Monday, October 14, 2013

El Hombre Araña!!! (and no pictures :( ) (Kegan)

Apologies for the bad spelling, as Noah has said my own Mother has, apparently, pointed out, my spelling does indeed seem to be getting worse.  However, I don´t have spell check, English spell check that is. Almost every word I write has the squiggly red lines underneath them because my computer appears to be trying to tell me, ¨¿Que Esta Haciendo?  Este Es Un País De Español, No Mas Ingles!!!!¨ but hey, if I wrote emails only in Spanish they would have to be translated by Fionnula, or Google.  Actually, that really isn´t the problem.  The problem is the time limit.  Sometimes I have no idea what the heck I´m writing anyways, just remeberflhgusdogdsagjsdavbdjadrfggl

The longer I stay here in Chile the more things I have become accustomed to.  Because of this there are still several things I still have forgotten to tell you guys about the change in culture.  One of my favorites, and one that I became accustomed to too quickly, are the gas trucks.  People here in Chile use a lot of gas, that´s right GAS, laugh it up Noah and Ronan.  But seriously, if you ever hear what sounds like an ice-cream truck driving up your street playing, oh I don´t know, here they like to play Christmas music and the birthday song. However, just when you think you are about to see a truck full of helado drive around the corner you see a violently orange or yellow truck, possibly with an ugly little dog painted on the side, vending canisters of gas. We were actually teaching a menos activo once when we heard the birthday song playing outside.  As soon as we heard it the young man´s nephew ran into the room and out the door yelling, Ït´s my turn, my turn, I want to!!¨ Weird

A recent change has been in mission rules.  I remember Mom emailing me in the CCM that rules on bags had changed.  Well when I arrived here this mission was an exception, or something, to that rule.  NO MAS, guess who has to get a satchel bag now?  I want one like Indiana Jones but I don´t know, maybe I´m going to be running less from murderous-ancient-native-tribesmen or giant boulders than I have so far.  Back to good news though, unless you really like satchels, according to one of our members here I no longer sound so much like Tarzan when I speak Spanish.  I´m still unsure what to think of that, but I have a pretty good idea.

Instant topic change,  In our ward there is a family from Columbia, possibly the best family in our ward, but don´t tell the rest that.  Anyhoo, the dad´s name is Hebert and is super awesome, he actually served in this mission years ago and loves to visit investigators and inactive families with us.  His 5 year-old son, Mateus, is the nicest kid in primary and absolutely obsessed with el Hombre Araña, Spiderman.  I have never talked to him without the conversation changing into, or having begun as, a conversation about Spiderman, and he talks a lot.  This last Sunday he was rolling around the ground after church and jumping over every single object on the ground.  Elder Call and I pretty much think of him as Spiderman and he always gets us to try and punch him so that he can dodge and/or shoot ¨web¨ at us.  He makes me think of Liam, but I´m sounding a little trunky here (we use trunky to essentially mean home-sick)

Love Kegan

No pictures sorry, forgot my cord!!!

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