Monday, November 18, 2013

Hayskrim y Kukys (Kegan)

Hello Family!
Thank you so much for the emails pictures and letters.
At the beginning of this week I emailed you guys about the last week but obviously you know that already, I hope.  So after Emails and the rest of P-day, which I spent pretty much all of cleaning the kitchen in our pension (rhyme, double points!) we went back to work.

That same night we visited Jaqueline and Kimberly.  Kimberly is a recent convert who was actually baptized when Elder Call was serving over here.  Her mother, Jaqueline, was not baptized and still has not been.  Jaqueline has a strong testimony of the church and the Book of Mormon, which she is reading for the fourth time, but still cannot be baptized because of the man whom she lives with and is not married to.  They actually have pretty much no relationship together.  They have a daughter, Ignacia, but now have separate rooms in their apartment and pretty much live separate lives.  What really stands in Jaquelines way of being baptized is that she doesn´t have the heart to throw him out because he literally has nowhere else to go, she also won´t marry him because he is the type of guy who disappears for days or weeks before showing back up at the house and lying around for a couple days. We are also not the only people who want her to be baptized, Kimberly really wants her mother to be baptized because she knows it is the first step to becoming an eternal family.  They both have a strong relationship with the missionaries and we have visited them several times this week to see how they are, to deliver a birthday cake, and to teach them about baptism and the plan of salvation.

Last week we found two new investigators, Ana and her son, Edgar.   They were both genuinely interested in the gospel and we had a visit with them this past Wednesday accompanied by their member friend Roberto and the Bishop.  We had an awesome lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ, they both accepted the invitation to be baptized and were ready to come with us to a Noche de Hogar were were having Thursday.  Thursday came, we bought a cake for the Noche de Hogar and were preparing to visit with Ana and Edgar before the NdH to take them to the home at which we were having it.  However, at Robertos house, Roberto gave us a bag that Ana had given him so that he could deliver it to us.  In the bag were the two Books of Mormon we had given them as well as the three pamphlets and a letter as well.  In the letter Ana told us that she had spoken with a member of her church who told her she was fine where she was and that she was grateful for all of our time, but would rather we stop teaching her.  Fetch! Needless to say we didn´t take the cake to the NdH (It later went to Kimberly for her birthday).  I really don´t know what to say, but I was honestly super depressed when I read that letter and even more so when the Noche de Hogar went so stinking well.  We are still going to try to find time for her to meet with us but it looks slim.  The rest of the week was actually very awesome so don´t feel too bad for me.

Elder Kegan

This lady makes us wear bibs when we eat lunch with her, at least we look so great. Starting from left: Elders Gomez, McDaniels, and Ramirez, our district leader.


Look! It´s Ice C-,  I mean Hayskrim

They´ve got Kukys too!!!

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