Monday, December 9, 2013

Daisy and the Double Dragon (Rhys)

 Despite the cutesy title that I came up with. . . all by myself, the two subjects of Daisy and the Double dragon are separate and only put together for an impressive title. 

       I think that I want to end the email on a positive note. so I´ll start out with the double dragon. For those of you that are unaware of what a double dragon is, let me explain. It´s called double dragon because dragons spew fire, right? Scientific fact, they do. well, when you´re puking and it´s got the power of a firehose behind it, it´s kind of like a dragon spewing fire minus the fire and and added grossness, agreed?   Well, I woke up this morning with a super terrible, no good, very very bad stomachache. I kind of groaned a bit when it was time to get up and knew immediately that I had to get out of bed (a bunk bed. . .  top bunk. .  para siempre), when it was time to do our exercises and studies and what not, I wasn´t able to get myself to do the exercises that I usually do or any for that matter and did everything with really really really bad stomach cramps. In case of any health problems such as mine, every missionary is advised by Hermana Heyman to drink Gatorade and clear liquids for about 12 hours, so I bought some Gatorade and started drinking while we were all (mostly just Elder Slangerup this morning) cleaning and it actually started to make me feel a little better to have something back in my stomach again. Then came the time to call President Heyman and ask if we could leave the area to shop and email (we don´t have anything in our area to do either one of these and have to call for permission to leave the area) and it was my turn. So I´m on the phone talking to the mission president when he gets a call on another phone and tells me to wait for a second, so I do. While waiting, I feel it. I stand straight up, hand Elder Slangerup the phone with a brief description of what is necessary and book it to the bathroom. But before I reach it,  I spew (not even kidding SPEW) Gatorade and water and eggs all out with more power than every faucet in our apartment (not saying much, true, but it sounded kind of good), I continued for about five minutes, off and on, before cleaning up and such. Since this, we have been walking all over Formosa trying to find a cyber with electricity and it has happened four other times.

       Now for Daisy. Several days atrás, on Thanksgiving, I was on splits with Elder Batt in our area and we were finding. We passed by a house where I felt inclined to knock (meaning we stand outside the gate and clap our hands real loud). Out came Daisy, an Argentinian from Cordoba who lives here with her two kids and husband (just one of the many miracles about Daisy, she´s actually married to the guy she lives with, doesn´t happen a lot here). Elder Batt and I teach the restoration and answer all of her questions in occasionally skewed Spanish, and at the end we invited her to be baptized on the 21st of this month, which she accepted. One of my favorite things that happened during this lesson is when we were inviting Daisy to be baptized, she told us that, "of course it´s important to know the truth!" and "with this authority (priesthood) in your church, are you able to give blessings like Christ did?" And she doesn´t even have a Bible! She just knows a few stories that she loves from it and you should have seen her face when Elder Truman and I (exchanges again) gave her her copy of the Book of Mormon. Since all of this, she has prayed and received her answer about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and is super excited for her baptism and so are we, she´s one of the greatest friends that I have made since coming here and I am super grateful for the chnace to know her! I really need to email my family now, but I hope all of you have a merry Christmas!!

Elder Enright 

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