Monday, December 23, 2013

CHRISTMAS!!! (Kegan)

It`s Christmassssss!!!, or at least it should be!!!!!!

Christmas here in Chile is seriously very different from the States.  Just this past Friday the town finally decided to put lights out and so the town center is strung in Christmas lights and a gigantic inflatable pirate boat is sitting in the middle of the town, not sure what relation Pirates have with Christmas unless they believe Santa raids other towns to bring the ¨booty (argh)¨to the good kids.  No matter how hard they try though the decorations don´t make up for the fact that it is getting hotter here every day and everybody but me and my comp are going to the beach.

Speaking of said comp.  Changes were this Wednesday but the story starts Tuesday.  Sooooooooo   on Tuesday our district leader, Elder Ramirez wanted to do intercambios for the week for some reason the day before and of changes (intercambios have to be from 12 one day until 12 the next, in total 24 hours)  So I spent my Tuesday on the other side of Quintero with Elder McDaniels, we actually found a lot of new investigators and taught a lot of people, it was pretty awesome.  That night I even made Brownies in hopes that changes would produce a Christmas miracle so that I would have a very happy Christmas.  

The next morning we received the call from our zone leaders right after we had returned from the park doing exercises, or if you´d prefer, PUMPING IRON.  Knowing that we had intercambios that day they told both Elder McDaniels and I that we would be staying.  Right after they hung up I called my companion to find out what would happen with him and Elder Ramirez.  We had a brief conversation in which he said he would be staying, as well as Elder Ramirez, for the next change. Later in the day we left the pension to meet up with the other two on the other side of Quintero in the Bunker, big collectin of condominios where me and my comp had lunch that day. Once we were together again Elder Ramirez said he had to leave soon in order to pack.  Turns out Elder Gomez had not been entirely truthful, because He was not going to stay, and neither was Elder Ramirez.  

That meant changes meeting, during which I saw Elder Call (YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY) and Elder Yorgansen (YAAAAAAAAAAAAYY) and was assigned as senor comp with Elder Correa in Quintero.

In other news Hilda was Baptised this Sunday during which she was very emotional and unwilling to let her pack of Kleenex go for fear of a lack of tissue once she started to feel super emotional.  It was a very awesome meeting for the amount of panic we´d had the hour beforehand trying to find people to replace those who had agreed to give talks but then were unable to.  

Hilda is a huge example to the members for her strength in testimony and absolute love of the doctrine.  I can´t wait for Hilda to be confirmed a member next week and to begin teaching her friends, no matter their first reluctance to our invitations.

As for all you guys I hope you are going to have an excellent Christmas wherever you´re located.

Until next monday!!!

Feliz Navidad to everyone!

Changes!  (sorry, Kegan didn't say who was who)

Hilda's baptism

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