Monday, November 4, 2013

Humbug! (Kegan)

I´m going to steal the Miracle format from Bayley for today

           This week has been chock full of literal miracles, no joke. Just last Monday I was having problems with my card, as in the card with money on it (not taped onto it or anything as I´m sure you are trying to imagine), VISA.  There have been troubles with it in the past as in not being able to use it to purchase food at the registers in the Tottus (our local Safeway lookalike) and when that is its very purpose, that´s something of a problem.  So I have been having to pull cash from ATM machines in order to buy food, extra charge in the case of the machines. Second problem, I had ended up with only 3,800 pesos to buy my food for the week (500 pesos = 1 dollar) I really don´t know how because I have become a bit like Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to money here, I keep track of all of it and I should have had more, BAH! Humbug! Short phone conversation with the finanzero of the mission, my card must just not work with the registers in Tottus and I will just have to buy food for three days, Miercoles marks November and a new a month means more money, I´ll finish my shopping then. But I will still need to eat for those three days, can´t pull cash for lack of funds, and all I have in the pension is pretty much Skittles and Peanut Butter (kudos to the best Mom ever).  So I grab about five dollars worth of yogurt (in a bag because this is Chile) and eggs, to make sure I certainly have enough money, and we pray in the baking aisle to be able to find a register that will function with my card.  Walking slowly back towards the entrance and looking for a register we can choose I see the number 13 and feel really good about it.  So that´s the one we went to and VOILA!! my card works and I eat delicious yogurt and egg (and Skittles and Peanut Butter) to survive until Miercoles when I received my precious money (¨humbug¨).  

         Second and Third miracles.  This past jueves was hard, really hard.  It was a hot day and nobody was opening their doors to us until we visited with an inactive family who went inactive after the very active father died several years ago and  we have been trying to get come back to church.  We could enter this time because the Hermana´s older son was in the house, so we sat down with the two of them and talked about the importance of going to church.  At first the Hermana wasn´t very interested in  coming back at all and told us she felt her son needed to go, but only so that he would one day receive the Priesthood and be the priesthood holder of the home.  That was when Elder Call pulled out the big guns, taught and testified about church, faith, family, and being an example of the believers, (short description of Elder Call: He looks like Peter Parker and kicks about the same amount of butt as Spiderman, Kicking butt in missionary terms of course).  The Hermana showed a MIRACULous amount of humility and the spirit just made things click in her mind like a... well a miracle.  

That very night as we walked by the church our SocSoc president asked us to help her with this and that for her parents anniversary party she was throwing in the cultural hall that very instant.  As we exited the church , later than we´d planned, we saw a woman working in the garden outside a house we had been knocking at for weeks without success.   Her name is Patricia and she is a reference we received a while back.  That night we were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon, which she took a copy of to read for herself, and about the Plan of Salvation to answer some questions she had.  She isn´t a new investigator because she is going to move this week, but we are going to put her  in contact with the Elders over there possibly through a lesson with the other Elders as kind of a switch-off.

So, awesome, very hard week past I want to thank you guys for your letters, emails, packages, and prayers, they really and truly make the difference.  Rhys:  Have an awesome time in Argentina, I will read your letters later today on paper, but still, good luck.  Family (back home): Halloween pictures are awesome, I am very sure you guys amped up the costumes since I left.  Bayley:  Good luck with any dog-crazy people from here on out, I suggest a DogDazer, Elder Call´s mom sent him one (If you are reading this Sister Call, thank you soooooooo much for the DogDazer) It is pretty much a Stupefy remote for dogs.  CCM Distrito:  I miss you all and Elder Watson I wanted to commend you on your fortune telling skills, everybody here pronounces my name ¨Enricht¨ or ¨Henricht¨

Elder Enright

Awkward District photo

4 Newly ordained Elders in our ward!
Cool Flower
For Elder Call's parents--Elder Call.
And Elder Call again.

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