshine, Elder Call, however, every morning when he looked out the window made many exclamations about the sun and its absence.  But, we are back to scalding sunshine today so no worries.
During the beginning of this very foggy week we had an appointment with a family, se llama Navarrete, who we began teaching a couple of weeks ago.  They live in military housing because the dad, Jorge, is a marine. We went by monday to teach them about the Plan of Salvation.  When we entered the house the first thing we noticed was that a Chucky movie (as in the scary ginger doll) was playing on the TV.  The second thing we noticed was that the parents weren´t the ones watching, they´d put Chucky on for their four and five year-old daughters.  Marjorie, the mother, told us she had tried to change the channel but Elane and Ylanna hadn´t allowed it.  Okay.  So we ended up giving health blessings to Elane and Jorge in the other room, while Chucky continued playing until it came time for the lesson, because Chucky may not be the best way to talk about what comes after this life. I don´t know, discussing where several ¨victims¨went after their roles in the film were done with might have made a good segue.  I would think it would take some practice though. Entonces, we taught Marjorie and Jorge about the Plan of Salvation, which was very fun,  we are going to start helping them prepare to be baptised as well.  What was even better was when Marjorie told us that she was genuinely interested in the gospel for herself now, she said she had felt more or less like she was taking the lessons because Jorge was, but now that had changed.  I definitely danced on the way back home after she had said that.  It is a completely different feeling when someone you are teaching expresses their desire to fulfill the commitments to reach the very goal you are really and truly there to help them reach, which by the way is to be sealed as a family in the temple Whoop!

The next day we taught Eugina.  The mother of Mauricio, a recent convert who are both very awesome. Eugina started attending church with her son and his family after coming to visit him from Santiago for the 18th of September.  Now she is reading both the Book of Mormon and the Gospel Principles book used in Sunday school.  She is speeding through the books and the only hesitation she has towards baptism is that she doesn´t want to feel like she is playing with God by changing religion, something she has done once before.  She genuinely takes religion very seriously and I just love talking with her about the church because her testimony is constantly growing right before my eyes.  We have been asked by a lot of people how often we go on missions in our life to which we respond, of course, once.  It really is the best once in a lifetime opportunity I´ve taken advantage of.

Elder Kegan
Our pension bedroom. The bottom bunk, funnily enough (·cough· Rhys) is where I lay my royal head.



Living room.

The Hobbit doorknobs!! This one is right across the hall from our apartment.

Proof that Bob Marley is alive, an animagus, and living in Chile

A big spider I almost stepped on exiting the house of some Conversos Recién 
Nuestra actividad de zona tuvimos en la segunda semana de este cambio

Que paso en nuestra actividad de zona, que triste

more of the adorable bunnies because I can´t get enough of them and I know it must be the same for you guys.  

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