Monday, November 4, 2013

First Week in Argentina (Rhys)

(Rhys flew to Argentina last Monday, he had three flights, one of them 10 hours long, and two lengthy layovers plus a night in a hotel before arriving in Resistencia.  All together nearly 48 hours of traveling.)

Hola!  Not really sure how to put this, but right now I would have been way content to stay in Vegas. As far as missionary work goes, it rocks here! I got to baptize an awesome chica named Jasmine (hazmeen) and we have a baptism lined up for the next 4 weeks! The work here is crazy, one thing. 

But my first day here, my camera was pppbbbffft, gone. I want to say that I lost it, it´s possible that I just left it in the hotel where all of us gringos stayed the first night and I talked with the mission president and he says that he will check with the hotel and that if it is there they should get it because they know the people that run the hotel are alright and they should be able to get it back. But I have not heard a single thing from him since and I think that rather than having left the camera behind, I think that someone stole it. I have been praying and asking that the camera will find a way back to me because the fact that I lost it has ruined my first week here. I didn´t just lose a camera, but also 30+ pictures of people from Vegas. TMNT cup pictures, pictures with my zone, stuff like that. So guess what I haven´t done a lot of recently? taking pictures. Luckily, Elder Slangerup was able to get pictures of the baptism, but I don't know if I will be able to get them. 

If it weren´t for the missionary work, it'd be really, really hard to be here. We´re in Formosa right now, probably the poorest part of Argentina, and we´re in the poorest part of Formosa. So we just walk the streets and high five kids and teach them a bit of English and mostly, teach and baptize. Everyone hear is super humble and accepts the gospel real easily and as opposed to Vegas, the easiest thing here is to get to teach people and the hardest thing to do is to live. Our pension (apartment) has ants all over it, all the time. The bathroom is one of the nastiest things I have ever seen/smelt and the kitchen. . . really there isn´t one. But we´re lucky to have a fridge and a tiny oven that the mission was able to get us. It seems sometimes like all there is here is mud (lots of it), mosquitos, stray dogs that are trying to kill each other, and people to baptize. I didn't realize how spoiled I was in Vegas until I had to leave it all, and I really miss it.

It´s tough here (especially without a camera, still looking for it everywhere!), but we have an awesome branch here that I plan on leaving as a ward because I want everyone here to get the chance to experience how amazing it is. This is a really disjointed and random email, so I´m going to finish it and ask Elder Stowell if I could get more emails from our zone, because I only have yours and maybe Elder Patterson´s. I miss everyone and cannot wait to get to feel a real shower again, and carpet (sweet carpet, I can´t lay on the floor here cause it hurts.)

Elder Enright

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