Monday, November 11, 2013

Ch-ch-ch-ch CHANGES!!! (Kegan)

That´s right, changes have come and gone and I can´t help but think of the David Bowie song when they are mentioned.  For those of you who are not in the mision (or in the mission) and/or don´t understand the concept of changes I´ll be quick with a description.  Changes happen every six weeks and it is when you will possibly be ripped right out of the little world you have built around yourself, your companion, and your area.  What´s worse is that you don´t know if you are going to be cruelly removed from the lives of your investigators, recent converts, and members until the morning of changes.  It´s terrible, nerve racking, sad, and oh soo fun.  A little like not knowing you are about to go skydiving for the first time in your life until your are simply shoved out of the airplane by your tall, imposing, Argentinian/German Mission President, but they really are fun.

So, knowing that changes were coming, Elder Call and I took some time on Tuesday to make visits to those we would miss the most, namely: Carlos (who Elder Call had helped to reactivate in the church), The Rojas Family (the best family of recent converts, and one investigator, I have yet to meet), and Marion and her Mother, Hermana Erica ( Very strong and very recent convert and her mother who is the nicest lady in the world).  All while we were making these visits, Elder Call and I both felt like we might  the Elder who was going to be sent elsewhere but we did feel like Elder Call, having spent more time in the area, was going to be the one who would go.  Although Hermana Erica guessed that I would leave.  Curse her motherly intuition. 
Wednesday morning, after Elder Call and I had finished ¨pumping iron¨ in the park, we got a call from the zone leaders while Elder Call was about to take a shower.  I was going to leave Gomez Carreño.  I felt really sad because we had recently begun taching Marion´s brother and I really wanted to see Mauricio baptise his mother and so Elder Call, empathetic as he is, looked up at me after the zone leaders hung up and said, ¨Sucker, that means I don´t have to pack,¨ and shut the bathroom door in my face.
Yup, at changes meeting Presidente Kähnlein announced that I would now be serving in the Quintero B mission as junior comp. to Elder Gomez. Fun Fact: Quintero B is the very same area Elder Call was born (mission terms) in.  Quintero is gorgeous and reminds me a bit of Stratton, Colorado despite being a bay town and therefore directly next to the ocean and it is super gigantic, oh yeah, and about half of our area here is a peninsulla (penensula, Penansoola, p3n1n2u14? English is really getting away from me).  All in all I have no idea why it reminds me of Stratton, it just does.  Elder Gomez is from Guatemala, where he served the first eight months of his mission, he is currently in his second change in Chile and is an awesome teacher, for me and the investigators.  He can walk super fast too, I mean super fast.
Here in Quintero B we live in a small shack that is pretty much a KOA cabin that has been abandoned in apearrance.  We also have another pair of Elders in our ward, Elder Ramirez (Tall and big, from Peru, reminds of Jake and is therefore awesome, we also had to lug an extra suitcase of his that was full of weights to move him over here from Viña, he is also our District Leader here) and Elder McDaniels ( From California, served in the same zone as me my first change).  We get to have lunch with them in the members homes almost every day here.
This Sunday was awesome.  A member brought a young man (Cesar) and his girlfriend (Azaria) who are NOT living together (thank goodness, such circumstances are rare here in Chile) but are both renting different casas from the member.  They arrived at the second hour and sat in on the Gospel Principles class on the Plan of Salvation (no, they didn´t sit ON the Plan of Salvation the class subject was the Plan of Salvation).  They were both interested in the class, Azaria a little more than Cesar.  After the third hour of church was up they were looking at the photos of recent Baptisms in the ward.  Elder Gomez went over and told them what the photos were of and what Baptism is.  He had barely started when Azaria responded that she really wanted to be baptized because she hasn´t had the opportunity to be Baptized yet, she said that was why she came with the member (sorry, still don´t remember the name) to church.
We arranged to meet with them later that very day, so we took a bus to Loncura and walked super rapidly to their houses which are located right next to the house of the member from whom they rent.  We taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel and about the Word of Wisdom, they accepted baptismal dates for the 24th of Nov. (Azaria) and the 1st of Dec. (Cesar, he will have to be in Santiago working next Sunday and will only have two church attendances by the 24th out of the necessary three, the 1st is the Sunday after the 24th)
While, and after, we were teaching them I realized two very important things.  One, God is literally preparing these people left and right to receive his gospel.  Azaria has been prepared by trials and has learned how much God really does love her through the perseverance she has received; Prepared.  Earlier in the week we taught a reference se llama Ana who told us she has seen a downspiral in her life ever since she stopped feeling like she loved God in return, she said one of the reasons she wanted to talk with us and attend our church was to reconnect herself and her life with God. Um....Prepared! Sometimes I feel I do very little to find these people.
The Second thing visiting with Azaria and Cesar taught me was how necessary it is for Companionships to find and begin teaching new investigators together.  Elder Gomez and I have gotten along much better since we taught Azaria and Cesar.  Before then I felt I was almost butting in on the visits Elder Gomez and I were having with investigators and recent Converts.  Now, we have investigators that are ours with which we can, and must, trust each other  to teach and keep.  They have made us better friends because we have now made friends we both share.  If all of this repeating isn´t helping you understand what I mean I am sorry, I can´t really describe it any other way, you´ll just have to serve a mission I guess (that reminds me, Cesar said he is interested in being a missionary, possibly, after he is baptised, Skadooosh)

Elder Kegan Enright

With Elder Call y Familia Rojas, sin Veronica
Crochet roses one of our investigators makes
She does paper art too.
Our 'cabin.'
Awesome abandoned church not far from the cabin
Angel statue on cool church
Me and church
Part of the peninsula part of my new area, it's gorgeously torturous

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