Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference, Conference, and Conference (Kegan)

Hola!  First off, Conference was epic, was it not?  I want to just say that it was made very obvious to me that the Apostles, Prophets, and all other leaders of this Church are divinely inspired.  I have been studying for weeks about the different types of Shame (Uchtdorf), The Articles of Faith (Perry), the best way to encourage and inspire member missionary work (um... all of them) and on, and on.  I was blessed, very much so, to hear conference in English.  All us Greengo missionaries holed up in the high council room with the English version on a small, very nice, flat screen and scribbled and scribbled what the leaders of this Church were telling us.  It was like finding a Wikipedia page with everything you need for an A essay.  It was awesome, genial, it was Sombombasso. 

I really needed it too because earlier this week had been tough.  We had Diego´s baptism scheduled for this Wednesday, but when we went for his parents firme, he´s ten and so we needed it (so there) his dad wanted us to come by the day after because he wanted to talk to us about the baptism with his wife.  So we went the next day, his wife didn´t come that day, or the next, or the next, or the day of the baptism (actually they were both gone that day).  The situation is that Diego´s dad (Enrique) is an inactive member whose wife (Monica) has been brought up Catholic.  She is also, apparently, very persuasive and likes Die Hard (good taste, bad timing as we were suppose to be talking about her son´s baptism that time), Race to Witch Mountain (bad taste, terrible movie, and bad timing again because this was suppose to be the meeting Die Hard took the place of the day before), she also, it seems had been warned by her family not to listen to ¨those Mormons¨ (Hey! that´s me!!)  So what it came down to was that she told us, over the phone on the day we had scheduled for Diego´s Baptism, that she didn´t want him to be baptised Mormon because she wanted him to attend a Catholic school in the future and was afraid Diego was being too rash after taking lessons for about 3 months (as soon as you guys find a disappointed emoticon, put it here).  What was really bad was when we had to tell this to Diego.  He has been excited to be baptised for a long time.  He also wanted to be very sure it was what he should do and so prayed after his baptismal interview and decided he definitely wanted to be baptised.  He nearly cried when we told him his mother had not given permission.  I felt a lot of things after that,  but over all of that I realized Diego´s baptism would mean a whole lot more to him and to his mother if it was not something that he was merely permitted to do, but was his first step to becoming prepared to be sealed in the temple to his family.  If we argued the permission from his mother, if he was baptised only with her consent and not with her desire to follow him into the font soon afterwards, I would have been actively separating Diego from his mother in the eternities and I will never do that anyone.  Until they are prepared to work together as a family to be sealed in the temple I feel we cannot help any one of them individually.  Sooo... Families are important, at least a little.

A couple things I have not yet told you guys about the environment changes here in Chile.  One, the majority of the population here have Hobbit doorknobs, as in Hobbit Doorknobs in the center of their door.  Two, they have whomping willow trees, well they look like whomping willows, I have yet to have the guts to tempt one into throwing me an uppercut.  I don´t have pictures because my battery is dead, the camera one that is. However, expect awesome pictures the following week, until then, Ciao.

Kegan Enright

P.S. I finally got some letters this past week!!! Aislin, you rock and make me feel so guilty for not having written a letter yet, or maybe I have, let´s not dwell on that.  Plus.  Elder Call and I totally walked through a drug deal this week, with watchouts, metal briefcase and everything.  I guess they didn´t think taking on Spiderman and Superman was a good idea.

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