Monday, November 11, 2013

Second Week in Argentina! (Rhys)

Wow, there are a lot of you that I forgot to send my last email to, which I must admit I am super grateful for. When I first got here, everyone was telling me that the first week was going to be hard and that I was going to want to go home that whole time. I was thinking that they were all wrong, but then the realization that I no longer had my camera pretty much made me want to cry until I went home. So my whole first week (okay, not all of it, just until p-day) was terrible. So my last email is pretty much my whiny letter that I´m glad I didn´t send to everyone, though I am willing to bet quite a bit of money that it´s on the blog, so I guess who I sent it to or didn´t really doesn´t matter. However, thank you all who sent me emails telling me it would get better because it has, actually, I think that it´s the same, I´ve just stopped whining, mostly. 

No, I don´t have my camera, but we are living here like kings compared to most of the people here and definitely when compared to those that are in our area. We have an awesome mission president who always wants us to tell him if we´re lacking in anything. And it´s pretty cheap to live here anyway. 

Elder Slangerup and I are working this area like crazy, which is saying something considering that Elder Slangerup got here only one week before I did and got shouldered with the responsibilities of a District Leader at the same time. We have three baptisms lined up for this coming Saturday and one of them, Yoana, is what we call a golden investigator. She hasn´t had any problems the whole time that we´ve taught her, with anything, and she came to church with us the first time we invited her! As far as the work goes down here, getting people to come to church is the hard part, but Yoana (said like Joanna) hasn´t seemed to show any strain to do anything whatsoever even though I know that it´s hard sometimes if not always. 

One thing that I´ve learned not to take for granted ever again is water. When Elder Slangerup and I are walking around all day in 100+ degrees (fahrenheit, everything here is in celsius, so it´s somewhere between 30 and 40). Another thing, I´m starting to get real skinny from all of the walking around,  no matter how much I eat, which is a lot. 

One thing that seems to have happened a lot over this past week, is encounters with drunk guys. One of these encounters was just yesterday when a guy who was obviously very very drunk, asked us to come and share the word of God, so we did. His girlfriend came out a few times and then she said something to me in the middle of the lesson and while I can teach the lessons well in Spanish, and actually speak and understand alright, sometimes, the speed at which people speak throws me way off. So I had no idea what she was saying, but Elder Slangerup told me that she said she likes my eyes. Okay kind of off the subject, but not too weird considering how many people here like blue eyes, no biggie. After the closing prayer though, the guy, Walter, said that another Elder would have to come back next time because he didn´t want me coming back. But luckily it turns out that he lives in the area of other elders and he was at the house of a friend when we taught him. The likelihood of him actually taking all the lessons is slim because he was drunk, but we´ll always try.

That´s a thing here that is way different than in the states, we teach all the time to any one.  A lot of the time, it´s kids. We taught in the states, but here we just ask people everywhere if they would like to here a short lesson/charla that´s about 5-10 minutes long and a surprising amount of the time, it´s a yes. 

So things are awesome here, Elder Stowell, I don´t know if you have everyone´s emails from our old zone, but if I could get a few, that would rock! I should let Elder Cipriano know that I kind of gyped him on his transfer journal signing, I didn´t have a lot of time. Good luck in vegas!!  Everyone else, good luck with whatever you may be doing, but know that you can´t possibly have as much fun as I´m having here!
Elder Rhys Enright

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