Monday, November 25, 2013

Bautismo!! (Kegan)

It has been great to hear from you guys every Monday and thank you guys for your letters and information on recently missed opportunities, and movies that I will see in about a year and a half. To be specific.

Right, about that baptism

In case any of you don´t remember we have been teaching Azaria, a young women who is 21 years old and renting a small living space from a member.   The first time we met with her she seemed pretty closed off but has opened up much more to us in just a few weeks.  Her story is pretty sad, she found out she was adopted when she was 13 years old and since then her parents have never treated her like their daughter.  She discovered the names of her parents for the first time after her interview for her baptism because we had searched for the information so that we could fill out the new member form.  The last time we taught her, Saturday, she asked us if she could have a birthday party with the members of the church because she has NEVER had a birthday celebration, ever.  So, what it comes down to is that she has been the happiest she has ever been in the recent three weeks we have been preparing her to be baptised. 

Earlier this week we hopped on a migro and rode to Ventanas for about 25 minutes to visit with a new investigator by the name of Victor.  Elder Ramirez, our district leader, received his name as a reference from a member in his last area who just happens to be Victor´s daughter.  So we taught Victor about the Restoration and he accepted a baptismal date for the 14th of December and to begin attending church with us.  He came yesterday with his five year old son, Victor.   The whole time he kept saying that things his daughter had told him and things he had heard and read were beginning to make much more sense now.

Yesterday, I woke up a little early to make the brownies I had promised to bring to the baptsm. I also had to prepare a talk to give on missionary work with what little time I had before the meeting started, I focused on the Book of Mormon, but the talk itself was terrible so I won´t make any more mention of it.  After the block of meetings we shuffled people into the chapel and I made the discovery that the ward´s young men had eaten half the brownies during their meeting an hour ago. So we took pictures outside and had a basic Baptism, Azaria was feeling very nervous and Victor told Elder Ramirez, when he saw Azaria go under the water, ¨that´s where I'm heading.¨  Yes it certainly is.

Rhys:   I love hearing about you in Argentina, there appear to be many similarities accompanied by slight and large  differences between Chile, the buses here in South America are insanely fun.  Here they are called migros, the collectivos are the taxis, but the cheap-rollercoaster idea remains the same.  Definitely watch out for the soda, I got sick of it on day one and you can definitely see here how bad it is for your health.   I would love to see pictures as soon as you get your camera!

Thank you guys for everything and remember that whether you are a full time missionary or not you are always a missionary.

Elder Kegan Enright

Bishop and Azaria

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