Monday, November 11, 2013

Four for you, Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! (Bayley)

This particular title has to do with the fact that I'm staying in Lake Charles for another transfer!  Which means I've been blessed with four transfers here - which means I'm practically Glen Coco, life is so good. Transfer calls came this past weekend and though we are losing some of the elders in our district (which is always sad) I am so blessed to be here in my mission birthplace for another transfer - which includes Thanksgiving, which I'm stoked about.  They deep fry their turkeys here, and I've heard it's heavenly.

Anyways, deep fried turkey aside, let's talk about missionary work.

It's kind of the best thing ever.

This past week, we had knocked on this guy's door and he was interested in hearing about our message (which is always exciting) and we told him about how the wonderful news that we bring to people is that Christ's church and the fullness of God's everlasting gospel is back on the earth, and then we asked him that if was to find out for himself that this was true, would he be baptized by that restored power of God - the priesthood - into that true church?  His response: "well DUH."  Haha!  I love it.

Some other notable moments of the week:

While giving the message at a member's home, we were teaching a whole  crowd of little children about Joseph Smith and the power of prayer.  We asked "If Heavenly Father was sitting here right now - what would you ask him?"  One girl raised her hand and said "How did God make Eve out of Adam's rib?" while another asked "How did we all come from like one family but there are so many different last names?"  Yeah. Talk about deep doctrine.

While teaching a less active who has been coming back to church but never staying the full 3-hour block:
Me: "Duncan, why don't you stay for all of church?"
Duncan: *dead serious* "I'm afraid that if the blessings come too fast, I'll just go crazy!"

While talking to an investigator who had just returned from a voodoo festival in New Orleans:
Miss Belle: "You gotta sin every once in a while, just so you have something to pray about!"

While at Chiles having lunch with a member:
Sis Howell: *after finishing her food* "Well there goes my diet"
Waitress: "Not really - wasn't it white cheese on top?  Mozzarella?  Yeah - white cheese has no calories."
No joke.
Yup.  So pretty much, down here in the south, pizza is like the healthiest thing ever - just some good grains and tomatoes, with no-calorie goodness melted all over the top.  Throw some veggies on top of that and you're such a health nut it's out of control.

While teaching our 12 year old investigator, Taymyra:
Me: "What things could you thank God for?"
Taymyra: *thinks for a minute* "That I'm not a beetle." True that.
And, in the same lesson, after teaching about how God can answer her prayers through the Holy Ghost, and how he does so she said: "I've never felt the Holy Ghost before...or seen it.  Except in the Simpsons." Haha!

And one of my favorite stories of the whole week happened just yesterday.  We had a little bit of time to spend before our dinner appointment, and decided to go check up on our investigator Elizabeth, who has been sick and so unable to meet with us for a while.  We knocked on her door, and after she answers she pretty much completely breaks down and starts sobbing about how she's so tired and everything is so hard and she just doesn't know what to do.  We comforted her as much as we could, and then asked if she would like a priesthood blessing.  She told us yes, and we told her that we'd be back in like an hour with some young men who could give her a blessing.  So we leave and call Elders Kleinman and Brewer, and ask if they could come down to Lake Chuck to give one of our investigators a blessing, which they say they can do.  Fast forward to like an hour later, we're all sitting there in her living room preparing for her to receive the blessing.  She wanted a blessing of healing, and so we tell her a little bit about the priesthood and ask if she has the faith to be healed, and then Elder Brewer gives her like the most incredible blessing of healing ever.  It was amazing.  One thing I've truly loved about my mission is seeing the priesthood in action.  It really is the power of God on earth today, and every time I witness a blessing I am reminded of what an incredible gift this priesthood is to all of us today.  After the elders finished giving her the blessing, Elizabeth sat there for like 5 minutes with her eyes closed, until she whispered "I can feel the warmth."  It was really incredible.  The spirit was so strong, and Elizabeth was just completely overwhelmed by it.  Afterwards, she took the elders hands and just sat there for a while, telling all about how she felt.

Listen, guys.  This is real life here.  The power of God is on the earth today.  We have it.  He's given it to us to help each other and ourselves.  So many people don't know that!  They don't know that God has given us the priesthood, and to think of all the blessings they could have by it just reminds me of the importance of this work.  This is the real deal.

And then, in proper Lake Charles-ian fashion, the whole experience ended with Elizabeth saying she had a question for us, which went like this:
"There's a Carrie Underwood song, and I can't remember it...God has the wheel?  Jesus at the wheel?"
Elder Brewer: "Jesus Take the Wheel?"
Elizabeth: "Yes!  That one.  Is that a popular song?"

Haha!  My goodness, it was just perfect.

This work is so amazing, you guys.  I just can't even begin to tell you how much it has changed my life to be a missionary.  Love to you all,  

Sister Bayley Enright

LOUISIANA!  I don't care where I go the rest of my mission, but Louisiana will alllllways be my favorite

me, Rhoda, and Mark and Mikah  - pretty much some of my favorite people ever. they're doing Rhoda's new member lessons with us. I love them. Also my camera was foggy. Don't know why.
Bro Boies is this LA guy who is hilarious
A turkey fryer! Seriously, this is going to be good.

Sister McQueen is in my zone, and I love her. A lot.

A street called "elder". Pretty self explanatory.

Sister Kulu!
Gator pond, where the elders threw everything they could find at the gator to make it move. Haha

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