Monday, October 28, 2013

Festivus Miracle Overload (Bayley)

I feel like I run the risk of overusing the "another festivus miracle!" reference, but the thing is, missionary work really is all about miracles - SO MANY MIRACLES - and sadly that's like the only miracle reference I know, unless you'd rather I reference that "Miracles Happen" song from Princess Diaries which, let's be honest, we all know we'd rather hear the "festivus miracle" line again.  Wait wait - I just remembered.  Miracle Max.  Yup. We're going with that one.  And not just because Sister Johnson and I like to yell "LIAR!" at each other all the time, just like Miracle Max's wife.

But seriously, MIRACLES.

First of all, Rhoda.  Remember Rhoda?  We found her just a few weeks ago during Hour of Power.  And guess what?  She's getting baptized Saturday!  Yup, it's pretty much the greatest thing ever.  Rhoda is AMAZING.  She has been SO prepared by the Lord - so prepared that when we taught her the Word of Wisdom and were like "coffee's bad" she goes "you know what?  I've thought for a while that coffee wasn't right.  That's why I never went and bought a coffee pot, because I just knew."  Yup.  Like I said, MIRACLES.  She came to church yesterday and brought with her her 14 year old son, Tyrone, and partway through Relief Society she just starts bawling and we went out with her and as she's sobbing in the bathroom she told us that she just can't help it, she just feels the Spirit here so amazing, and she just can't wait to be baptized.  After church one of the elders came up to me and said "Sister Enright - why were you smiling so much when you walked by with Rhoda, and she was crying everywhere?" to which I responded "EXACTLY, she was crying everywhere.  Best thing ever."  Seriously though, she is amazing.  God led us right to her, and I am so grateful for Him and for the blessing she is to me.

And since we're talking about how God prepares people, let's talk about Preston.  Preston is also amazing, and also super prepared.  When we went to teach him about tithing, we asked if he'd heard of "tithing" before, to which he responded "yeah, it's when we give 10% of everything we've gotten back to God, because it really all belongs to him anyways."  Yup.  At which point I stood up and threw down the pamphlet because my goodness, God is amazing.  Sister Enright out.  Okay so not actually.  Instead we just sort of sat there and blinked until he expressed concern that he'd said something wrong.  Nope, not at all Preston.  We were just confused as to why we're trying to teach somebody who is already Mormon.  But seriously.  Preston too has received all the lessons and is set for baptism, except that he works every single Sunday and hasn't been able to get any off.  He knows he needs to, but he's also working hard to earn money for tickets to get his family out here from California, so he's in a bit of a rough spot.  But he's even fasted about it, so it won't be long before he too is entering the waters of baptism.  We gave him a church tour last week and as he's walking around he sighs deeply and goes "I feel like I'm at home."

But the miracles don't end there.  We met a family of six that wants to start taking the lessons.  We got a less-active couple to commit to preparing to return to the temple.  We met a young woman who wants her family to be together forever.  We ate a whole bag of Sweet tarts and didn't get sick.  God truly blessed us this week with more than I can even comprehend.  

And now, all those miracles aside, let me tell you about how we pranked our zone leaders.  Because seriously, there is a special joy to be found in pranking other missionaries.  So this last Friday, after our District Meeting we had lunch on the patio outside our apartment - we and the elders aren't allowed to be in the apartment at the same time, but we're allowed to all be out on the patio, so we'll go and make lunch for them and have a right jolly time.  Well this past district meeting, the zone leaders came, and we were't quite prepared and so were running a little late in our pancake making.  Finally, it came to the point where the elders were all still eating and we needed to go for an appointment, and so we left them our apartment key to lock up and left, taking with us a can of Glade air freshener that, for some reason, the elders think is hilarious to spray all over the place, which we don't like because it smells gross.  Well, the time came for us to go pick up our key from the elders in Sulphur, and we arrived there to find that the zone leaders had left their car there while they went out with the elders, and that they, like all our elders (for some reason) had left their car unlocked.  We've told them over and over again this is not wise, but nobody listens to us.  Trying to think of some way to prank them, we returned to our car to see that can of Glade that the spirit had prompted me to take with us from the apartment.  Oh yes.  We deep sprayed their car so bad the lavender Glade spray was fogging up the windows.  Yes indeed.  It's the little things in life that bring us joy.

I love you all so much!  Thanks for all the prayers and the birthday wishes, I truly had the best birthday week ever.

Sister Enright

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