Monday, November 18, 2013

Pelado! (Rhys)

Hola, people! Thanks for all of the emails and letters that I have received because every single p'day is the best thing ever as me and all in my pension (My companion elder Slangerup and also the two others whom we share a pension with also whom I haven´t mentioned yet, Elders Mudrovish and Batt, Elder Mudrovich is from Vina Del Mar and next week  when I remember to ask him which part I´ll tell you and he says that Quintero is gorgeous and everyone here says Elder Batt´s name "butt" and it´s really funny and oh my gosh I really could make this thing go on forever if I wanted to, but I´m not going to so that I can get on with writing things that are actually interesting like I have the good computer this time so I can actually type fast rather than have to pound every button down as hard as I can to get it to anything, okay, I´m done now) sit down and eat newly purchased lunch and read printed emails. I just wish that after that everyone else would actually want to do something because then they all go to sleep and apparently without mound upon mound of college work to complete, I can´t nap. So I try and find other stuff to do around the pension, mostly clean and kill bugs, and draw and write.

Seriously though, this week was quite Bueno (sidenote here, I´m not quite speaking Spanish yet, I´m speaking spanglish still), Elder Slangerup and I pretty much completed almost every single goal that we´re supposed to get and even over-achieved on a few. For instance, two baptisms and two confirmations the following Sunday don´t sound too bad to me. I´m so excited to see this awesome tiny little branch in Formosa capital grow and I would really like to leave it a ward because the members here that work so hard deserve it more than anything to have the church grow with and around them. We also have a few new investigators that we´re teaching, one of them is a part member family with a son of about thirteen baptized and we´re working on getting the rest of the family to church because families are the best! 

I really don´t know how to segue this into something else entirely with out saying so, so here goes. I´m going to talk about something else. Until I made it out here, I didn´t quite realize how spoiled I was in the states. I love it here and I´ll be sad to leave, but there are so many things that you don´t realize you´d miss until you really do. Like properly sized plungers for instance. For a country that apparently has no toilets that actually do anything other than shoot a  tiny bit of water into the toilet bowl, you´d think that they´d be a bit prepared with an actually workable plunger in case. . . well, you know. In case the situation arises. . But it rules here. We have these colectivos (busses) that are super fun to ride on and if you grab onto the handle above your head, then when the colectivo stops, because they stop super fast, you can whip your feet out from in front of you and be completely horizontal for a few seconds as the brakes squeal. 

Oh! almost forgot to explain the pelado thing. Earlier this week, my companion got his hair cut by a member who had just bought an electric hair cutter thingy and offered to cut our hair. When his hair was cut, we had to rush back to our apartment so I got my hair cut another day, Wednesday to be exact. Before I got it cut, the member asked me how I wanted it. So I told her (oh yeah, her name is Hermana Acosta and she´s the wife of our branch president and the whole family is super awesome) 3 on the sides and 9 on the top, those were the numbers that you could choose to make it longer or shorter or what ever and yeah you know all that. Well, yeah. She cut it all at 3. So after all my hair se fue, we went to visit one of our investigators (one of the ones who just got baptized, Diana) and she lives with her mother who is super awesome and like the grandmother (not literally) of almost every kid in a square kilometer. So lots of little kids were coming up and high fiving us and rolling round laughing yelling "Pelado, pelado!" Which yeah, means bald. Don´t worry, it´s growing back. and for the first few days I had to rub sunblock on my snow white cabeza (made me think of Jim Gaffigan) until it got a little bit of a tan on my scalp so that I don´t die of skin cancer down here. On the bright side, people staring at my head and asking questions is a good way to get past gates and sitting down teaching lessons, because Elder Slangerup and I are going to bring everyone to church, one way or another. 

Thanks again for all of the emails and letters and I´m looking at cameras to buy, but still praying for the other to pop up, I have most stuff backed up on a thumb drive including the videos (I wasn´t going to let those go, Elder Stowell) and it´s just my last week in Vegas with lots of awesome photos. I´m now going to send this letter and pretend that I don´t care that it has no structure whatsoever, I´ll worry about English when I´m speaking it again.

Elder Rhys Enright

P.S. something really funny here is that every Elder, escpecially the latinos, use the word fetch a lot. The latino elders will be speaking super fast Spanish and all of a sudden fetch will slip in and it´s really funny to hear.
P.P.S. Jake, thanks for the email soo much, I´m working on coming up with a name,

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