Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference weekend! (Rhys)

       Hola, I don't know about the rest of you, but here in the Las Vegas Nevada West Mission, Conference was the bomb! Even when we had to go to the stake center for the Saturday sessions because no one had invited us. There was one small family there, but the rest were a few missionaries from our zone. Because there weren't many people there it was almost like a private theatre. Especially when I went and sat up front so it was just me and the greatest celebrities ever, The General Authorities. For the Sunday sessions, we went to the morning session at our Ward mission leader's house and to the Dinino's house for the afternoon session where, as we had all known would happen previously, sister Dinino once again attempted to feed us to death.

       Obviously, I loved all of conference, but there are always a few talks that really stand out to me and more than a few this last conference. First off, Dieter F. Uchtdorf's "Join With Us!" talk, boom. I love Uchtdorf and his talks. Every. Single. Time. D. Todd Christofferson, I think I like him more and more every time I hear him talk. He just comes across with such clarity that his thoughts are communicated perfectly. Bednar, stick it to the man. When Bednar spoke of those who don't pay tithing, we were all expecting a "try to pay it" or "pray about it." Not because it's Bednar (I wouldn't normally expect something sugarcoated from Bednar), but because that always seems to be the case when talking about not paying tithing, "you really should, but if you can't/won't, that's up to you." When Elder Bednar said "Repent and start paying it," it was just like, "oh, snap!" You could hear every missionary in our stake center going, "ooooooooo." Elder Holland always speaks super realistically (not sure how else to explain it) and this talk wasn't his usual fire and brimstone self, but more calm and sensitive. Edward Dube Rules, that's all I have to say, they need to get that guy up to talk more often. Every single time that Monson got up there was brilliant and in the Priesthood session, once our Prophet said the words, home teaching, heads were popping up everywhere and you could see the "uh oh" in almost every face there. I really love Thomas S. Monson.

       If I keep going on about Conference, I could forget to tell you anything about this week, so I'll have to stop talking about conference. Before I mention anything else, at dinner just this past week with the Cuffs, I was enjoying my pizza when some disgusting words that I never really wanted to hear made their way to my innocent ears. "Tom Clancy died." NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! so much NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! To make it worse, my companions then went, "who?" (lots of quotation marks in this email) NNNNOOOOOO!!! How do you not know who Tom Clancy is? Isn't his name on books, movies AND video games? So yeah, that was sad, and I also choked really hard on my pizza. Earlier in the week, before Tom Clancy apparently died (are we sure he's dead and he's not actually hiding in an African desert? or maybe an African dessert? English is goofy.) We've been trying to get back in contact with Kalijah about the commitment we left her with while trying to have a mindset of waiting for her to come back to us, we don't want to scare her. That's kind of tough though. After one attempt of knocking at the door to no success following a dinner appointment with the Cruz family next door, while walking back to our car, there was a man and his son setting out Halloween decorations in front of their house. We walked right up and asked if they wanted or needed any help. The man said no, he was just having some quality time with his son, Noah. I mentioned that I had a younger brother named Noah and we kind of got to talking with them. The man (who, no kidding is built like Gimli, short and I'm not sure is an actual dwarf, but looks like he could be and also could rip your head off with his bare hands, maybe a little more than a Gimli build) we learned was named Pete and was Catholic and is also super awesome. he invited us into his open garage to talk and he let us know that whenever we feel like it, we should just drop in cause he likes missionaries even if he has no interest in converting (yet). So yeah, Pete's awesome and also showed us that he has a piece of wood on the wall in his garage for throwing ninja stars at and let us have a go at it. Nailed it (I should say "starred" it) all three tries. So whenever we're back around the Cruz's area, we like to try and find a chance to talk to Pete. Even if he doesn't want to convert, what missionaries call planting a seed is always good.

       Speaking of that area where we were knocking on Kalijah's door, or maybe speaking of Kalijah (I'm not that great at segues, apparently), a potential investigator named Josh actually knows Kalijah! Josh currently lives with some members of our ward while he's looking for a place to stay and for a second job. He's my age and really skinny and really funny. He goes to the Canyon Ridge Church here that is Christian and apparently teaches anti Mormon classes, fun. Josh says that he met Kalijah at a church camp he went to a long while ago, but we're hoping that we can kind of get to teaching both of them, maybe Kalijah could talk with Josh even though I feel like it's her mother who's more interested than she is.

       One of our earlier investigators, the one who was in Canada for job-training, let us know a few days a ago that she got back and we're now working with her to find a time to meet her again because she says that she wants the second lesson, Yay! speaking of investigators, Andre, the Coppercrest ward's awesome recent convert, rents a room in a house where two other guys rent rooms. One of them, Joe,  has kind of slowly been listening more and more to us every time we visit Andre and just recently, Andre told us that Joe's is interested in learning more and is going to come with Andre to church next Sunday!! After all or our extra fasts (seriously, the week before Fast Sunday my companionship fasted for our Ward mission leader who's been going through surgeries, then we fasted for investigators on Fast Sunday, and just this last Saturday we had a Zone fast for more investigators) it looks like investigators are popping out of the ground, like daisies!! Not quite, but hopefully soon.

       This has been a very skewed email, but I just want to let you all know that being a missionary is the best (all of you who are currently missionaries know that already) and I missed my family a lot over conference weekend (which started at 9:00 here, I miss Mountain Standard!!), but it was cool that we were watching the same thing at once. As much as I love it here, and as nice as it is that some people are saying they hope I never get my visa (not sure if that's cause they like me or they want me to be miserable, but I honestly do love it here!) I am still going to be excited to go to South America, it'll just be hard to say bye to some people here. Vegas (not the strip) rules and I really hope that this makes sense when you read through it 'cause I'm not typing it all again. Love you guys (and girls)!

Elder Rhys Enright
Elders Campbell, Linn, Stowell, Jack and Enright
Red balloon over Las Vegas street
Giant cactus
Sunrise at the park we play ultimate frisbee at every morning.
Awesome playground at park
Ultimate frisbee field.
Anderson's Dairy chocolate milk!

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