Monday, November 25, 2013

Bautismo 4!!! (Rhys)

Hola mis Padres, Hermanos, Hermanas, Amigos, Maestros, and whatever other category you feel like you fall under and is not mentioned above. First off, quite literally while I am typing this I am trying to get pictures on here as well and if I end up sending this without pictures then. . . . I have no clue. Okay, I´m going to stop trying to jam the USB into the computer and wait to add pictures until the end because I´m just going to have to. But now I'm going to tell you how my week was. First off, we had district meeting this Tuesday, meaning that we all plowed through mud and little tiny rivers in the streets to get to our building to meet, which isn´t even in our area, but whatever. After the district meeting, we did splits with the other Elders in our pension and I was the Senior companion in our area with Elder Mudrovich, and Elder Slangerup went with Elder Batt to their area. Despite the rain and the mud and people thinking that we were crazy, talking to them over the thunder and rain from their gates and sometimes in their homes, we came away with some new investigators and lots of lessons. My favorite part being when we were booking it home and I was wearing my awesome army surplus raincoat with the collar up to protect my white shirt. I´m sure I didn´t look nearly as cool as I felt (especially with the lack of hair), but it did remind me of a part in Wilem DaFoe´s character´s movie in Mr. Bean´s Holiday and that made me laugh when we got back. And if any of that made sense to you, congratulations. 

The next day was more splits, this time with the Zone leaders and I went to their area. Not as scary as it sounds. The zone leader I went with, Elder Bowhill is from Uruguay and has 3 months left in the mission and tries his best not to be trunky afĂșl. But really, we got a lot of work done that day, my favorite lesson was with some less actives and the man (had to be in his late 60s, early 70s) tells elder Bowhill and I that he only drinks wine a little bit every day and that he was still drinking when he was baptized in March, so it's okay, right? So kind of like Bayley in Louisiana, we had to come down with the Word of Wisdom pretty hard and when we left he was looking really sad at the prospect of no more wine, but I know Elder Bowhill´s going to keep up with him.

The rest of the week up until this Saturday was a bit of a blur, I don´t remember much other than walking and visiting Alexis every day to make sure that we´d see him on Saturday and making sure that everything was ready for the baptism. One interesting update that occurred over the week is my nickname. In the zone, people call me Juan el Bautisto a lot due to the baptisms that Elder Slangerup and I have gotten this first month as a companionship. Which I feel is a little unfair to Elder Slangerup. I honestly haven´t a clue why these people want me to be the one to baptize them, unless they just think it´s funny that I can´t exactly speak Spanish yet and want to see if I´ll mess up the Baptism. If that´s what they were hoping for, then they were let down, because I am not going to mess that baby up in front of everyone in the Baptismal font. But seriously, I really feel like these are Elder Slangerup´s investigators that are randomly choosing me to baptize them, but they´re all awesome and I´m just grateful for the chance I´ve had to teach them, even if I´m not sure half the time what I ended up saying.

Sister Wardell and Elder Stowell!! I´m super glad to hear from you guys and I´m jealous of all the stuff going on in the Coppercrest ward! not to mention the fact that Elder Stowell had to mention Smashburger! But for reals, the beef here is real good and Elder Slangerup and I bought like 3 pounds of beef (a kilo and a half, roughly) this Saturday and Elder Slangerup (I tried to help, how´s that) made some awesome food for the whole district on Sunday. Good meat, though I have to admit I have to watch how much I eat or I´ll get tired of it too fast.

Ooh ooh ooh! just got a picture on there of my baptism form about two weeks ago.

"And everybody not sitting on a cushion!" (I´m having a hard time movie quote wise here, needless to say they´re not always understood) Good luck everyone and I hope that you have fun for Thanksgiving and I´ll see what I can do about more photos next time!

Adios mis Padres, Hermanos, Hermanas, Amigos, People, Maestros, Chupicabras, all of you.

Elder Enright out

Elder Slangerup, Joana, Diana, and Elder Pelado (Bayley, everyone here says my name Enricht too!!)

Elder Slangerup, Alexis, Elder Enright

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