Monday, December 30, 2013

Feliz Ano Nuevo! (Kegan)

Hello everybody! I hope everybody enjoyed their Christmases because if you didn´t, que fome, but seriously Christmas should have been an absolutely awesome day for you guys because it was made awesome for me.

Quick rewind, on Monday I found out that we were pretty much on our own in every way to call our families on Christmas, meaning we would also need to have our own independent Skype accounts to call on Christmas day, which I didn´t have, problema.  So on Monday I tried to direct the making of my Skype account through one way communication email and prayed the next two days that all would go well.

The night of Christmas eve, in my mission, we were permitted to share Christmas eve dinner with a family in the ward but still had to be back home by 10.  Which kind of negates the permission to have Christmas eve dinner because here in Chile they like to eat a late Christmas eve dinner so that at midnight they can shout Feliz Navidad hug each other and open presents.  But we were able to have dinner with a family nice enough to move their dinner to earlier in the night in order to have it with us.  So the rest of the day was supposed to be a normal day of proselyting, but everyone was pretty much at the beach.  So we did what proselyting we could while preparing for that night by buying food to bring with us to the dinner, making brownies to gift, and wrapping presents.  We passed briefly by Jaqueline and Nachi (her daughter) because her older daughter (Kimberly) was spending Christmas with her father in the South of Chile.  Rushing around trying to proselyte, prepare and give gifts, and prepare for dinner was a bit of a task but in the end we were heading to dinner.  We ate in Loncura ( a little town about ten minutes from Quintero that is in our sector) with the Bustamante Family.  Hermana Bustamante reminds me a lot of my Grandma and is super fun to be around in part because of her sarcastic anti-mormon jokes and because she served years and years ago in this same mission area.  Her husband Hermano Bustamante has been very sick lately but has been improving day by day and loves to have the missionaries over.  Their daughter Belen is one of the most active members in the Ward and has helped us teach Azaria and Victor for weeks.  Her son Gaspar was there too, eating meat with his hands like it was a cookie and screaming garbled versions of Back in Black.  It was a very fun night despite the fact that I forgot to bring brownies to the dinner, don´t worry, dinner was still awesome with amazing almost steak (which they don´t have in Chile, NOOOooooooooo) beef and even better cooked vegetables.  The only and best Dinner I have had here in Chile.

We returned to our pension after dinner, opened presents, took pictures and listened to A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief several times on the little portable DVD player we have in the pension.

The next day we called our families after lunch.  We were able to procure two laptops from loving members to take into the church and use to use Skype. (fetch my English is taking a nosedive) We were only allowed 40 minutes (Unlike some spoiled brats who got 45 minutes, ·cough· Rhys·cough·) But it was totally worth it.  For about ten minutes all three of us Enright missionaries were on Skype with our family talking and staring at each others faces.  I definitely did NOT cry, and definitely NOT like four times.  We all discussed missions, different areas, and shared testimonies while marveling at the changes that have taken place in our lives and he lives of our family members back home.  For example my baby sister seems to have disappeared and been replaced by a taller, but still small, human being who speaks Spanish in a high pitched voiced, quite the opposite of the taller, uglier, human that seems to have taken the place of my brother and talks in a deeper much fouler voice.  

The rest of this week we have walked a lot, participated in the Baptism of Victor, for which his family came from Viña, Confirmed both Hilda and Victor this Sunday, and have given several blessings of health that I am praying are not the result of Brownies I gifted on Christmas.  Your prayers in this matter and all others are also very much appreciated.  

Happy New Years!

Elder Enright
Victor's Baptism

Awesome new new hats for Christmas.

That´s still the hat, Chile hasn´t changed me THAT much.

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