Monday, November 4, 2013

A Baptism for Lake Chuck! (Bayley)

My goodness dear family and friends, you are not going to believe what happened this last week.

Okay, well, actually you might, since I pretty much told you all it was going to be happening - but happen it did.

Rhoda got baptized!

It was really and truly one of the most incredible experiences of my entire mission - and that is saying a lot, because I have had so many incredible experiences.  But when you see somebody you have come to truly love enter the waters of baptism, to take that step on the gospel path and make those promises with her Heavenly Father...dadgum, it's just amazing.  Elder Kleinman, our district leader, was actually the one who baptized her. Perks of being an elder.  But anyways.  During her baptism, I was thinking back to when Sister Johnson and I first met her - less than a month ago! - and it is crazy how much we can see the Lord working in all things. When we knocked on her door, when we held up the Book of Mormon and were like "hey check it out!  Pretty cool huh? Please let us come back" we had NO IDEA what was going to happen next.  We had NO IDEA that the Lord had been preparing her, that she had been praying every night for a church to go to, that she had been facing challenges and questioning things and just NEEDED the gospel.  But God led us to her door.  God is a God of miracles - FACT.  And he can use us to work those miracles so long as we let Him, and prepare ourselves to be instruments in His hands.  Rhoda's baptism was amazing.  Her children, who have not been taking the lessons...yet, all came to support their mother.  And when she came up out of the water, she walked up the stairs, took the towel from us, and just starting sobbing.  Ahh!  Missionary work is so amazing!  I love Rhoda so much.  She is just one of those people who has changed my life so much, and who I will never forget.

*deep breath*

So anyways.

Other than Rhoda's baptism, which certainly set the bar pretty darn high for this week, not too much went on.  I did go on exchanges, which meant Sister Kulu, our Sister Training Leader, came here to Lake Charles to work with Sister Johnson, and I went to Orange, TX to work with her companion, Sister Rogers.  Exchanges are weird. Fun, good, and wonderful, but weird.  You just switch places for a day, and you go into all these people's homes and they just look at you like "who are you?" and you just tell people you're visiting and it's a little confusing, and then you just eat all of the other missionary's food and panic that they're going to have eaten all those cupcakes you accidentally left at your apartment rather than taking with you.  Actually no, I don't eat all of their food because I have a guilt complex.  So instead I just ate excessive amounts of edamame and peanut butter M&Ms, because I'm kind of a health nut.  And my cupcakes were totally fine, by the way.

Oh, actually I totally have a story for you guys.

Also, side note, I have been branded here as the weird missionary who still insists on saying "you guys" and not "y'all."


So the other night we were teaching Duncan, this less-active guy in the ward who we've been working with to get him coming back to church and stop smoking.  So we were reviewing with him the commandments, and he was all "we have to obey the 10 commandments" and we were like "yes, but then God has also given us other commandments that aren't in the 10 - can you think of what some of those might be?" and he starts listing off these random commandments like love everyone and pay your tithing and then he goes "oh, and no smoking...marijuana."  And I looked at him and was like "not smoking anything, Duncan - just no smoking!"  And he goes "oh, right.  Tobacco too, I guess."  Haha, it was quite entertaining.  Our lessons with Duncan are always fun, if nothing else because sometimes his crazy roommate likes to come out and sit with us and tell us all about his random marital problems and ask if we give personal counseling sessions.  Uh, nope.

But anyways, I love you all!  This work really is so amazing - and what's most incredible, is that it is all of our work.  God's whole work is to get us back there to Him, to have us all return to live with Him and with our families forever - but he isn't down here, not the way that we are!  So we have to be willing and ready and active in helping those around us realize that - realize who they are, realize their potential, and realize what really matters in this life.

Thanks for all your prayers, for your love, and for being awesome.

Sister Enright

Elder Kleinman, Sister Johnson, Rhoda, Sister Enright
Rhoda, Sister Enright
Sister Enright, Kendee, Sister Johnson
Sister Kulu and Sister Enright  on a Sonic run
District P-day at the Gulf.
Elder Roundy and jelly fish.
More crab.

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