Wednesday, October 16, 2013

He recibido mi visa! (?) (Rhys)

(Ok, so this email explains Rhys's previously posted email and why he seemed unsure about his visa at first. But I got this one after that other.)

Hey everyone, so supposedly I have my visa.

       Saturday evening, my companions and I were on our way back to our car after knocking on a few doors of people we had met before just to check up on them. A companionship of sisters in our area had texted earlier, just before we went a-knockin' and asked if I had heard anything about my visa to which I responded, "No," because I hadn't. Then the sisters let me know that two of the Elders I had come out with had received their visas. I didn't really know how to comment on this and we started knocking so I didn't. Back to when we're on our way to the car. I see that there's a missed call from the sisters and I call them back, but It's Elder flick on the other end (one of the Elders that got his visa) and he tells me that he and Elder Exstrom got their visas on Wednesday and I also got mine, but don't go around telling everyone until I get a call from President and that we'll be leaving the 28th. That was it. Oh yeah, he also told me congratulations, which was nice, but as excited as I am for Argentina, I'm not ready to leave this mission yet! We have so many awesome people we're working with and such an awesome ward and such an awesome zone! Also, I don't want to (maybe I do a little bit), but everyone here loves me, just saying.

       I decided that I didn't want to disrupt the mood of the evening and our lessons or get our minds off of what we should be doing, so I decided to tell my companions that it was nothing and didn't tell them until after our daily planning and they both went really quiet for a bit when I told them. As I kept thinking over it that night, the circumstance kept seeming more and more suspicious. I was thinking that Sisters Christensen and Harrell (Sister missionaries from earlier) may be thinking that I was really wanting to leave for Argentina and may have been pulling my leg. What the heck was Elder Flick doing on the Sister's phone anyway? I kept thinking about it and the situation was making me very suspicious that they had all gotten together to play a trick on me.

       Next morning, Sunday, after Ward Council Meeting and before Sacrament meeting, I texted the Sisters from our phone to try and verify that I had been told the truth, because if so lots of members are going to want to know if I'm leaving or not (every visa-dub, every Sunday gets asked at least a hundred times if they've gotten any word on their visa, I had already been asked by several people in WCM about it and just told them that I'm staying here for now because I didn't want to lie). The sisters texted back that they had been at a baptism the other evening and Elder Flick and his companion(s) were there as well and he told her that he had seen an email that the Mission President had shown him and it said Flick, Exstrom, and Enright have gotten their visas. So I'm pretty sure now that I have my visa, but still no call from President, make that 95% sure that I have my visa, just waiting for the call from President. If I haven't heard from him by District meeting tomorrow, I think I'm still going to tell everyone in our Zone because, "a 95 is still an A."

       This means that I have roughly two weeks left here in Vegas and lots to do. This coming week, we have a lot lined up including a lunch with Andre and a potential investigator, Joe which I'm stoked for. Also, there's an awesome family named the Wachs here who have a son on a mission (he's actually in Fort Worth, Texas and when I told Sister Wach that I know an Elder Daley down there she insisted on telling her son to find him) so Sister Wach is crazy nice to us. We were trying to get a blender because Elder Stowell and I were craving smoothies and we've been asking people around the ward if they knew anyone getting rid of one or somewhere we could get one used/cheap/both(?). We got a call a while ago from Sister Wach that she had found one and she had it for us to pick up. We were psyched to get a smoothie and scheduled a time when we could pick it up. When we went to get it we realized that what Sister Wach meant by "found" a blender was that she had bought us a new one and also someone must have mentioned that we don't have an ironing board because she got one of those for us too! Members here are amazing to the point of being almost too nice. I'm really excited for Argentina (95%) and the awesome work I'll get to do and to get to be in the southern hemisphere, but I'll be really sad to leave (95%) the Las Vegas West Mission and the awesome people here, definitely coming here again after my mission. And for my family, there's a place in Vegas called Flippin' Out that's actually in the East mission and not ours. But it's owned by the Eliason family (Ee-luh-sin) in the Coppercrest ward here and they're awesome and Flippin' Out sounds awesome and I'm sure it is and if you're ever passing through Vegas, stop by because they have lots of trampolines and laser tag and stuff and I wish I could go. Make sure you say hi to Brother Eliason too, he kind of looks like Martin Sheen.


Elder Rhys Enright

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