Monday, October 14, 2013

Hola Mi Familia! (Rhys)

So, by the time you read this email, you'll know about the visa news/lack of news. I have to say that I'm super psyched, but this means that with a limited time left in the states, while You can still send mail cheaper (those of you in the states) take advantage and send me lots of mail!!  Mom, I am very open to getting an early pack-away Christmas present, I'm not sure how well I'd fit a Porsche into my suitcase, but I will find a way. 
(Note from Rhys's Mom--we heard nothing about a visa prior to this email, so this first paragraph is a little confusing to us too.... presumably there is a 'real' letter in the mail that explains it?, But given the next paragraph, whatever it is, it is old news now)

AAAHHHHAAAAHH! Just got a call from Mission president that My visa is through and I have to contact a Sister in charge here to know what to do about fingerprints and stuff! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'll be gone in just a few weeks! I'll be surrounded by people speaking only Spanish in only a little while!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH!!! Scary!! this is going to be the scariest Halloween ever.

Back on track, sorry, but I literally missed a call and had to call President back and I got my visa and they said that they were sad I was going and that they wanted to get the church to delay my leave by at least 6 weeks and it was really nice and sweet and I can't believe I'm leaving Vegas it kind of makes me sad.

NOW, back on track. I've been able to read your letters (some, I'm actually reading them right now so I can respond to them while writing, multitasking!!!!) and I am saving Noah's talk for tonight, but I'm super excited to read it. I'm probably just going to have to make one big one for all of you because apparently lots has been happening. First off, I miss fall. I know it's still fall here in Nevada and sometimes the air kind of gets that Autumn smell, but it's the flippin' desert out here and I really really really really miss Colorado in the Fall, especially when Fionn mentioned playing in crunchy leaves. I am super jealous of our apparently recently pimped treadmill and Conference Jeopardy. I really miss Conference Jeopardy, but it sounds like my team did well, "High five! Oh, yeah." All of the pumpkin sounds amazing and I love the Italian Job. Every time I see a Mini Cooper I always think of the Italian Job. But you want to know the car that lots of people drive here? Fiat, lots of fiats here. I've never even seen them until I came here and they seem to be everywhere. Also, lots of shopping carts on the sides of roads and people taking them home and everywhere. It's weird. we play a game of seeing how many we can spot within the shortest amount of time on the road, so I'll definitely get some pictures next time. I didn't do a very good job of getting outside pictures this week because it's weirdly hard to get them. We're not really supposed to take pictures while proselyting and that makes it difficult to get some of me outside. Also, with a car, we don't get a lot of time outside. We're either in our apartment, driving, or teaching most of the time, lots of teaching. Anywhoo, sounds like things are improving at the YMCA, I can't tell you how many times I had to fix/reattach that stupid inflatable slide, so I hope that all of the improvements are for the best and that the slide gets burned.

Now, about the Habanero. Yes there is a video, but I'm hardly in it at all, Stowell is the star of the video and let me give you a bit of advice, never ever eat a fresh habanero! I meant to tell you guys that story a while ago, but forgot and eventually realized I wasn't sure if I wanted you to know about it, it's kind of embarrassing. One of the members of our stake presidency offered them to us to try and he looked all nice and innocent and we took them home and tried them there. I have had habanero sauce before and it has been hot, but this was like nothing ever ever before. Habanero is up there with some of the hottest things ever. Normally when I eat something really hot, my nose runs and my eyes tear up and it hurts my mouth. Nuh uh, not this one. It hurt my mouth, it burned, but the worst were my ears, it made the inside of my ears burn like nothing I've ever had before and it felt like my head was burning. Luckily, we had bananas and milk which helped reduce the burning a bit, but the amount of banana and milk is what made me feel sick afterwards.

There, you have your filthy habanero story, don't eat one ever. We also heard that fresh orange ones were the fully matured ones, that's what we had. Good luck on your Eagle, Amik and I hope that everyone has an awesome Halloween, hopefully I'll be able to call you on my way down to Argentina! I have to send pictures now.

Elder Rhys Enright

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  1. Funny story about the Habanero. There's a reason they use pepper spray to incapacitate people!